Sunday, August 20, 2006


Me, Dennis and Yvonne went to Timesquare yesterday to scream our lungs out in the theme park. Eventually we have problems in our head that day and decided to ride and scream in all the rides. We ride on the roller coaster for 4 times to have a perfect photo shot...hahaha. We also ride in the the thrilling 30-metre high ‘Spinning Orbit’, the out-of-control swinging ‘Space Attack’ and the incredible human ‘DNA Mixer’. Plus the Dizzy Izzy. We even ride on the Crazy Bus which kinda for kids. But who cares anyway...RM25 for a ticket...we play whatever we can to pass our time and release our tension. I do scream alot during the rides...especially during the DNA Mixer and Space Attack.Gosh... terrific and cool...LMAO. is the 3 of us screaming our lungs out. Both Dennis and Yvonne pull me to the front seat and both of them sat behind me. Front seat wasn't so's much more cooler then being at the back seat.Honestly. What a memory. By the way this is our third ride on the roller coaster.=b


Everything is not in the right place now. Words can be so mean that can even broke someone's heart. No doubt this is what is hapenning right now. It's rather complicated and difficult to make things right again at this moment. What happen to all the laughter and happiness that happened from the beginning? What happen to all the promises that had been promised? Where is all the trust and loyalty had gone? Where is the forgiveness and mercy? And What the heck am i doing here?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Being so sick of everything
Not knowing where i'm supposed to go
Leading my life to a darkest place
No one there to torch me up
Being afraid of all the things i've seen
Wondering when would it end
Keeping them in a darkest place
Here in my soul wandering and searching
For that one answer to all questions
Which will be in the final task
Saying and hearing in a different way
Everything turned upside down in a minute
Laughther and smile wont be any sincere
Nobody know what may come next
Just keeping my finger cross each time

It's funny how people around change in a fast rate. One moment you see them as angels..and in a matter of seconds...they could turned into a totally wicked person not knowing what the heck they are up to. For ofcoz i'd met many many kind of people with many different attitudes and thoughts..thus i get use of them in this kinda situation that actually happening right now.Such a pathetic and unspeakable condition. Well...for sure there's nothing can be done. Maybe i'm just someone who is weak and feeble in everyone's eyes...but then again...what the heck...i dont give a damn to it. I know life in here will be like this and there's no turning back for me as i choose this path for my life. At times..i personally sees myself as being a totally pathetic person...and i dont deny that fact coz at times being a pathetic person is the best way to get out from troubles and dilemmas. I'm not sure if there's a single soul agree to my dumb fact above.Who cares anyway..only god knows why.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's been a long time since i last posted something in here. Life have been more interesting i guess or maybe more complicated than usual since i came here. There's so much love, hatred, confusion, misunderstood, care, sharing, troubles, mayhem and tiredness... but then...of all these confusion and frustration..I'm still here and still holding on to the paddle. Not wanting to let it go or left it aside.
Everyone has their own problems and troubles when we're here..when we're away from home..and when we have much "disagree ness" happen around. It was such a crappy feeling and most of was sucks. I never want to have those situations and feelings on me..although it did happened.. I have to close an eye and tolerate with it ...gosh.Sometimes i just dont have time or maybe i'm just too lazy to be bothered by it. Well...people thought im a blur case...guess that's when they're wrong..*evil grin* huahahahaha... not that bad or that good either.People dont backstab me, i wont backstab them."Orang tak cari pasal with you, you cari pasal with people for what" One of the word that i have in my head and will always be remained in there. But sometimes,somewhere...something that a person had said really hit so badly to another person that until a good perception had turned into a different and bad perception... That is what human's perception. Life is tough and complicated as well.

Okay..leaving that aside...let's talk about my life recently in campus.As usual...lectures and assignments..and presentations..but thank goodness..i'm done with all my presentation for this semester.Two more assignments to go..Arts and Computer Studies,the first assignment that had been rejected by the lecturer because of " most of you guys work are copy and paste" WTF! now we need to re-do.. and i did my part..and usual..u members...ok..just forget bout it.. im too lazy to type it out anyway. And 10 minutes public speaking presentation had ended too...felt so damn relieved. As well as my computer studies presentation.Kinda screw up a lil bit on that the laptop or maybe the pendrive did not work properly. Plus..there's not enough time for us...and i have to speed my part to let my other group members to have a chance to present and i ended up not knowing what the heck im talking and bla-ing at the front. Am sure that marks are sure to be low. But what can be done ayte.