Friday, April 24, 2009


Hot Hot Hawwwttt!!!! Dammnnn this weather is killing me... temperature rising.

Wondering when will it actually rain.. sigh. I feel like eating cendol now.. XD

For this 2 days i could not sleep well because of the weather.. damn hot weih.. I need aircond! Like seriously.. if u stand outside under the sun for less than a minute now... you could already feel that your skin is burning.. and in any minute you'll be a roasted bbq human being.

Anyway.. final exams coming soon.. Next freaking Monday...darnn.. and i still cant fully concentrate on what i've been reading for these few days. All the stuff that i read its like as thou im just reading it thru and nothing in my head that i could remember now. tifff.

Exams will start on the 27th April and ends on the 8th May. So not in the mood for exams. Sigh.

Random pictures :

Lee's a.k.a. Sotong's 21st Birthday party in Lost City KTV. February 4th =)

Chilis.. We were supposed to have our buffett sushi in Tenji but somehow we ended up in Chilis because Tenji was fully booked. Full house that night we went there. Damn.

Free flow chips.. we had 4 rounds of this. Tiffff.

Lay Theng and Jimmy

When Jimmy acted gay and sissy protecting his boobs as thou someone is gonna molest him.
-___-!!! hahahahahaha!

-___-!!!!! March 27th =)

Board game.. Settlers of Catan. Dont ask me how to play... coz i seriously dont really know how to play but i know how to build d roads.. LOL! Was intro bout this game by Jordan and the geng.. Ivan and Alan. Hangout with them on a lazy Sunday. March 29th =)

Sushi King Promo.. RM2 per plate!

Shin Shin and Jr.

6 of the plates was mine =) April 14th

Yesterday went over to McD again to study...This time we went over to BU8 there..Centrepoint because Section14 is packed. And second floor got no aircond...damn hot weih.

After an hour or 2... all not in the mood to study.

This is so random.

Mook Hen with his new haircut...

Xin Ke... holding her notes.. but looking at 'something' in mookhen's hp... U dont wanna know what she's looking at =b -April 23rd-

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally i could online!! for after sooooooo loooonnggggg. 2 days without the internet here is suicidal. LOL!! Like seriously weih.. watched 3 movies on my laptop and some drama to kill my time.

On Friday.. somehow the adapter got struck by the damn lightning and went to change it thinking that we still could online... but.. then... the yellow orangey light keeps blinking non stop meaning that there's no signal..and we cant online. wtf. Called TM that night but failed.. saying that all their operator is busy..bla bla bla. Dammitttt..

So have to wait till the next day.. managed to call TM and did whatever instructions given ..still... cant online. I tell you ...its rather frustrating. Besides i'll be all home alone on saturday..means yesterday.. cause wenhan need to get back to his home and yvonne and peikei need to get back to Kampar already. They came over on Thursday and we went PC Fair on Friday coz yvonne need to get a new laptop. And housemates were not around too.. gaahhh. oh and i also thought that i wont get to online today but surprisingly TM guy came over this morning while im sleeping to fix the internet. Hohoho...

And now im ONLINE =)

Anyway.. there's pretty much to update but gotta keep it short.. i still have a 10 pages Communication Research Method assignment to get done by tonite as due date is 2morrow. darn.

Well, since yesterday i was all alone and bored.. went for an unknown friend BBQ birthday party. Jordan sms-ed and asked me if i wanna go and be coconut tree and emo at one side together there. -__-!! But seriously i was like more a coconut tree there than he is. Haha. It was so random that i actually went there buat bodo. LOL!!! Anyway..thanks Jordan for inviting me.. and Ivan for the ride =)

So rewinding back to last last last week.... 25th March

went over to Kelly's and ShwuZhen's place in SS2 for some photo shooting for wenhan's group print ads.

There's mommy and daddy and 2 of their daughters on the couch.. hahahahaha!!!!

The photographer for their shooting..

There's too many pictures to show but it takes time to load in check out my facebook album je la. Hahaha..

poor us... car accident weih..

Group picture..

am i qualified to be in any horror movie?? hahahaha... edited by mookhen

What else that i need to update huh.. Earth Hour.. haha... i was not home at that time.. went out with my brother for dinner and by the time we finish and get to KL town.. all the lights were on.. -__-!! heh.

I got my internship already in SK Brothers and will start on the 25th May 2009. Somehow there's 9 of us from my course..5 of them are from my class.. Wenhan, Jimmy, Jeff, Juchin and Shoi Kuan.. =)

and and and... i dont like the idea of them giving us only 5 bucks a day as our allowance... wtf!!

I seriously need to do my a
ssignment now... damn.. 8 pages to go.. =/

till then... ciao and -cheers-