Friday, February 15, 2008

This is a delayed entry...suppose to post it on the first day of Chinese New Year... Nevermind least i got an entry of a Chinese New Year ayte... hehe xD

Welcoming the year of Rat... mousie mousy year... ->_<-

Time flies when we are having fun... its already the year of Rat whereby it feel like we are still in the year of Pig (which was last year). Sigh. We are getting older! Well at least im not that old yet la now... turning 20 this June =) The digit "2" at the front. Yea... Im still young. Gahahaha.

This year... there's no Yee Sang for me... T_T Im back here in PJ on the 5th day of CNY already and eventually my classmates did plan for Yee Sang thingy last few days but i cant join them because of my blardy PTPTN problem. I need to resubmit my form in Setapak Campus. -_-!!! Why... as my form is an expired one.... DAMMIT.. and i need to buy a new form again and fill in those details again! Argghhh... totally piss off. Someone bought the form for me and mine got rejected but not hers. -_____-!!!!!!!! Diao!!

Hopefully i get the loan...*crossing fingers*

Anyway..let's see whats my fortune cookies says this year.....

"Your dreams are never silly; depend on them to giude you" cehhwah...hahaha....true true...who says my dreams are silly? It's never silly okay. Hahahahah =b ( im dreaming to be a billionaire now....hmm)