Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Currently listening to : What Can I Do by The Corrs

Feeling a lil bit of drowsiness and grumpiness for these past few days and I dont seems to understand myself. Weird me but hey life goes on rite... Im trying my very best in so many ways to be optimistic and im not gonna let myself down ever again. U know...there will be times that you'll feel so hopeless and you wont be bothered to even let things go its way... you'll stuck somewhere in the dark...feeling lost... feeling suckie all the way... well... aint it a blardy situation to be in? Pardon me.. but im not trying to be so negative rite now. I just dont know how long i'll be like this... sigh and sigh a million times.

Im done with 3 papers so far... English,IT and Advertising. Next to go are.. Mass Comm this Friday and Pengajian Malaysia next Monday. I cant wait to finish all this shit.. and get my ass back in Malacca. I miss ma homies. I miss the food... I miss mom's cooking... I miss lazing around on the couch watching dramas... I miss eating packet instant noodles for late nite supper...I miss ma bed and lil pillow....I miss lepaking and hunting for food in the kitchen... I miss errr... what else huh... dang! nothing d..

Been so bored here in PJ sometimes.... but.... our 'Chor Tai Di' time help us past the boring time thou. Hehe. Been wondering what's my actual plan for these coming break.. 3 months weiihh.... 3 MONTHS!!! Tot of enjoying resting for a month and start finding a partime job. Or maybe enjoy rest less than a month and start working to earn some pocket money....Hmmm... still thinking.... Hopefully someone organize a trip to somewhere or what so ever to fill in my yet to be plan semester break schedule. LOL.

Oh ya... before i forget anything again... previous post was about the Earthquake thingy rite... and i did mention that im not surprise if there were to be another shake... Well well well.... there is indeed another shake the next morning. Its around 7.50am and somehow i was awaken while my roommates were still sleeping. At first i tot it was only me feeling alil bit dizzy as i dont really have a goodnite sleep that i get up from ma bed and sat on the floor... Damn its shaking.. So i wake my roommates and opened the door. Saw a few of them running down but me and ma roommates din went down and continue sleeping thou. LOL. Too sleepy and lazy to run down the stairs from 7th floor weiih. Besides.. i dont think MC will runtuh yet. *smirk*

Looking back at my picture files... i found this...

cute lehhhhh.... gahahaha.... Damn my lil bro look so cute with his pacifier on. This pic was taken in 1994... errrmm... means that im only 6!!! elder bro back then was only 10 and my lil bro was 1 plus.

Another 2 pictures....

Taaddaaa~!! I find that this 2 pic are extremely cute... gahaha...see what has this lil brat ( ma younger bro with that pacifier in previous pic ) grown up into... and ma dad.. still look young eh... Hahaha.. pic taken 2 years back in 2005.

So till then... will update when i feel like updating.. =.="

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weird me.. I MISSES HOME so much now. Hit me and wake me up!!! I feel like running home now thou. Its Mom birthday today since its already past midnite... T_T and i cant be in Malacca. I'm stuck here in PJ....gotta sit for my exams......wu wu wu wu.DAMN U EXAMS.


I wanna wish my dearest Mummy a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Lurve ya always and wishing you good health all the time.. and thanks for everything you've done. Muaakkz and hugGieszz.


Guess what... there's another earthquake...and this time the shaking last for like kinda 5-10 minutes maybe. I remembered the time was like around 7.10pm-7.20pm and I was sitting infront of my laptop...msn-ing and facebook-ing and then i felt shaky... first thing came out from my mouth..." WOW..." Hahaha.. and then i turned to Yvonne at my back who was playing Dota and was on the phone with PeiKei... She too went like.." EEHHHH" and me went..." EHH EARTHQUAKE !!" So i tot it will be for like a few seconds only but nooo... it continue to shake... WTFish!! Then Pei Kei in da phone asked Yvonne to get out from the room and run downstairs.... so both of us take our wallets and keys....and get out... to my surprise..everyone else was rushing down the stairs too. Hahaha. Everyone look panicky and was shouting for their friends.... most was on the phone...probably calling their bf,mom,or friends... and some even had towels on their head... -_-!! Me and Yvonne quickly run down the stairs from 7th floor.... good thing there's nothing serious happen thou. I called my mom when i get down and told her about the shake. Well she said they in Malacca dont feel anything.. so i guess maybe im in the higher place thats why we in MC could feel it. I even asked afew of my friends staying in seksyen17 and ss2...but they say they dont feel anything also.

Not long after that....get the news that there's an Earthquake happening in Sumatra... killed 10 and injured kinda many people i guess.. gosh! 2nd Tsunami alert weihhhh.... scarieeee can.

Im not surprise if there's another big shake these few days thou... weather's changing. I felt kinda warm now... =/

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One paper down and 4 to go. Took the Communicative English this morning and dammit..what a freaking tough one for me. The comprehension part was about Trees of Life..some coconuts and date palms... wtf wtf.. and lotsa bombastic words.. gggrrr. And i seriously crap all the way in my essay about recycling stuff.Whats worst... i bloody forget to bring my exam slip to campus.
-_-!!! Damn blur case la me. I only notice it when i reach uni and was talking to my friends.. and i saw someone took out his exam slip from his bag and DANG!!! WTFark... mine was in the file and i left the file in my room!!!! I was like almost went totally blurrrrr for a second... i look at my watch.. another 30 minutes to exam...nervous giler la me that time. And it was raining kinda heavy outside. Jimmy asked me to call Wenhan and i did..he say he's fetching mookhen to uni..and asked me to take the letter at the office. I go to the office and ask the ask for the letter and he asked me to go upstairs and ask. I rush to level 1 and ask for the damn letter.. and that lady told me to go level 2 and ask.. DARN.. quickly run up the stairs and ask for the letter... good thing they have it...perrrr... if not i no need to sit for the paper d. Another thing was.. i remembered taking out my liquid paper from my pencil case...but then weird me while doing the paper halfway and need to use the liquid paper...I dont see the liquid paper on my table After the paper finish i went to check my pencil case again...darrnnn... i saw my liquid paper in there and i was like.." wat the hell are u doing here!!!". -__-!!! What a bad day.. i think i should start singing Bad Day by Daniel Powter d la... Sigh.

Well my next paper will be Information Technology(IT) on this Friday at 2pm. Hopefully i dont screw anything up again.

Sunday, September 09, 2007 i hate pimples!! Yesterday..i woke up and look in da mirror... WTFISHHHH!!! WHAT A BIG FUGLY PIMPLE on my right cheek...and a few small small ones on my forehead......Double WTFish!! I guess the month of "u know what" is either next week or the following week. So im having PMS now... annoys me and you'll be dead. Maybe this could be the reason why i cant seems to concentrate in whatever im reading. Sighhhhhhh. oh yea...and im craving for satay celup now....and and..i feel weak... sighhhh. =(

Monday, September 03, 2007


Haven't been updating for quite sometime ayte. Sorry for the delay... ,for some reason.. i feel kinda lazy and my brain just can't seems to put words together. Well.. first of back in Malacca... yea...i miss my home so much when i was in PJ. I never really been away from home, ALONE,since i was born and that's what make it kinda hard for me when i first went to PJ for my studies. That was like one year plus ago. Im pretty much getting used to it now and i've learned to be more independent. Still i'll miss home. =) Darn i miss the food here...

Final final final exam... Gggrrr... 8 days to go. Damn damn damn.As usual... i never like exams especially when i know that my coursework marks isn't helping me much to pass and score. It's totally suckieee can. And whats worst... i did so badly in my IT midterm test. What a screwed up. Sigh. I dont know what's my other cousework marks yet except for Mass Comm as i skip a "few" classes after i've done with all my presentations. Hehe. Call me me kaki me whatever u want. LalaLalala... im not listening..

Basically, during week 12 onwards... i've been skipping a few classes as the bar list (a list that every student are afraid of...-_-!!!) is already out. And as expected... my name is NOT on the list. Gahahaha. None of us..i mean the advertising student in my lecture class got bar. I lurve my class people... we are so damn kind and generous towards each other... we helped each other to sign when one didn't come to class and that make us the AV3 always has the full attendance....LOL. (err... hoping there's no lecturer sees this...)

Geeezz...i've been watching pretty much movies lately... Let me see... ermm.... I've watched Rush Hour 3, Disturbia, Nightmare Detective, Evan Almighty, Doreamon:Nobita's Dinasour2006, and recently Black Sheep. Erm... i guess i din miss anything. Black Sheep... My gosh... what a movie... Sheep eating human...human becoming sheep... and there's alot of blood...alot of 'geli-flying' bloody scenes....and alot of sheeeeeppppppp!!!!!

Currently im addicted to Radiohead songs....especially Creep. Gaahh....go check them out. Plain White T's - Hey there delilah stuck in my head now too. Flyleaf songs are darn good too. @_@

What else that i need to say here huh... OH YA... hahaha...almost forgot something... WISHING MALAYSIA a VERY HAPPY MERDEKA DAY @ HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! peace... and say no to racist. Gahaha..