Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Im so BORED!!! Im bored!! Boring nyerrr!!! HELP needed!!

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Dang!*waking up* That was just scenes of my current situation.. -_-!!! I too lazy to even blog for the past few days. Not a word seems right to me now. Blablablabla. Wait.. is that a word? Screwed. Anyway, I'm updating right now... let's see... First of all... rewinding to 10 days before today.

Went up KL last Wednesday with my parents and lil bro to take a look at my bro's new apartment in Damansara. We stayed there till Friday thou and came back Malacca together with my bro as we had our cousin's wedding dinner the next day. That Wednesday we reached KL was like almost about our dinner time. Massive traffic jam all the way in Federal Highway and me kinda directed my dad to a wrong direction..hehe... I'm so bad at recognizing roads and ended up doing U-Turn few times. So moral of the story... dont ever ask Jenny for directions...you'll end up in some unknown Ulu places. Yea..thats me. *wink*

the Gym

I met up with Wenhan a.k.a Hanzi on Thursday as i can't make it on Wednesday. He's working and i'm with my family having dinner. So we set it on Thursday instead. Last minute plan. My parents went IKEA,The Curve and Tesco at about 4 something...and I told Hanzi that i'll be around there till maybe 8pm while waiting for my bro to fninsh his work and meet us there to have dinner. Hanzi came just in time for dinner thou. LOL. And he was drag along to have dinner with my family. I know he felt kinda awkward...sorry bout that orh Hanzi. But ok what rite... get to eat Siew Long Pau leaa... hehe. We had dinner in Dragon-i at The Curve. Not bad at all lo the food there. But for some reason i dont know why i dont really have appetite to eat for the past few days.

My family in Dragon-i,The Curve

So after dinner was like already 9 something... my parents went back to the apartment and Hanzi will fetch me back later before 12am. So at first we dont really have any idea where to go or what to do... and we just walked around The Curve and Cineleisure. Too late for a movie thou as both of us need to get back home before 12am and the cinema was packed with people lining up to get their tickets.

For like about a month we never see each other... what else.. Poke Fight!!Gahaha... Even when he was driving i poked him!!... Its not fair know... He step my shoes and mess up my hair! I want revenge!!!U watch out u.... hurh... i use my heels to step ur shoe the next time i meet u....bwahaha *evil grin*

Anyway, after walking around for like about 10 something...(whuttt... only 10 something...-_-!!!) Hanzi fetched me back to my bro's apartment... but b4 that he called up his senior to get some NZ chocs from her. But after halfway..almost reaching her house...she sms-ed saying that she cant stay awake any longer coz she's sick. So hanzi U-Turn and fetch me back. The time was around 11 something and both of us manage to get back before 12am thou.

The next day, went back Malacca around 5 something and reach home at about 9pm after having dinner. Somehow feeling a lil bit unwell.. but pretty fine the next day. So Saturday night was my dearly cousin's wedding. My very 1st cousin to get married thou. Congrats to Luan Yng(Mandy) and his husband Koon Cheng(Alec/Alex... lol...im not sure how to spell his name...) Honestly.. That nite was the first time i saw him. Dont really get to see him around when i visited her house...besides i hardly visits her house too. And my cousin Koon Peng grew really tall... VERY VERY TALL...even when im with my heels... im still below his shoulder... and he's my age *gasp*. He's the tallest among all..i mean the people that i know. And hey...its not that im short kie....well im not gonna say im tall as well.. He's tall!

Anyhow... the wedding was held at Dragon Deluxe Restaurant. The food..well...was pretty ok.. so-so.

happily married... awww....my cousin is so prettieee

the only elder and younger bro i have...well we dont really look alike huh...lol

i think this pic is really cute... my lil cousin kenneth(which i think he look like Jet Li), my dad, cousin ah chien, and Encik Beng( thats what my parents called him)

So that was it.... nothing much that i can crap about already. This Saturday night will be the Bachelor nite and Sunday will be going to Bahau...to the guy's place to have lunch. Im hoping the weather will be cloudy... lol.

Oh and before i end this entry... I like this ad.... pretty cute la..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The new and latest tourist attraction in Malacca..

presenting.... the Malacca Eye. -_-!! I tot it will be as big as Eye on Malaysia..LOL

Went there yesterday to have a look.. its at the old bus station in Sungai Melaka( Malacca Pirate Park). I never get in the ride thou. There's this ferris wheel, trampoline bungee and Pirate Ship ....3 games/rides.. for 10 bucks. Not bad i think.

Well to my surprise, there's still many people lining up to get into the gondolas thou..even after there's once people got trapped in the gondola for more than 20 minutes because of power failure during the launching day...and then now still got people wanna get up there orh.

By the way....I havent even been to the one in Titiwangsa yet.. -_-!! Sigh.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Went to a Deepavali Openhouse for the public yesterday in Padang Nyiru... along the Malacca River.

Malacca River

For some reason..i lurve this pic so much that i set it as my wallpaper.... hehe =)

Reason i was there... My brother was in the scout and he has to do his duty there so me and my mom just hang around there until my bro has done his duty and im not there becoz of the food k... This kinda food fight is a no no for me... need to line up like forever to get the food... although there's Tosai and curry...(-_-!!). Me and mom went to the nearest shopping complex there for about an hour plus then decided to hang around at the openhouse while waiting for my bro.

No doubt the majority are mostly indians... but hey..there's chinese and malays too...and some cute angmohs.. *wink*

The big shots arrived kinda late thou...as i was taking some pics around... a guy came approached me and asked if he could borrow my camera to take a few shots as his camera batt died. And he was saying that he's from the Magnum...organizing this event...blablabla.... and i was being kind hearted (ahem~) let him use my camera and he took 2 shots. He even thought that i was a reporter from a newspaper. LOL!!

After that he return my camera to me and asked me to find him in his magnum booth at the back to pass me his name card so that i can send him these pics thru email. He even asked for my number. I decided to find him after i had my dinner thou... so me and my mom went to a coffeeshop across the road to eat Wantan Mee ...


Eventually that guy called me again and asked where am i... i told him i was across the road having dinner. He sighed and say he tot he wanna borrow my camera for the mean time first... then i say too bad lo....im not there right now.

After dinner...walk back to the openhouse and search for that guy... in the middle of somewhere he saw me and pass me his name card and he told me that he found his charger and thanked me.

me and bro in his scout uni... and his geng eating Tosai!! ( T_T)

Well while waiting for the lucky draw....

which we have no luck at all in getting any prizes... there's an old man behind us entertaining the crowd...

*dance ahpek! so you think you can dance?*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I saw this on Tz's blog and i think i might as well put it in my blog... LOL...

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Psychotic Ranting

Majoring in
Dr. GoQuiz.com


Blogging Degree
From Go-Quiz.com

Great.... -_-!!! Majoring in EMO??!?? Why so emo wan... sigh... Psychotic ranting... sounds like me i think.. hmm... hahaha..

By the way... I quit my job already.. and now im rotting at home... o.O

ps: Happy Birthday to yong xiang.. may all ur dreams and wishes come true..and good luck in stpm too. -cheers-

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oops i did it again! Quitting on the 9th November instead. Gahahahaha! This time is for real. LOL. 2 more days to go. I already gave my resign letter to the supervisor just now. Not sure what im gonna do after i quit this job thou. Well...baking muffins is in my list...shop for some clothes... tidy up ma crib...watching online dramas... hehe.


I'm wishing all Hindus a very Happy Deepavali~!!!! I wanna eat Tosai with mutton curry!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Plan changed!! Gonna continue working till 11th November instead. -_-!!! Supervisor told me its better to work till after deepavali as on that public holiday i can get double pay. So and well... I'll continue working for another week. Not bad at all la me ( cehwah..angkat bakul sendiri )... been complaining so much from the beginning....and now i notice i've been working for almost a month already.Woot~ hehe.