Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here I've been tagged by my cousin Rachel

5 things found in your bag:
- cash
- Face powder
- MP4
- tissue
- comb

5 things found on your wallet:
- cash
- IC
- Driving license
- Student ID
- cards

5 favourite things in your room:
- My Bantal busuk... hehe...
- My teddy
- Clothes
- Laptop
- My bed

5 things you always wanted to do:
- Spend like nobody business... haha...
- Hug the people i care
- travel around with someone
- Try eating every single delicious, tempting food in the world..muahaha
- new hairstyle every year.. (but i dont like goin in a salon..i duno why..weird me)

5 things you currently into:
- erm.. JDrama
- some few latest songs...
- anything that is in purple shades
- Dota? hahhahha
- New movies

5 people you tag:
- Sharyn (Beruk)
- Day-Dreamer
- Yvonne Tay
- Jin Ming
- Cheng Hui

ps= Happy Birthday to Christiano Ivan Cyril de Souza a.k.a RIL....May all your wishes and dreams come true...may your days are bless with lotsa luv and care. I know i owe u a movie... hahhaha... =b

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Went an outing today with bro and clare to the curve-Ikea, walked around there for few hours...makan and looking at those furnitures...damn..if only i have the money to buy those nice nice furniture....sigh.

After that we thought of watching Fantastic 4 at the Cineleisure there but then all tickets sold out except for some midnite ones. Oh yea... at last i saw Capoeira dancers..well usually last time just watch them on TV... I like Capoeira thou...soooo coooool. Bend here and there. Hehe. Erm... after knowing that there's no tickets left there, we headed to One Utama. Damn it was packed with people. Luckily we managed to get the 8pm tickets with good seats. The show starts at 8pm but it was delayed for like 20-30 minutes. WTH.. Everyone was standing outside there looking at the 'Now Seating' thing...waiting and waiting for the 'Now Seating' to light.

I like the Silver Surfer!!! Hahhaha..... Although the movie was kinda short.. it's a nice movie to watch not like some other dumb movies I'd watched the other day. Dang!

I'm pretty dissapointed with the new Singapore movie, Men In White, as i thought it would be 'more make sense movie' lah... but all i get was " alamak.... sweat betulllll" Well some parts are pretty funny and some parts are really dumb. Ermm..well in that movie..that Gilbert guy was cute thou. Hahaha... *winks*

Oh and another dumb movie i'd watched was Ming Ming. Damn this movie really make me go blur. It's like i'm paying the tickets just to watch Daniel Wu. Hahhahha....

Well... next movies lining up are : Alone and Transformers. And also 200 Pounds Beauty! Shit...wanted to watch this movie the other day..on Yvonne's Bday but there's not tickets... wait...there's tickets but left only the front row so consider as no tickets lah. So bodo. =/

Oh yea....i haven't blog anythin about Yvonne's Bday haven't i... well... for her bday..we surprised her with 10 McD Sundae !!! Hhahaha... since according to PeiKei...she's kinda craving for Sundae. There's only like 4 of us with the 10 Sundae... ofcoz we can't finish that 10 Sundae lah... so we gave it to the kids around there. They are so adorable.... There's this mix American kid who was so funny...After getting his Sundae he told Yvonne " Hey...Happy Birthday weird girrrlll.....!!" with the angmoh's accent...OMG!!! Hahahha...He's so cute can.

What else that i need to update uh... hmm... JDrama! Finished watching Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2.

I like Jun Matsumoto and Oguri Shun... Actually this is the japanese version of Meteor Garden which i think i'd mentioned earlier in my previous entries. Well.... this series is much more shorter than Meteor Garden thou.

After watching Hana Yori Dango...i watched Nobuta wo Produce.Another nice series...I'm not's really funny and the actors are hawt!

See.... i'm not lying!! Kamenashi Kazuya as Shuji and Yamashita Tomohisa as Akira. I like Akira's hand sign that goes " Kon!Kon!"

That's all.... oh well...assignment are piling up already. How i hate assignments but it's for our own goooood... It helps up in getting extra marks for Finals... Sigh. Guess i'm still trying to fit myself in class but still sometimes i feel that there's walls between me and them. They are totally different from the peeps in TB3 last time during Foundation. Argghhh I miss them.

Lecture classes are getting boring too. =/

ps : HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cheng Hui ( my wu mei ) !!!! Wishing you all the best and may all your wishes come true and have a great Bday with your darling... hahaha...To Shyam..if you're reading this... U better take good care of her ayte. =)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And so right now Im officially turned to 19 already. Haha.... sigh.. can i still be sweet-six-teen??? Sob sob...Anyway.. i guess being 19 is just the same as being 16...u know why... just turn the 9 upside down and you'll get 6!! Hahaha... *lame arr... i know*

First of all... and as usual.. THANKS a million to everyone.. each of you... and whoever that had sent me sms-es and called me, E-Cards, Friendster testimonial, MSN and Yahoo messages, blog comments.... and also those who personally wished me. Let me give ya all a BIG HUG!!!! You guys are awesome.

A big thanks to Yvonne, PeiKei, ChiamYee and Steph. They surprised me with a slice of mocha chocolate cake with one candle at 12am. Aaahhh... so terharu.... Hahahahaha. Arigatou guys!

To my Mummy and Papa... thanks too for the sweet sms... I dont know but it's really different from the other sms-es i receieved ..i mean the's just different although the msg is not long.'s because it is from my parents... as i'm not in Malacca on that day. Sigh. Anyway here's the msg :

No cake for you this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Take care wherever u are
and wishing u all the very best and many loves from mummy and papa
Ain't it sweet... hahhaha...I <3 them... I was in Malacca the day before my bday thou. And since Monday i have classes... terpaksalah i balik 'kandang' on Sunday. On Saturday was my bro's bday and we kinda like celebrate together..went for dinner in Makko Restaurant(Peranakan food) yummy~

The next day...Sunday came back KL followed my bro and his gf. They brought me to Sunway College for a City Church Concert i guess... NO im not a christian as well as my bro but his gf is... i went there just for fun. Hey the songs were really nice thou. Planet Shakers will be there next week. neway we hang out there not long... as for dinner they brought me to Seksyen 17 to eat Indo Mee...and then decided to go SS24 if im not mistaken to eat Fried Mushroom. LOL.... Yummmyy~ Thanks for the makan Bro and Clare =b

Thanks to Steph and Adrian for the present. Really appreciate it. =)

We went Shabu Shabu in SS2 for our dinner.To Cheng Hui.. i know you can't make it yesterday but it's ok.. we'll go Shabu Shabu next time k. And after that me,yvonne,pei kei and boon sheng spend the nite till midnite at Horus Internet Cafe play O2Jam and Dota. LOL.... who say girls no play Dota.. hahha... its really funny la when it says "OWNING!!" or this one..."MEGAKILL!! UNSTOPPABLE!!" Muahhahaha.

One more thing... to my cousin Rachel, Yes you're the last one to wish me. HAha...eventually..she called me up at 11.58pm while i was dota-ing and wished me. Asking me if she's the last one to wish me.LOL...

Erm.. what else... oh yea... Today it's Boon Sheng's bday a.k.a Spiderman. Happy Birthday Boon Sheng! I know he wont be reading this.. Hahahha...

So thats all i guess... THANKS again to u all...remember that you're not forgotten ayte =)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yesss... it's ma birthday soon... and i'm turning 19 in about 1 hour time. Basically this piece of drawing is from my brother's girlfriend,Clare. And that toy giraffe too...Isn't it cute.... hahha... it can be bend when you press the underneath.. The drawing was really nice.... Thanks alot Clare =)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What i am going to blog about now can be pretty UNBELIEVABLE!!!!.. it's because i find it hard to believe it thou. Well there's a time i did posted
similiar to this kind of things thou.

Well the story was like this... yesterday past midnite say around 1 something in the morning... i kinda saw 'something' outside at the guys' block. After i offline...i remembered that my umbrella was still at i opened my room door to just bring it in... and as usual i will just take a glance at the guys' block. Then something caught my eyes... there's someone standing facing over the girls' block (thats where i am....) At first i tot it was an indian guy who maybe just couldn't sleep and wanna take a puff or something... as i cant see the face...its all dark.. (yea...thats pretty sure that i tot i saw an indian) coz that block usually will be dark after 12am as they switch off all the lights....not like the girls' block.. they'll on the lights till morning.Something that confused me or should i say..weird... is.. its actually wearing a baggy kind of white clothes covering 'its' head like a 'tudung'... Weird right... guy got wear like that wan meh???

So at that very moment... i was curious at the same time... i was like..." WTF...did i just saw a ghost!!!?! or is it some fcuker playing some prank around trying to scare the girls in the girls' block!! Darn..."

I try looking at the face... Seriously i cant see anything... its black..dark... realllll darkkkk...and its not moving at just stood there... And then for a split seconds... my senses tell me to just shut the door and go to bed... Hahaha... well.. thats what i did... i close my room door and head to my bed...

But before i sleep i sms-ed Peikei as i tot most probably she haven't sleep. In the sms i sent her, i told her to go out from her room and take a look at the guy block and tell me if she sees anything. While waiting for her reply... i keep on imagining that image... by the i still can remember that image i saw yesterday. After that...she replied me and say that she lazy wanna go out and see... So i'm pretty sure she's sleeping...and my sms just woke her up... Hahahaha.... (sorry for disturbing ya...gomenasai~)

So i just try to sleep and to not think a bout it or else i'll dream something about it later on.. Hahahaha....Luckily i dont have any nightmares....

Damn... i'm still wondering what kind of 'thing' that i saw yesterday..... and guess what... i'll try and take a look again the same time, same place... MuahaHahaha.... *evil grin*

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm going to spend another one hour here in Starbucks before i get into my bus back to Malacca. Unfortunately there's no more tickets left and there's only 10pm tickets. The drink here well as usual so damn expensive for one cup of ice blended mocha with cream chocholate chip if im not mistaken... Hahaha...

Guess whattt!!!??!! I saw Kathlyn a.k.a Miaw and Carolyn a.k.a Lobak!!!! Gahahahahaha.... Missing them for so damn long and they suddenly appeared in McD talking to Perpin. Hahahaha.... i was like... " EeehHhhhh!!!!!! Ah Kath!!!!!Lobak!!!!!" LOL.... so coincidence wan!!! Haven't seen them for like 1 year plus almost 2...since SPM. Ahhh... i miss them so much. And i wonder where Birdie has gone to.Sigh. Well good for them as they get the earlier bus back at 8pm. Whereas me and pin still stuck here waiting for our bus.

As for classes... its still pretty much the same as the previous days... boringggg~