Thursday, March 24, 2005

At last i can spend some time on my blog...never touch em' for quite a long period....well,my first term break just over and before that i have to sit for my first monthly test.Gosh,i got my results already...badly done i must say.I have all my papers already except for my account.Guess what...i failed in my additional maths!Damn...and i'm not suprise if i failed in my account too...i've told myself to put more effort this year cause i'll be sitting for a major exam (SPM) in November.Who would want "f9" on their report cards right...totally worried and freak out. But hey i passed in my Moral test...i thought i'll fail em'..HahA.. Right now,i try to focus myself on studies but kinda fail to do still addicted to TVs,online..(just cant help it...hand itching la) and easily get sleepy in class...espeacially in Account class...Economy too sometime,even history and science...*whut??Almost every subjects man..* I wonder why sometimes i cant absorb a thing in my head while the teacher bla-ing infront there...its either my mind was thinking something else or just sleeping with my eyes open.Yea...dont get suprise with that...i can sleep with my eyes open..*LOL*
Recently heard some rumours saying that my account teacher(Pn.Fabilah) is replaced with another teacher(Miss TanGekLan) because she's pregnant...for i think 5-7 months..not sure..I didn't know that Miss TGL can teach account...Hah..Just have to wait and see...I guess its enough for my school stuffs thingy...and by the way...talking bout an annoying girl in my called my 'classmate'..talking behind my back and have a sarcastic looks on her "face" ..what's her problem man...wanna boast infront of other people..Hey one cares bout that..we dont give a damn on it!!Duh....what a freak..enough of her and did i forget to mention that she failed badly..i mean really her Moral test...*wink*

Talking bout the last break...i was busy attending extra tuition classes..I was damn exhausted and dead beat man...cant u imagined..after attending a class for 2hours i have to rush back..*walking distance from my house to the tuition centre* have an hour break after that rush back to the centre again and attend another 2 hours class...its from Tuesday till Thursday...and Saturday Sunday as well...That's for the last term break only.Another thing is...the weather is freaking hot..really warm.There's even haze now...horrible.Guess what,i have a free ticket to the SFI Band Concert..and now im stuck..have no idea whether i should go or just stick my butt at home.Firstly...there definately full of "people"..hate crowds.And if i never go..what am i going to do with the ticket?!? Hemm...still cant make up my mind.

YaY..i dont have class tomorrow..hey...i mean today since its past midnite.Its Good Friday!!Squid asked me to go for a movie with cucumber too..gonna watch "Miss Congenialty 2" but my handphone haven't ring from just now..*lol*..tak jadi kot....hush...aww..kinda drowsy right now...never have enough sleep for the past few days...been sleeping for i think only 5 hours...currently black circle start to form around my eyes already..hahaha...anyone have any idea to get rid of em'??
Erm...guess i got to be going to my dreamland now...ZZzzZzZ o(^-^)o