Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy 2009 New year people! Well for sure..lets hope for the best in this year and dont ever welcome evil bad luck in our live.

This year i celebrated with my younger bro and 2 of my cousins, Rachel and Aaron at Jonker Walk. As usual the place is such a chaotic massive of people during new year eve. Somehow there's no fireworks there... and i wonder why. Nobody sponsor perhaps.

A year had past just like that.. how fast huh. Flashback to 2008...

I finished my year 2 semester 1 and 2, found someone special to me where we do had many laughters and tears together, get closer to some friends, moved out from MC and shifted to Seksyen 17, get 2 surprises on my birthday =) , drove an auto car for the first time from Kelana Jaya back to seksyen 17..hahaha , took basic chinese language subject.. which by now i have already forgotten what i've learn..hehh, went to Genting with wenhan and ah loong and stayed in a scary apartment (Amber Court), a fun filling trip to Langkawi and Taiping with wenhan, mookhen, xinke and yoke lee, had fun in Sunway Lagoon with wenhan, yvonne,peikei, da jie and da jie fu, what else huh... dammit..i cant think of any.. **checking back my previous entry..hehe** oh ya.. bought a new camera Canon Ixus 860IS, received flowers, ring, soft toy and big lolipop on valentine's day for the first time..awww

and... hmm.. well there's some other minor lil things that i could remembered.. like stayed up chit chatting in mamak till morning and went pasar pagi to buy breakfast...encountered a snake in the toilet..

Basically that's what happened in 2008.. and im hoping this year would be a better one.

For sure i know there'll be changes happen as time passes.. and i hope that i wont regret anything i do or did.

So im here once again to wish u all a very Happy New Year 2009 =)
Let bygones be bygones -cheers-

currently listening to :Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God