Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've been sooo lazy to update.. pardon me. Its been for like few weeks.. or wait.. a MONTH!! and a half!! or maybe more than was i doing? o.O!

There are so much to update... dang! I'll just summarize them i think.. i notice that i have almost abandon my baby blog.. gosh.. im such a bad mommy.. (yikes since when i have a kid that is a BLOG????zzZz) Anyway, I've been blogging like already 4 years.. and im getting older each year.. can i be like Benjamin Button?? get younger each year??? hehe.. It was a nice movie.. go watch! oh and remember to go pee or poo first before u enter the cinema hall.. else u'll be missing those touching and interesting part as it was a freaking 2 hours and 45 minutes movie.

Pictures time...

Family picture of the year of Ox. Every year there'll be family photos..i cant imagine a year without em'. My parents look so cute. Hahahahhha.

This year i got 2 fortune cookies... =) I hope they are true.

Talking about work.. im going for my intern next semester. Sigh. I still dont know where i'll be going and how im gonna get my arse there everyday. Gotta prepare myself with taking public transportation everyday..sigh sigh sigh... if only those company provide transport for us which i think its sooo impposible. I've sigh a million times thinking about it.

Yee sang with family and relatives...

What's chinese new year without gambling playing cards? hahaha..

Everlyn and me... my bro's special someone =)

Visited a relative's house and presenting u... my youngest aunty Grace (the one in white) and my youngest uncle Bernard (the one in red). We the nephews and nieces are so old.. hahaha.

When i have a rockstar brother...

and when i have a rockstar sista... bwahahahahhaha!!!! everyone was laughing their lungs out on that day.

and when i have a rockstar twin.....

i even have a rockstar daddy..

LOL a million timess!

When best friends are mean forever... i lurve them so much.. Celebrating Joanne's (the one at the left) bday.. and also a day where we BFF meet up. I miss them so much wan lo.. ever since we left secondary school.. we never really had the chance to hang out together.. we only keep in touch thru phone and msn..

im still not sure what's up with us doing this infront the camera... LOL.

secondary school friends....

There's 2 pictures that i wanna show u guys....
WTF... its a caterpillar! an orange caterpillar?? worm?? errr.. the eyes..look like spiderman to me. wahhha. Wenhan say it look like a prawn.. -__-!! I dont know..

more updates soon... im so hungry now.. gotta cook instant noodles again.. till then.. I"LL BE BACK =)