Saturday, December 04, 2010

Recently my right below eyelid kept twitching. Damn annoying lo. It's been so annoying i even went to googled it.-__-!!

What i get from my sifu google was :-

  • Stress [ stress maybe but i dont think that im super stress lo. I still got time to eat and sleep and laze around.. and refreshing FB pages and read thru blogs.. Hmm.. Am i stress??]
  • Tiredness [ well.. maybe too. Cause of work but i think it's still ok for now ]
  • Eyestrain [ no idea.. dont think so ]
  • Caffeine [ impposible.. as i dont really drink coffee ]
  • Alcohol [ Definitely not the issue coz i dont drink for quite sometime d.. erm.. Starker anyone? LOL ]
  • Dry eyes [ not really.. ]
  • Nutritional imbalances [ lack of veggie perhaps and too much instant noodles.. grr ]
  • Allergies [ no idea ]

And another more interesting i got from my sifu is the superstitions.. Right eyelid twitching for girl is bad luck ( WTF!! I Dont wanna believe this at all ) and left eyelid is good fortune ( blarr)

The closest superstitions that relate to me which is below right eyelid twitch means Good Fortune Headed My Way! ( Ok.. i LIKE this! )

Lastly.. there's another one which was if it twitch right eye meaning there's idiots gossiping bout me behind my back. ( damn you all who is gossiping bout me.. can stop it or not? not boring meh keep on gossiping bout the same person? Gossip bout someone else can or not. ) Ok this is something random, but it really says so in the superstitions i found.

Seriously its damn annoying lo especially during work. It twitched when i brief the designers, it twitches when i meet my clients, it twitches when i talk to my boss and it even twitches when im doing my business in the toilet!

Any way.. signing off with a picture. Cornetto Inikah Cinta Launch @ Bijou in October which was last 2 months..