Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello blogger world.. I'm back again to my blog. For this post, im gonna make it short as well. As revealing too much information on social network is not a good thing if you have some crazy fella trying to ruin your life and keep mocking you with stupidity over something that you never done before. Oh well, yea.. if you're reading this you know who you are. I know you've been stalking me in all social network trying to get me, for my past that you think 'you know everything' or what so ever. I feel that this person is immature for being anonymous thou. Shame on you. If you have your facts right, come prove it to me. I'll be glad enough to know as well. Calling me a bitch is the same as calling yourself that too. =)

As for now I've had all my social network in private. Any of you that wanna add me anywhere, please email me and i will consider to add you or not. If you're a genuine person who wanna be my friend, i will with open arms accept you ofcoz. If there's any questions that you would like to know bout me.. you have my number, just call me and ask. Don't have to prank call me. That's pretty dumb to make noises, robot voices, or even duck quacking to hide your 'beautiful' voice right? Think about it.