Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week we went over to visit 'uncle lim'.. it was a last minute plan as we are following someone there and got a free stay.. so why not rite..

And so we tried our luck there...

This is how much we won including our modal.. *gasp*

And this is how much we had at the end...

*FOL* o.O

Actually we left about 20-30% of our modal.. damn sad case rite.. =/

Friday, July 02, 2010

And so I’ve graduated and off looking for a job. Got my first interview last Monday and totally nail it… considering if I should take this job at first but after that decided to accept this offer as the boss sms-ed me later that night saying that he can give me my expected salary and hope that i will join their company. There’s pretty much things that i need to do now… currently finding a place to rent and hope to get a car soon. As my job scope will need me to be meeting clients outside. Working in an advertising firm is what I hope to be in thou. Anyone have a place for me to rent in Desa Petaling? Do let me know..

Anyway, haven’t been updating for awhile.. been going back and forth from Malacca to KL because of my streamyx (whom loves me so much that they didn’t want to terminate my account) termination that I did last month. Checked my status in Malacca and it showed that my account is still running active. -_-! And so just now went over and settle all those stuff already and right now i’m just gonna be waiting for the final bill and a cheque in the mailbox.

Ok .. gonna blog about my birthday.. One word to describe it… TRULY UNEXPECTED! Ok I know.. that’s 2 words.. but still it really did surprised me a lot. Firstly in my previous post I did mention that my baby won’t be around for my birthday as he got work to do in Penang… which I’m pretty ok with it cause it was work afterall.. I didn’t expect him to like die die also must be here with me during my birthday right. Unless he told me that he had a party going on in penang and that he couldn’t make it… that would be another story already. LOL. And so.. silently sneaking behind me.. my girls and baby plan to give me a surprise. On Thursday nite my baby told me that he will be pretty busy on Friday( which is my birthday) and I didn’t even aware of anything and the thought of he coming back to Malacca never cross my mind at all. (Penang – Malacca… totally FARAWAY) Besides that apparently, baby didn’t sms me much( he did send a few sms but nothing fishy at all) on that day (which is acceptable cause he got work to do) and my girls didn’t contact me as well during the day and only contacted me around evening while I was taking a nap. Carol said that she wanna meet up for dinner.. which according to her only SHE will be there.. ( sound a lil fishy to me already .. haha) but I got a date with my cousin Rachel for Nadeje earlier on.. so i went over Nadeje with my cousin first before meeting carol at Windmill.

And there… when I reached Windmill with my cousin I saw a few of my girls there and baby was there. I was like “ @_@?!” this kinda expression when I saw him there and was actually thinking if it was really him or someone else that looks like him. LMAO. He said that he started his journey back in the morning and reach here around late afternoon just for my birthday. *melts* and not forgetting my girls who was there.. Tika, Jolene and Teng and as well as my cousin. A surprise birthday cake for me too when I came out from the toilet… LOL! *Love*

Wanna thank everyone that had wish me in FB.. MSN and SMS and also to my parents who gave me angpao .. hehe =) Thanks to my baby and my girls for the surprise and to my cousin Rachel for the Nadeje treat. *Love Love Love*