Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho~hO~Ho~... merry Merry ChriStmas!!! Wishing everyone a merry chirstmas.

Well... my christmas eve for all these years have always been the same...its either i'll be infront of my tv watching Santa's movies or party in somewhere which was kinda boring.This year was slightly different i guess.. should i put it anyway. Never really been to Portuguese Settlement on Christmas Eve. Went there yesterday nite with a friend that i've chatted for like year or maybe 2? and met him yesterday.At first he told me that he was in KL and i ofcoz didn't expect for his call then. But to my surprise..he called at 8 something and said that he was back from KL and asked if i wanna go to Portuguese Settlement. Ofcoz i wanna go.LOL. Seriously i wanted to go there since i never been there on christmas eve before. Thanks a lot Jin Ming for bringing me there although u know that it will be a blardy jam there...hehe. Been kinda stuck in the jam for like one hour plus thou. Well thought that i could met up with Yvonne and Pei kei when im there but i dont see them around when i reach there. And i can't even make any call out...the line seems to be down or something. No doubt that the celebration there was merry... everyone there i guess have their own wonderful time with their friends,families, lovers...etc etc. Party Spray everywhere... haha..we dont have any snow here so party spray could be replaced the snow i guess. I saw Perpin there with her fellow IJC friends. Took some pictures with her. On the other hand, i bumped into Seok Ling too. Din noticed her at first before she called me. It has been a long time since i last saw her. Seriously i'm still searching for that two but failed. Ah nevermind then. After the countdown Jin Ming bring me along to see the lightings around there. Owh..pretty pretty lights around decorating the houses.

another video..guess who i saw again.. perpin and her geng...and i think she's really in the mood for christmas.LOL =b

Hahaha...Hohoho...Merry Xmas guys! -cheers-

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mom did called me up past few days.. telling me that Malacca is kinda badly flood. I was like..."huh..??Flood???" Ermm... never in my life came across any bad flood in Malacca. So mom told me that the most affected area was Taman Merdeka and Malim. My house here wasn't so bad.. but my car porch was flooded and the water came in my house a lil i think. There's some pictures taken by my dad and younger bro.

Malim area

Shell petrol station in Malim

Grandparents' house in Malim, the water level had gone down.

My house.. *gasp*

nearby Tesco

Here's a short video taken by my dad in Malim..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Was down with a fever and sore throat on Thursday, it was horrible.. really horrible. I have to rush my mass com assignment as the due date was the next day,Friday. I slept at 3 am just to finish up my News Story and darn at that time while doing... my head was blardy heavy but i have to stay awake to finish up..or else i might not finish in time tomorrow. Thought that i might not get sick for this month.. but duh.. I'm sick afterall.Damn. After long hours doing just one news story.. i get some sleep. Woke up at 10.30am and still feeling unwell. Lack of sleep. And then i still make the effort to actually attend my classes at 2pm. In the class i was pretty much tired and down but i'm still holding on. When wanna submit the assignment..there's mistakes... and what else..have to re-do.Skipped management class again to finish up the assignment before 6pm.At first, we planned to take a cab back to we walk outside to wait for the cab and damn the weather was killing me.. my head was blardy heavy waiting for a damn taxi. After a long wait there's no taxi at all so we decided to just walk back to campus and finish the assignment in lab *duh...* Still feeling horrible that time. In lab, the aircond was rather cold and i was like shivering in there. Finish up my part and help others to finish theirs.. and in my thought was.. quickly get things done and get out from the lab and go back and sleep... So supposingly the assignment can be passed up before 6 if there's no troublemaking from yvonne and pei kei...didn't know what's up with them...disappear and actually have the mercy to leave their work when there's only left less than 2 hours due to the deadline. Plus i thought they will have a good explanation for this...but none.Buggers.After their disappearing, me, dajie and dennis helped them out with their halfway done work. So after that finish typing and saved everything up.. its time to do the printing. But damn.. lab printing was sucks.No other choice... Da Jie called up her bf,Weiseong to fetch me back MC and print. And there goes me again... rushing here and there..trying to make it on time. At that time it was already 5.40pm and i was seriuosly tired and my head almost went blank, i wonder how i can still stand...geezz. Sat on WeiSeong's motor and reached MC at about 5.45pm. Quickly rush to my room and print..thanks to steph too for helping me print some.Put everything in the Press Kit and paste the cover page... blablabla... and done..Looked at the time again, shit.. 5.57pm.At that time i dont think of my fever but the assignment. Quickly went down and Weiseong fetch me back to campus and as i reach i saw Da Jie rushing out to get me.Pass her the Press Kit and passed up the assignment at 6.05pm. Good thing the lecturer didn't take the box away yet. My face was really pale and damn... i have fever.. and i should be resting.. what the heck with assignment..stupid assignment. One more thing that i really salute myself..hahaha..yea.. i salute myself on this. Eventually i walked back from campus to MC which was like almost a 20 minutes walk.It's not lying. Steph asked me this.."what??u wanna kill urself is it??" hahaha... yea...i think i am killing myself. All day long.. i had headache,feeling of puking,tired,seeing double images, cold, pain in the throat, and body aching. What a day for me..

Reached MC and packed my stuff as my brother is coming to pick me up. Can't wait to go back Malacca thou after a long shitty day in KL.. Just wanna meet my dearly parents.. Where when im sick.. mom will take really good care of me..and dad's concern... sigh. Right now im in KL... i wont have all these when im sick then. Who cares when you're sick ayte. Reached Malacca at about 10 something. Washed up everything and ate panadols and head to bed. Mom kept on reminding me to sleep early. I had a good nite sleep and woke up today..feeling way much better. Glad that my fever is gone and my sore throat wasn't that bad now.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Friday, went to Sunway Lagoon for the Beach Party with Steph,Adrian,Jerry and Raymond. I even meet up with Birdie there. It's been a long time since i saw her. Too bad Kath and Sotong can't make it. If they were there,i'm sure it will be a whole lotsa fun. It was raining that night when we reach there. I have free passes since Dennis was one of the finalist for the Fresh Face competition. Too bad he's not the winner but i guess being in the top 30 finalist was a great achievement afterall. Urban Groove definitely rocks the nite with their breakdance and hip hop dances. Guest performance by John Wee from the winner of Superstar and a sweet voice singer named Jewel from Sunway University College. Photos all taken with steph's camera as mine was in Malacca. So there's not much pictures taken on that day thou.

Urban Groove

From left:Jerry,Ray,Me,Adrian and Steph

After the Beach Party, we decided to stay a night in Ray's place in Subang since it was already past midnight and if me,steph and adrian were to go back to MC,the taxi fare will be double. Thanks to Ray then for his place. Well i was awake for the whole night and me, Jerry,Ray and his brother, and Adrian played Balckjack since we are not sleepy. Steph was already in her dreamland and not long later Adrian was also in his dreamland. So left me and the others who are still awake playing cards downstairs till 6 something in the morning. Gosh.. in the end.. i actually won their

After that day... i went back MC and slept for like only about 2 hours plus and i wonder why i can't sleep any longer. Woke up and was totally bored and so i find Perpin to catch a movie. We went to MidValley then actually watched 2 movies. Eragon at 9pm and The Haunted Apartment at 12am. Hehe...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

List of what i hate/dislike/disgust the most in someone:

  • People who make fake promises where in the end it's just a piece of bullshit
  • People talking and crapping sarcastically when their brain is not in their head
  • Hanging up my call before i could even finish talking
  • Bugging me when i'm busy or not in the mood
  • Putting words in my mouth
  • People who do or act ridiculously when they misunderstood something
  • Acting like you know me well enough but the fact is you dont know me at all
  • Be nice to me in one day and be a whole shitty person the next day
  • Girls who are so damn pampered
  • People who take advantages on others (in money matters and also dignity)
  • Making fool about me like nobody's business
  • People who act like they're innocent when they did or say something wrong
  • People who talk so damn loud on the phone
  • Purposely change their thoughts or decision in the last minute over an unacceptable reason
  • People who make such a big fuss over something
  • Putting blame on me over something
  • Because of you i get a bad remark or report from others
  • People who could say million times of sorry and still did the same mistakes

Monday, December 11, 2006

Back in Malacca on Friday and here .. am going back PJ in about 15 hours time? Yea.. goin back with my brother around 4-5 o'clock in the evening. Darn. How i wish i could just stay in Malacca now.. lol. Going back PJ doesn't seems to be fun anymore like it used before during the first sem. People change... i guess. I will be more excited coming back to Malacca instead.Sounds funny ayte...but its true. Came back on Friday nite and was supposed to go out with Sotong and other primary school friends.. but canceled because one of us cant make it. So we postponed to Sunday...which was just now. Went to More Cafe in Melaka Raya. Unfortunately,2 of our friends then can't make it.. one was in JB and the other one had something on in the last minute.So there's only 4 of,sotong,ah xin and pei may. Girls nite out .... there's always laughter and gossips.. Recalling back the days in Primary school.. blablabla. Besides.. went out with Steph and adrian,yvonne and pei kei on Saturday. Eventually, we had Bakuteh for lunch and watched "Cinta" in MP. A pretty good movie.. touching thou. Almost cried... huahahhahha... Nothing much then. I did catch up with a friend who i din see for like few months i guess. Didn't really know where he dissapear back then when i was in Malacca. We just talk in the car as usual.. as it was kinda past midnite and we have no where to go. To my twin godbro...again we can't meet up.Haven't been seeing him for like months..almost a year? ermm.. not so sure myself.Hope to see him when im back again then.So that was it... spending my time in Malacca for this time. Will be coming back again in 2 weeks time.. for Christmas. Yeay~ Christmas is getting nearer. In da mood for Christmas right now. Bought a Santa's hat too for only 3 bucks. Thanks to ChengHui who bought it at Subang the other day. To Cheng Hui and Shyam.. the newly couple.. Congrats! Hahaha...

So till then... -cheers- everyone.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Second part of my press conference entry....
some other photos taken..

terpandang camera when media is asking a question

the end of our press conference for the day

*chiam yee,me,dennis,ker sin*



cheers everyone... =b

Friday, December 01, 2006

Phew~... end of Mass Communication's 1st assignment which was the Press Conference. Lega hati aku.. hehe. Not so stress already right now. Right now need to catch up with upcoming mass com exam next Wednesday, Marketting and Management assignment, Sociology report and the re-do of psychology presentation.Swt~. I can't wait to be back in Malacca on the 8th Dec since i dont have any classes on the 11th. And so about the press conference today.. went pretty well and all hard work paid off actually. Satisfied with the marks thou.

before press conference.. busy preparing

The begin of the Press Conference.. we as the Media Group( left:Kersin,ChiamYee,Me,Dennis)

Our partner group as the Host group..launching a new album(left:SuYee,Pretti,Peikei,Steph)

Our turn to be the Host group...Dennis as Director,Kersin as Ashley Tisdale,ChiamYee as PR and me as Raven Symone(-_-!!) lmao

there they are... interviewing us...

dunno why i can't seems to upload any other pics here.Well..nvm then. Will upload some later...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Things' just getting worst.. someone please .. He's out of control!! That jerk is insane. That jerk is mad. That jerk is a jerk afterall. sigh. He's really playing with my friend's feelings towards him? It's so obvious that my friend deserve a better person than him. He's not that prefect afterall. Maybe he got the looks but what the heck.. we dont give a damn on his looks or whether he is famous or not. His heart...his thinking... his attitude.. his words...his whatever shit.. it just make me wanna puke sometimes...duh.He stir things up even worst than before. And me... what can i do?how can i help? i'm still figuring it out myself.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

When you open your eyes wide'll see just how many jerks around us. After you get to know that someone for quite a long time... you'll see their true colors and every single perception on that particular person totally change in a second. That's what happen. And i'm fed up of this one particular person who now i labeled as a jerk or bugger. Poor thing...this person just do all the things that make his/herself slip away from the circle and i didn't know whether he/she aware of it. Thinking back all the words my parents had told me before i came here.. " dont so easily trust on someone...there's many kind of people with different kind of thoughts and thinking in this world... dont get trap and stay out of problems and troubles..." And i have met this person here and this jerk really thinks that he/she had fooled us all but then "hey bugger...u ain't gonna play ur game now..we are gonna play the game.." *evil grin* -biatch-

Gosh...since when my post had been so dramatic and so much in rage?? duh....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Busy days ahead. I'm having my Writing for Business Mid-term exam 2morrow. Darn. Studying this business thingy is like studying English....need to take note at all the tenses, pronunciation.. active and passive voice...blablablah.Sigh. Many many assignments and presentations are queuing in line for me. Mass Com's assignment, the Press Conference is on the way too. I never done any press conference thingy in my life before and i wonder how it would turned out to be as my role is as the main actress of a movie. Geezz...main actress?What a role.Darn. Right now the weather in KL can really make someone fall sick easily. I guess that's what hapen to my roommate.. she got fever yesterday. As for i can't get sick now..have to study for my exams and many assignments need to be done.Sigh.

Was in campus just now attending lecture and tutorial as usual but then there's this Softlense Promotion or something something going on at B3. So after class me and my friends went to take a look and get to know that we could get a free and when i say free its really FREE contact lenses.Since i got nothing to do at the why not i go get myself a new contact lenses rite? Line up to get free check and then line up again to get the lenses. Been waiting and waiting for my turn and heck.. some bugger jump queue!!! Basketts! So after a long wait...i get myself a new contact lenses for free at last. After my first pair of contact lense i wanted to buy another pair but good thing i din buy any.

The weather is killing me!!! It has been really hot and sunny in the day and then raining and raining at night.Geezz..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are we drifting apart?Are we just pretending to be what we are not? Or are we just holding on to what we think are right all this time? No doubt i could be a patient fella.. but all this patients had its own limit.I might forget and forgive someone's mistake after a day but by hitting me with million times of mistakes just get into my nerves and it will stay there till the end. What are 'jimuis' or 'sisters' or should i just say 'close friends'.. actually mean in each and everyone of us? We have our own identity and standing. Do we really respect each other? Do we really see what each others needs and wants?Leaving all these questions here just wont solve any of our problem now. And when i say problem.. well, problem do occur among us. It did last time and again recently. And will there be another one? And another? and so on...?? We human beings are hard to understand and i wonder why. Bad attitudes start to appear more in a clearer vision nowdays. Bad attitude is all that make the world tumbling down. I mean is like what's up with playing that person's feelings when that person is so into you? Dont you just feel like a jerk for a second? Gosh... no offence..i do really need to use the word jerk and i mean it. At times.. I'm tired of putting fake smiles and spitting out fake words from my mouth. It's just so lame and pathethic. I dont hope for the worst in we 7 sisters... but what i'm frusfrated in is.. i dont know what the heck is in on of us mind. Not gonna mention any name...but i think that person should know who he or she is.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Something for us to know.....

I was talking with a lawyer friend of mine. We were discussing the law and women`s rights. She told me about this incident ? a young girl was raped by a man posing as a plain clothes officer ; he asked her to come to the police station when she and her male friend didn't have a driver`s license to show. He sent the boy off to get his license and asked the girl to accompany him to the police station. Took her instead to an isolated area where the horrendous crime was committed.

Infact, the law clearly states that between 6 pm and 6am , a woman has the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her. It is a procedural issue that a woman can be arrested between 6pm and 6 am, ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officer and taken to an ALL WOMEN police station. And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.

It is good for us to know our rights. To what extent it comes of use remains to be seen in any situation. But as they say, knowledge is power.

Received an email saying this by a friend of mine. Ermm....didn't know bout this thou. So girls..know our rights.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

ahh crap...out of sudden i dont know what i wanna blog about today. So i'll just let my fingers type each and every letter without thinking on what to blog. Duh... been kinda lost in some subjects already for the beginning of this 2nd sem. Was very eager to learn at first and then once i dont get it.. the spirit of wanna know more just dissapear. If only i can catch up and throw this laziness of mine far far that it can't find its way back to me. Sigh. And so holiday had ended.. holiday for only 5 days..the Deepavali and Raya holidays. Right now im back here in my dorm.Feeling tired and well as tension. Tired because of 8am class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday...need to pull myself up from my bed as early at 6 in da morning to catch the 7am bus.Heck. Feeling bored in lecture class...and tension about all the assignments and tutorial homework.Geez.. what a life. But whatever it is...i need to survive rite. As i mentioned above..i seriuosly dont know what the heck im crapping in my blog..and so.. will update later. Ciaoz!

Dear Lie

Dear lie
You suck
You said you could fix anything
Instead Im fucked
You made things even worse for me
If I had balls Id tell you get away from me
Guess Im not smart
I let you unnerve me
I let you control me
Afraid the truth would hurt me
When its you that hurts me more

Get outta my mouth
Get outta my head
Get outta my mind
Stop puttin words in my head
Get outta my mouth
Youre nothing but trouble
Get outta my life
Get out of me
Out of me out of me
Out of me
Out of me lie
Lie lie lie lie

Dear lie
Youre dumb
You think youve got the best of me
You think you won
Misread my vulnerability
Ive got your walls
Now get the hell away from me
Ive learned your art
Wont let you unnerve me
Wont let you control me
The truth will only free me
And your lies wont hurt no
No more


Lie lie
Ive got
Your walls
Now get the hell away from me
I learned your art
Wont let you unnerve me
Wont let you control me
The truth will only free me
And your lies wont hurt no
No more


Lie lie
Dear lie
Lie lie lie lie
Lie lie
Dear lie

by TLC

ps- your lies will not work on me anymore. It hurts me..but i swear it will hurt you more and deeper.*Muahaha..evil grin*

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Here begins a new second semester to be precise. The subjects for this sem..erm.. tough maybe.. as they were all new to me. Management Studies, Fundamentals of Marketing, Social Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Writing for Business and the last one is Writing for Mass Communication.. *rolling my eyes* Yea...*yawning* but hold on...hold on.. i need to make sure i get a better results in this sem..if not i am so gonna be out of this world..nah i'm joking. But seriously i really really do need a better results. I need MOTIVATION!! but hell...where can i find that motivation.*sigh*.

Eventually...we celebrated Steph's 18th belated birthday in Kelana Jaya on Friday.We had Steambot for our dinner and Blackforrest birthday cake. There's eight of us and i guess everyone had fun enjoying the food. We the seven sisters - Chiam Yee,Dennis, Me, Yvonne, ChengHui,Steph and Pei Kei were there. Another guy was Frankie..he do help us on many things for all this while. We surprised Steph with the birthday cake at the end but im not sure whether she already know that there'll be a cake for her or not..erm.. but whatever it is.. she was surprised. After dinner...we came back MC and gave her another surprise.. Slides on about The Seven Sisters done by Yvonne and Dennis. Great slides... and i bet all of us was touched somehow aye. We came from different places.. Johor,Penang,Malacca, Kelantan,Serdang.. and we were fated to meet each other in UTAR and become close to each other. And we become sisters! For this 3 months we had many many problems..arguing..and stuff...but we still sit down together and actually discuss, giving comments, thrash out everything that we wanna say to get things right again. As for me...sometimes i do have disagree-ness..well not only me..i bet others too. But then again..i'll try to blend in and tolerate with them. Thats the only possible way. Not many people around me know the real me..muahaha *evil grin*. And what i mention above..the seven of us.. six of them are like the closest friends i have here in KL. 'Aawwh me love you guys so much~' Ok now back to the story..after watching the slides.. we drank Eno. Hahha...what the heck.. yea..ENO. I didn't know it taste so bad but after burping..aaahh..relieve. So we call it a day then. Went back to our rooms and sleep.

Guess that's all.. ahh..wait..there's another thing.I was so pissed off the next morning. No one wake me and Steph for class today. As somehow someone left the room without waking us up and without locking the door. I woke up at 7.30am and saw Steph was still sleeping..and gosh..class is at 8am. I called the others as i tot they were still sleeping as there's no message..not even a misscall on my phone. Guess what..called up and get this "We're in school already" What the.. me and steph really went *sweat* at that time. We quickly rush to campus and was late like for about 5-10 minutes for our first Sociology lecture. I told myself to stay calm.. and good thing i was able to control. I mean can't she just have the thought of waking us up and ask us if we wanna go to class...Dont just assume we slept quite late that night and can't go for class the next morning.Duh...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And so... after i watch tv as usual and went online..a great shock hit me when a friend told me that results were out on the Intranet. Hands were shaking and my mind went 'hullaamammia..shit..results were out..' At that time a number of friends message me in MSN...asking for my results...and not long..a call from dennis asking for my results too. Key in my username and password in intranet..serching for my results...THERE..FOUND EM' CLICK on it..scroll down..OMFG!!!!!

SHIT!! What on earth can my results were like crap???
That time i was in great shocked.. hands are trembling while typing to reply my friend's messages in MSN. Kinda speechless at the moment.Eyes were wide open looking at the page on the computer screen. Looking at the grades over and over again with much disbelief..wanna scream but my voice can't find a way out from my mouth.Tyring to hold myself together.... and be calm.
So dennis was on the line.. told him bout the grades and that CGPA thingy..which was sucks. Totally bulshit. But thats what written on my damn results. Can't change anything.
Right pretty calm myself down.Thankz to all my friends that had given me some words of comfort. Really appreciate em'. Will move on..and try to study,work on it and concentrate more in my studies...not fooling around this time...and that's a PROMISE.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

An email that i received today... a meaningful one..
Friends...hope you're reading this too.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well back from Genting last few days ago. It's already been a week since the day i went to Genting with my fellow friends. Kinda felt lazy to blog at the moment...that is why there's no updates when im back. Not to mention...the first day in Genting was pretty much fun but the weather at night was blardy cold. I didn't expect it would be that cold thou. The next day we were supposed to check out from the hotel but then we decided to extand another stay as we have discounts for each room. Second day..pretty boring because it was raining outside..good thing we didn't buy the outdoor themepark tickets. On the other hand..We have free Msyteria tickets. The show was "WOW".. magic show and the dancing..and stuff and 'Kira',the white tiger was pretty cool and awesome.

Obviously this Genting trip didn't turn up like what i was expected ealier. Guess..only me who knows why.Geezz..

Sunday, September 17, 2006

How could you just walk away
How could you pretend u don't know me
How could you say those mean words
How could you believe in rumours and make these tears fall
How could you wash away our memories together
How could you forget me so easily
How could you leave me alone in the darkness
How could you make me suffer from all the pain
Just tell me how could you say you love me
but you didn't mean it?

Saturday, September 16, 2006 exams are over. My last paper was on the studies.Obviuosly..almost every papers are like killing me inside and squashing my brain into million pieces.What a metaphor.=b. I dont know if i need to re-sit any of the papers...but highly percentage that i will re-sit some of the papers. Especially my Economics... gosh.. i was all blank when i see the questions. On the last day of my finals..i actually came out 30 minutes early from the hall as i dont know how to do last few questions and dont wanna waste my time sitting in the freezing cold room. Fortunately my friends did came out early too and was waiting for me in PA block. We rush back to our hostel and put our stuf and then we head to Mid Valley to catch a late nite movie which was You,Me and Dupree. A recommended movie for all.

Starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon.

Carl and Molly Peterson are just starting their new life together--complete with a cute house, boring neighbors, stable jobs and the routines of newlywed existence. There's just one unfortunate hitch in their perfectly constructed new world. And his name's Dupree. Randy Dupree, Carl's oldest friend and perpetual bachelor, has found himself with nowhere to go after being fired. Carl yanks his jobless/homeless pal out of the bar he's living in and invites him to temporarily crash on the couch--that's just what friends do. At first, Carl is quite pleased to have his good buddy as a permanent couch guest, while Molly bears the brunt of Dupree's immature antics. But, as Carl becomes buried in his grown-up job, he finds it harder and harder to juggle Dupree and his responsibilities as a husband. To make matters worse, Dupree uses his ample spare time to become a great companion for Molly. Even her dad and the neighbors are falling for his carefree wisdom and charm--frustrating Carl to no end. Soon, everyone (but Carl) begins to root for Dupree to stick around. But as Dupree starts to become a fixture in the Peterson's home, three becomes not just a crowd--but a full blown, hilarious catastrophe. -Taken from Yahoo! Movies -

Right now am back in Malacca.Came back last thursday. And am going back to KL 2morrow as im going up to Genting with Dennis and his roommate,Yvonne,Pei Kei, and Frankie on Monday. Can't wait for the Mysteria thingy.LOL=b. We are going to stay there for only a night then go back to KL on Tuesday. Guess i'll be coming back Malacca on either Thursday or Friday...since i have 3 weeks break..why dont i just spend my time at home ayte.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Currently having my finals now. Am sitting for public speaking paper in about 13 hours time. After that...the next sitting for my last paper which is computer studies and then i'm free!Whee...Hehehe...cant wait to be back home. And ofcouse cant wait for the Genting trip with my friends. My finals sucks.. especially Economics.Took the exam just now...and holly crap..Its like i dont even know a thing when i look thru the question papers.Gosh.. And another thing is I'm late for the exam.Hahahaha. Late for like about 10-15 minutes..because of no bus.WTF... wait for like about half an hour for that metrobus number 12. Me,Dennis,Steph,PeiKei and Yvonne went in our exam hall late...fortunately we are still allowed to sit for the papers.If not mati la we all..haha. But stupid..i dont know how to do most of the questions.FUCK. Oops.. =b

Monday, September 04, 2006

The cold breeze in the night
sweeping through her fragile face
Feeling so cold but warm in the inside
Ignite by the touch of her lover
Every night she gaze above the sky
Wishing upon a tiny little bright star
Hoping each dream will be granted
And at this moment....
Feeling hopeless with all the lies
Feeling used by everyone around
Feeling betrayed and decieved
Knowing that her lover is drifting further
So far away as one can see
Time had passed her by
and now she
Can't believe that he is now gone forever
Believing that he won't be coming back to her
She cried..and cried
She cried and feel the pain inside her
She cried herself to sleep and
Tears were falling apart
When he said goodbye
Everything that was right at the first place
Was all so wrong now
Never she thought this would happen to her
But it had already fall on her
And there is no turning back time

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Exam Week is here!!! Starting from 4th till 13th September. Final exam for Semester 1.


Sunday, August 20, 2006


Me, Dennis and Yvonne went to Timesquare yesterday to scream our lungs out in the theme park. Eventually we have problems in our head that day and decided to ride and scream in all the rides. We ride on the roller coaster for 4 times to have a perfect photo shot...hahaha. We also ride in the the thrilling 30-metre high ‘Spinning Orbit’, the out-of-control swinging ‘Space Attack’ and the incredible human ‘DNA Mixer’. Plus the Dizzy Izzy. We even ride on the Crazy Bus which kinda for kids. But who cares anyway...RM25 for a ticket...we play whatever we can to pass our time and release our tension. I do scream alot during the rides...especially during the DNA Mixer and Space Attack.Gosh... terrific and cool...LMAO. is the 3 of us screaming our lungs out. Both Dennis and Yvonne pull me to the front seat and both of them sat behind me. Front seat wasn't so's much more cooler then being at the back seat.Honestly. What a memory. By the way this is our third ride on the roller coaster.=b


Everything is not in the right place now. Words can be so mean that can even broke someone's heart. No doubt this is what is hapenning right now. It's rather complicated and difficult to make things right again at this moment. What happen to all the laughter and happiness that happened from the beginning? What happen to all the promises that had been promised? Where is all the trust and loyalty had gone? Where is the forgiveness and mercy? And What the heck am i doing here?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Being so sick of everything
Not knowing where i'm supposed to go
Leading my life to a darkest place
No one there to torch me up
Being afraid of all the things i've seen
Wondering when would it end
Keeping them in a darkest place
Here in my soul wandering and searching
For that one answer to all questions
Which will be in the final task
Saying and hearing in a different way
Everything turned upside down in a minute
Laughther and smile wont be any sincere
Nobody know what may come next
Just keeping my finger cross each time

It's funny how people around change in a fast rate. One moment you see them as angels..and in a matter of seconds...they could turned into a totally wicked person not knowing what the heck they are up to. For ofcoz i'd met many many kind of people with many different attitudes and thoughts..thus i get use of them in this kinda situation that actually happening right now.Such a pathetic and unspeakable condition. Well...for sure there's nothing can be done. Maybe i'm just someone who is weak and feeble in everyone's eyes...but then again...what the heck...i dont give a damn to it. I know life in here will be like this and there's no turning back for me as i choose this path for my life. At times..i personally sees myself as being a totally pathetic person...and i dont deny that fact coz at times being a pathetic person is the best way to get out from troubles and dilemmas. I'm not sure if there's a single soul agree to my dumb fact above.Who cares anyway..only god knows why.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's been a long time since i last posted something in here. Life have been more interesting i guess or maybe more complicated than usual since i came here. There's so much love, hatred, confusion, misunderstood, care, sharing, troubles, mayhem and tiredness... but then...of all these confusion and frustration..I'm still here and still holding on to the paddle. Not wanting to let it go or left it aside.
Everyone has their own problems and troubles when we're here..when we're away from home..and when we have much "disagree ness" happen around. It was such a crappy feeling and most of was sucks. I never want to have those situations and feelings on me..although it did happened.. I have to close an eye and tolerate with it ...gosh.Sometimes i just dont have time or maybe i'm just too lazy to be bothered by it. Well...people thought im a blur case...guess that's when they're wrong..*evil grin* huahahahaha... not that bad or that good either.People dont backstab me, i wont backstab them."Orang tak cari pasal with you, you cari pasal with people for what" One of the word that i have in my head and will always be remained in there. But sometimes,somewhere...something that a person had said really hit so badly to another person that until a good perception had turned into a different and bad perception... That is what human's perception. Life is tough and complicated as well.

Okay..leaving that aside...let's talk about my life recently in campus.As usual...lectures and assignments..and presentations..but thank goodness..i'm done with all my presentation for this semester.Two more assignments to go..Arts and Computer Studies,the first assignment that had been rejected by the lecturer because of " most of you guys work are copy and paste" WTF! now we need to re-do.. and i did my part..and usual..u members...ok..just forget bout it.. im too lazy to type it out anyway. And 10 minutes public speaking presentation had ended too...felt so damn relieved. As well as my computer studies presentation.Kinda screw up a lil bit on that the laptop or maybe the pendrive did not work properly. Plus..there's not enough time for us...and i have to speed my part to let my other group members to have a chance to present and i ended up not knowing what the heck im talking and bla-ing at the front. Am sure that marks are sure to be low. But what can be done ayte.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some wacky and funny videos taken by Yvonne recently.... This is 'us'(Ji Muis) in our daily life outside UTAR...LOL

Taken in University LRT station.....

on our way to McD in SS14...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Finally the WorldCup thing had ended. Basically, Italy won! I dont really watch football but i did managed to watch the final in MC (my hostel,Millinuem Court) as before the final begin..they held a Street Party downstairs. A number of guest artists came and performed but most of the artist i dont really familiar with. Friends told me that J.Lo did came in the evening to perform...ARgghh...I missed that!!!I was on my way back to MC from Malacca at that time. So damn freaking wasted. That night i reached MC at about 9 something and after i unpacked my stuff i went straight to downstairs to join the crowd and loud music. It's a pretty cool party thou. People around was dancing...some even did breakdance...and stuff. Me,Steph and Yvonne had much fun there and we even put the account test aside from our head as there's account test the following day,which was yesterday( and i think im so screw-up in my test..sigh). We then saw Dennis at the front and joined him there. All of us dance according to the music beat and me,steph and yvonne did learned up some moves from Dennis.LOL. DJ Fresh and DJ J.D was pretty cool too.The loud music then ended at 1.30am and the World Cup Finals:Big Screen Live begins. At first i din even plan to watch the match but yvonne wanted to watch so i went downstairs again with her and just hang around there. She supported for France whereas i supported for Italy and Italy actually won!Hehe.
After the match ended we went back to our room planning to study our accounts but ended up playing Hexic on MSN. Eventually i slept for only an hour plus before i attend my 8am lecture class and Yvonne stay awake all night long.Geezz...I slept in my Public Speaking lecture class thou.Hahaha.Nothing can be done...i was too sleepy at that time plus i even have to sit for account test at 1pm.

Upcoming test and presentation - Public Speaking test 2morrow! and 10 minutes speech in the next 4 weeks time. Plus Computer studies mid-term exam on next week.Damn.. stress nyer aku kat sini...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

TB3 rawks!!!!

Apparently my tutorial group is one of the wackiest group among other TB i guess. No offense to the others.Hehe.I love my tutorial and am glad that im one of the Tb3rians..They are friendly to each other..and cracks lotsa jokes. the way..T stands for Tutorial,B= we are in Stream B, and 3= group 3. ..if you're wondering what the heck is TB3.

In our group we actually formed a few societies... we have the "Local Food Society", "Hakka Dialect Society" and soon to open.."The Ho Peng Yu Society" if im not mistaken bout the name. Hehe.

In the photo above..The guy standing in the middle wearing a dark blue shirt is our Public Speaking lecturer(Mr.Kuruvilla)...the best lecturer among others. Besides that there's one guy missing in the photo..he din attend for the class on that day.sigh.Will try and get a perfect one later on.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Finally my 5 minutes Public Speaking presentation had over. Darn...i'm not all satisfied with my marks thou...but i think it's ok as i prepared that speech at the last minute. How i hate presentation.Geez.. By the way...the day before my presentation..we were supposed to hand in our computer studies assignment.Guess what..?the same thing happen AGAIN like what had happen for the Arts assignment.What da hell. I was so pissed off that i actually curse and kept on cursing all the bad words all day long.Screw them for making me saying all those words. That Monday was really a bad day for me..i mean a really really BAD day. Friends around me too said that i'm becoming like the 'incredible hulk' on that Monday.Gosh.. sorry guys. So what actually happened... somebody is not taking any responsibilities of the questions they are supposed to do and in the end they'll push the questions to another person and expect that person to get the answers in less than 2 hours. WTF.sigh.Guess am changing to another assignment group for the next semester.

The next thing...i'd sat for English and Economics test yesterday. Damn again...i dont know how to do the Economics. Wondering if i can get a pass on that subject. As for computer studies...i haven't get my results...the lecturer having headache marking our papers (according to he himself).So as for the English...its an essay writing.As usual...i'll write crappy stories.Hopefully Ms.Cecily wont get bored reading em'. Next 2 having my Public Speaking and Account's already goin to be the 9th week...mid-term exams is on its way.Darn.

After my tests yesterday...Me, Steph and Yvonne went to TimeSquare taking a bus to KL Sentral and then took a monorail to Imbi.Seriously..people in KL are more phunkiez look a like than people in Malacca who look more innocent.*LOL*. Kononnyer. Most probably am going back to Malacca next week as Ms. Cecily replaced her classes on Saturday to Wednesday. So till then..update later.Ciaoz.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Eventually the ball turned out to be such a BORING place.Dammit. Me,Steph, Flower and Steven went back early as it was totally a crappy place to be. Can't stay any longer in there. "Glimpses of Glam and Glitter".. *yea rite* So yesterday nite was one of the 'highlight' event in UTAR. The ball was held at the Crowne Plaze Mutiara Hotel,KL. Nice place. I mean the Ballroom is nice. There's mirror everywhere in the toilet too. Honestly there's nothing much to talk about that nite as i think the event was sucks..even the food was sucks. Steven was cursing all the way long.*LOL*. " we come here just to panaskan our buntut" that's what he said... and i totally agree with that statement thou. Hahaha.

I like my hair thou for that nite. But wasted... the ball sucks.

erm..any comment??

To be honest...i do look weird without my specs on.

Standing from left:cant remember her name,unknown,fong fong,evonne,JJ,Vincent

Sitting from left:Me,Steven,Steph,Flower

Thanks to steph for all the photos. I din manage to bring mine as its in Malacca.Sigh.

the only performance that i'm interested in..the breakdance.

The freaking weird me without my glasses...LMAO

Kuan Ting and Me

Steven,Flower,me,Marc's cousin,Steph,Marc

OMG...the connection here was damn took me forever to upload these photos.Right now am tired of waiting...and finally i'd fnished upload em'.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


*sigh* Been busy for the pass few days with lots of assignments and presentation to be done.'s totally worst than high school thou. And doing assignment is another headache thing.Lots of..erm..should i put it this way..lots of conflict?Or maybe inconsistency? Group members are so not like what i think they are. Shall not talk about that here. So..recently i'd done my Arts assignment..and again..its a last minute work.*sucks*. Been rushing like hell to finish it before the deadline the other day. Plus our presentation was quite badly done. It doesn't really matter actually as its our first art presentation.

Right now..there's computer studies assignment that need to be done.What really pissed me off is from the begining,i was told to do a question as there's 5 questions all together and we divided it to 5 of us,so each one will do a question.Then out of sudden they asked me to do a different question and what's worst was..i have to do 2 questions instead of one.WHAT THE HECK!!!!.So i confronted her on the phone just now asking for reason or maybe her excuse for asking me to do 2 questions.And she said that the other girl dont know how to do that question.What bullshit of reason is that? Then i told her in a nice way ofcouse that i cant do that question and i also dont know how to do. What man...dont know how to do then push it to another person just like that as the deadline is just around the corner. Same goes to the art assignment...keep changing their freaking mind. If it happen again in the next assignment...i'll definitely stand up and step on their head instead.Can't stand them anymore.Close friends of mine did help me out..a BIG thanks to them.

Besides...i have a public speaking presentation next week.Darn..i haven't really found a suitable topic. All the topic that i had in my head is not what i really want to say. Sucks.Hopefully i dont fool myself infront there next week. So very "pek chek" now. Then next 2 weeks..on 1st July,i have my Economic Test. Before this...i'd sat for my Computer Studies Test last week.Damn it's so sucks.Wonder if i'll fail or not.Plus Saturday i have to do an English mind map presentation.So damn stressed up.*sigh*.But no matter what..i'll still survive.

Upcoming event is the UTAR Ball on this Saturday. Bought my clothes already and painted my nails too. As for shoe..well..have to wear what i have right now. Don't really know what will happen on that day too.Will it be boring?Or fun perhaps?Geez...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

11th of June is when i'm born.18 years living on this place call Earth.Here i am still survive and still holding on.

Happy 18th Birthday -Flower & Jenny

Yeap...celebrating 2 birthdays in one night. Me and Flower(Xue Hwa).Her actual birthdate was on that day itself,9th June Friday whereas mine was TODAY,11th June.So since she's going back to Malacca on Saturday,we decided to celebrate together on that day.We were supposed to go to One Utama but the traffic jam had changed our mind so we went to Mid Valley instead.The first shop we went haunting for was Secret Resipe.Justine paid for the cake which cost about RM62 something.Chocolate Marshmallow.*yummmiieee*.

After that we went to Chilis to have our dinner.Nice place nice food. I can't really remember the specific name for the food that Steph ordered.

Enjoying our food

I kinda forget to take pictures of the food earlier. As you can see..our plates are almost empty.Then there's some funny photos taken too.

Weird Justine doing weird stuff.*sigh*.

Pretty Flower enjoying eating the chicken.

Perpin and Wuen enjoying their beer.

Birthday girls...Me,Flower and the cake


Perpin stuffing as many marshmallow as possible in flower's mouth..gahahaha

Wanted to upload more pictures in here but the connection over here damn slow and lag.Plus im kinda sleeepy at this moment...can't really think of anything.Nothing much to talk about on that day actually.We do had fun.After our dinner in Chilis,we went back to our hostel with the unfinished cake.We called afew of our friends to come downstairs and eat.Managed to finish up the whole thing then.Then Perpin came out with the idea of having more beer.All of us agreed and what else...BEER!!HERE WE COME!! Kevan woke his roommate up to buy cans of beer at the nearest 7eleven as he got a car.

So tat's all for Friday.As for today..i woke up pretty late.Me,Perpin and Steph went to have our lunch in KFC.My treat.Then same place for dinner,Flower's treat this time.One whole day ate fast food.LOL.

ps=Thank you to everyone who had wished and messaged me today.Lurve all!!-cheers-

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm back in my hometown at last..Reach Malacca at about 10 something yesterday nite.Then later went for Satay Celup at about midnite with Peter,Caroline and Justine.Very tiring because of the journey back....did stuck in the jam.That's pretty normal i think. Poor thing was...Justine get a 'saman' ticket because of his third break light didn't work.He was like "WHAT THE HECK" face all day long.LOL.Then on the way back fetching me home..we saw an accident.Someone lying on the road with blood around.Sad case.

Then today...i was out for the whole day too.Damn tiring.Afternoon..met up with them(Peter,Caroline,Steph and Justine) for lunch in ODEON.After that we hang out in Mahkota Parade for hours.Some of us shop for clothes..stationary stuff..books.As for dinner..we ended up in Pearl Cafe.Of all the cafe...why the heck we choose that cafe man...Should have go to Friends Cafe instead.Then i called up yong xiang to join us there.

From left:Steph,Peter(Daniel lookalike),Caroline,Justine,Me,Yong Xiang

((By the way...i'm not holding yongxiang's hand.Just look like i'm holding his hand..So Steph..dont simply say ar..))

Then after that...i went Jonker with yongxiang and the others got stuck in the jam and decided not to go Jonker.So they went back.As usual...Jonker is always pack with human beings. Finish walking..we went to Tesco to shop some stuff.Lastly..i'm back now with a very blur face and exhausted.So damn tiring. Sad thing...i'm going back to KL 2morrow evening.Had class at 8am on Monday.So sucks.So lame.I so wanna stay longer in Malacca!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Crap...been in KL for like 3 weeks already.Obviously i dont have my own computer or i cant on9 very often.That's sucks.The hostel's cyber cafe is really expensive...which i think its not worth paying that the connection sucks too.Some class are pretty bored.Lectures here and there.The people are really so damn not friendly.Well...some are friendly.But i think most of them aren't.I did made a few new friends here in my hostel and uni..there's even a guy that got the Daniel Lee lookalike.He's taken by the way.*lol*

Currently im using a friend's laptop and internet i cant really online for a long time each time.Thats why i havta make this entry as short as possible.Am sure that i'll be updating soon.So thats all i guess.Will update later.I miss home so MUCH~!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Bird

I wanted to post this very long ago but i dont have the perfect photos and video at that time.So since now i had them..shall post this before i went up to KL in about a few more hours.Early last year a bird built its nest in the middle outside of my house.Its kinda weird thou as of all places it choose right in the middle.Friends and relatives were surprised too to see the nest there.Some even wanna claim the nest.But thats definitely a BIG NO they'll get.Here are some of the photos taken recently.

The Momma Bird in the nest protecting its baby inside

The Momma and the Baby Bird..quite big already at this time

Before that...the baby was very very lil..Dad tried and vidoe it last few weeks....

Saw the red mouth?Thats the baby bird.There's 2 baby bird in the nest actually.One of them flew earlier than the other one.Only manage to capture the last one flew away from the nest this early morning.Good thing i woke up earlier today to do my last minute shopping in Tesco.

OMG So cute and fat sial...the baby bird waiting for its momma and pap

Anyone knows what kind of bird is this??I mean the name...??Last year i went to Kuching and visited the Muzium.I saw the exact nest been displayed there but i can't find the name in the list.Some say it's a humming bird.Erm...not so sure thou.

(Hey Birdie...your friend is here.Gahaahahaha..)

Picture quality not so good...'sigh'

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gosh..time flies really fast now..Well,i'm going up to KL this coming Monday and have no idea when will i come back home as i need to check on my timetable and transportation.Those usual stuff.Definitely going to miss home,mom's cooking especially.*sigh*.Almost finish packing my stuff and damn..its really so many things.Macam mau pindah rumah pulak.Maybe that's ofcourse i guess..there will be like my 2nd home to me.Called up Steph this evening to confirm a few things that we are bringing up there.Yea..she will be my roommate..That's a good thing.Since she's my ex-schoolmate and also we are somehow related plus we are taking the same course..guess we wont be so awkward at each other.Damn..i still haven't buy the toilet miror.That's the last thing in my shopping list that i've not tick and i still like have 2 days left.

Just now I received a call from yong xiang at about 8pm asking me whether im free at 9pm.He said that he's extremely bored and was asking me if i wanna hang out with him.And i did went out with him coz i was pretty bored too at that moment.So we went to Greenworld Cafe and had a drink.he ordered me this drink..."Memory", tasted really good. A mix of Vanilla and some strawberries flavour with some fruits and nata de coco.Yummy.Whereas he ordered himself a Chocolate Milk Shake.After drinking...we thought of going to cyber cafe to play O2 Jam..but that cafe that we wanted to go somehow din open.And we ended up in Jonker Walk instead.On our way to Jonker... there's this blardy blind or what i also dont know motorcylist hit the left side car can that fella be so blind...Obviously it's not yongxiang's fault as he's in the right lane to do the cornering.Before that i did notice that the motorcycle was speeding and coming nearer to the car but i dont expect that he'll be so blind.Suddenly....BAaAAmMMMmM!!!! and i shouted..well i shout not that loud thou.So he stop his freaking blardy motorcycle at the side and pretending that his leg was injured.Yongxiang went down and deal with that bastard and at that time he din notice that his car side mirror was gone so he din ask for any payment.If i know..i should have went down from the car and ask for payment."stupid me". Plus..i don't even know what the heck it got to do with his leg.Definitely serve him right.What's funny at that time was..after that guy leave...i told him that his side mirror was gone.He was soooo surprise and speechless.Gahahaha.He went down from his car again to find that mirror but it was weird that there's no sign of any mirror.I told him that it might had dropped into that guy's motorcycle's basket.

Me: Sure drop in that fella motor's basket d.
xiang: yea..maybe.Why you din tell me earlier that the mirror is gone??
Me: how the hell i know that you dont know?I tot you know as i saw u picking up something.
xiang: I picked up his slipper la...

DUH...!! Slipper??You dont have to be so kind-hearted to that fella la my fren.Nabeh...that pathetic bastard can still dare to ask to pick up his damn ugly smelly slipper.If it was me...guess i'll just throw his slipper away.Haha..but i wont be that cruel thou.We kinda had a hard laugh about it then. Reach Jonker after that and just talked about some crappy stuffs while walking. As usual it was packed with people and there's this AhMa who stepped on my foot!! She din even say a sorry or what..geez.Since she's old..i dont really mind actually.After done walking..he sent me home.That's all i guess.

Currently wondering if my parents will get me a laptop or not.I think they will coz i heard my mom saying that she'll try and get me one but its not now as my dad just bought a new laptop and a new Olympus Digi Cam.Laptop are not cheap to us.I was pretty envy at my bro's new handphone.Nokia N70.Apparently it was a 3G phone.Now i'm starting to wonder if i will ever get myself a 3G phone.I always wanted an iPod too.Darn..i'm building castles in the air. There's many new cool gadgets in market right now that make me so wanna own them.

Guess its enough for my craps in this entry.Will update later on if i want to.Till then...-cheers-

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hey its.. 01:02:03 04/05/06 !!!!

Happy 010203040506 !!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Eventually yesterday evening Azim drop by to my place for a little chat.Since we have not spoken to each other for quite he's no longer living in my neighbourhood and was busy with his studies and stuff.He said that he can't be long here and havta leave to pick up his sister from school so we have a quick chat about what's up with our lives that conversation i knew that he still cant get over with the girl he once like before as he did mentioned her name.

Not my problem anyway.What annoyed me we was talking outside my house..passerby just tend to throw weird glances at us.For ofcourse both of us noticed them.And we felt pretty weird aswell.Heck.Why..they all boh song ka see a chinese girl talking to a malay guy?Nawei... there's even an old couple riding on a motorbike stared at me as thou i have the word "Hate Me" on my forehead.I know they are just throwing weird glances and stares but you'll definitely know what their stares mean right.Even some b****es like to 'jeling' here and there which mean "Don't get near me" sign.

Why some people need to be so racist...?

Azim:ok la..aku balik dulu...kena ambik adik aku kat Munshi.Kirim salam kat mak ko.
Azim:takdela...orang lalu sini tadi asyik pandang kiter semacam je..lebih baik aku cabut dulu.
Me:yelar..nanti orang ingat kite ade pe lak kan...*laughing*

People....Please dont be Xenophobic.-cheers-

Monday, May 01, 2006

One day an employee sends a letter to his boss asking for an increase in his salary !!!

Dear Bo$$
In thi$ life, we all need $ome thing mo$t de$perately. I think you $hould be under$tanding the need$ of worker$, I am $ure you will gue$$ what I mean and re$pond $oon.

Your$ $incerely,

The next day, the employee received this letter of reply :

Dear Employee
I kNOw you have been working
very hard. NOwadays,NOthing much has
changed.You must have NOticed
that our company is NOt doing NOticeably
well as yet .

NOw the newspaper are saying the world's
leading ecoNOmists are NOt sure if the
UnitedState s may go into aNOther recession. After the NOvember presidential
elections things may turn bad .

I have NOthing more to add NOw. You kNOw what I mean .

Yours truly,


-Happy Celebrating LABOURS DAY-

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dont bother bout the really sucks at giving title for my entries.Woke up pretty early(for me..8 something in the morning is still early) this morning and went to this Tropical Fruit Farm in Sungai Udang.Today its like a 'Family Day' but as elder bro didn't want to follow us.He rather sleep and dream bout whatever he wanted to dream about than follow us to this kind of places.To be honest...that place is really lousy..really dreary...and uninteresting the moment i saw the main entrance.Its not like what i was expecting to see.Like in the map they looked like a fun place to be..

Look so nice in this map...but..geez..

The moment my dad's car entered at the entrance...we dont really know which road to take..its different from the map.And there's no other visitors around accept us...and the plantation around which look more like a jungle to me.There's herbs used for ulam,Durian trees,Rambutans,Dragon Fruits,padi farm...and then we saw a signboard showing "ZOO" so my dad drove along the road to see what kind of ZOO it was.

First we saw "ternakan ayam"(Chicken farm)...but there's no chicken in there..(guess maybe they have put 'them' to sleep because of Bird Flu..) After that...we saw cows and camels.And lastly...ostriches.These ostriches were kinda amusing.When we came down from the car to take a closer look..there's around 2-3 ostriches lazing around near the fence.Managed to take afew pictures.Then suddenly...a few more ostriches get nearer to the fence.They love to be on camera i think.

How many of you have actually seen ostriches mate?

I have.They did it right in front of us.Gosh..pretty akward to be exact.And my younger brother was wondering what the heck that 2 ostriches doing.

Jerrick:What they are doing ar..?Why the ostrich sit on top of that ostrich??

Ah pa:come..come...take photo.

Mum:Aiyo...that ostrich gatal la...Their legs so looong..

Me:Yalo...*laughing* Their feathers also tercabut sial...

I'll put up some of the photos taken later on if i can remember.Can't really promise.

So thats for the Tropical Fruit Farm.After finish visiting that place...we headed to Tanjung Bidara Beach.Just to hang-out there by the sea. It's packed with people.Seeing those kids playing the sand..reminds me of my youngers days trying to build sandcastles with my brothers and cousins,throwing sand at each other,...etc.Miss those stuff man...geez.

Spent there about less than an hour and then headed to Kolam Air Panas Gadek(Hot springs). The water was really really HOT. It's been years since i last went there.I just soaked my feet for awhile course i cant really stand the heat.As for my dad...he can went down soaking his whole body in.Gosh..eventually his body and face did turned red.He said that he's kinda used to it already since he'd tried in Japan and Indonesia years ago.Well..after that..we went home and get ready for dinner in Zong Hua Restaurant.One of my aunt's treat.

That's all for the day.Actually we planned to spend our Sunday in Genting but have to cancel that.Damn.But i'm fine with it.Afterall it doesn't really matter.Im just having some great times with my family.

Cheers everyone!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Something for today's entry.Really dont have anything to blog about at this time.Gah...boredom fills my heart and soul.By the way...try answering this puzzle if you have a brainy brain.Well..i i have to look at the answer.Dumb.

A man wanted to enter an exclusive club but did not know the password
that was required. He waited by the door and listened.

A club member knocked on the door and the doorman said, "twelve." The
member replied, "six " and was let in.

A second member came to the door and the doorman said, "six." The
member replied, "three" and was let in.

The man thought he had heard enough and walked up to the door. The
doorman said ,"ten" and the man replied, "five."
But he was not let in. What should have he said?

Comon guys, put on your thinking caps & get the solution......



......... Dont keep scrolling think about the answer :)



Ans:- 3

The man had to reply the number of characters (alphabets) in the word the
was asking.
He should have replied "Three" instead of "Five".

I bet u'll read the question again...

Friday, April 21, 2006

...and i'm not talking about any gay or The Beach Boys from the 60s or 70s.I'm talking about a japanese tv drama,Beach Boys.Starring Sorimachi Takashi,Yutaka Takenouchi,Hirosue Ryoko and Inamori Izumi.

Takenouchi Yukuta plays the character, Suzuki Kaito who is an elite salary man who is on paid leave 'cause he made a small miss in a project so he decides to head towards the beach. Sorimachi Takeshi who plays the character of Hiromi, just got kicked out by his girlfriend so he heads towards the beach and got a part time job at this inn thingy where takenouchi is headed in to live. Then the owner said he was going to close it down and they go back to Tokyo but somehow they are missing something so they both go back to the beach.... Sakurai Hiromi (Sorimachi Takashi) is kicked out by his girlfriend. Suzuki Kaito (Takenouchi Yutaka) fails while working on a project. Both of them meet at Diamondhead, a resort, to alleviate their pressures. But as time goes by, both of them realize that they couldn't leave Diamondhead so easily.

Well i actually dont really remember how's the story begun or ended.Its years ago man since i last watch this show on tv.I guess there's around 6-7 years ago.

Yutaka Takenouchi....have always been my favourite since then till now.*winks*

Monday, April 17, 2006

Dane Cook

Having a hard time over something...?Or feeling depressed?Bored..?Dane Cook is your solution then.A famous comedian..extreamely funny,hilarious,humourous,entertaining and amusing.The Funniest Man Alive.All thanks to Kelly for telling me about this guy existent.I really laugh my heart out when i watch his shows that i recently downloaded in LimeWire.Before that Kelly did send me a few files on his talks..and one of my favourites was the BK Lounge.(Burger King Lounge)

ps:It may take patient.

"...I would rather have had people yell,
it was when people didn't talk loud enough. That drove me CRAZY.
I'd have like 10 cars out there and I'd be like
Hi Mam May I please take your order?
*mumbles* some pickles, no no no cheese, uh extra cheese, pickles
What do you want? What do you want?
*mumbles* bun seeds, no bun seeds
What do you want?... no no no no yes no cheese, extra pickles
*mumbles* how much? eh cheese
Mam I can't-hello?...pickle, extra pickles, cheese, bun seeds,
and pickles all my pickles and some extra pickly pickles,cheese, pickles
OK are you trying to molest me via drive thru. What are you saying?
Chicken tenders. Sweet and sour sauce on my pussy!
DRIVE AROUND GET SOME SAUCE DRIVE AROUND MAM SAUCE SAUCE SAUCE she want's it her way. That's our motto. It's- come on sauce!.. "

Yea...pickles...darn.I bet that you are laugh really hard after you hear him..rite?What a man.He's just born to be a comedian i guess.Do check out his website if you're can find the link in my "You might wanna take a look" corner.

He even had his own 'hand-sign' thing.

Plus..he's HOT too!LOL..
Cheers Everyone