Monday, March 22, 2010

Haven't been updating for a month..!! Its been a month already since i last update huh??? damn fast wei..Like what those famous quotes said " Time flies with a blink of an eye." ..and my first draft of my FYP dateline is like next 2 weeks! dammitt!! and im still in chapter 2.. and.. i haven't make appointment with my supervisor yet.. FML. Alrite.. now since im reminding myself of my slow progress on my FYP.. im having cold sweat d.. Pray hard for me that i could manage to hand in on time ayte.

Nothing much that i would like to blog about actually.. because recently nothing much happening in my life other than go to class.. cook simple meals for myself.. meet up with a friend and went shopping..hang out with b (whom i could hardly meet .. sigh), hang out with my bro and his friends.. cleaning my room and the house.. doing laundry.. lazing around.. FB-ing ( social city.. cafe world.. petville.. -_-!! ) .. trying to concentrate doing my FYP but end up failed because i was distracted by FB ( yess.. blame it on FB!! gahaha!! ) blablabla.. conclusion = I'm a bored person. gasp!

I love my Vincci heels =) Bought it for Chinese new year. Ok this is so random.. plz ignore.

Anyway, i miss my girls back there in Malacca.. and glad that A.T's operation was a success. According to Carol, she was still kinda weak after the operation but if everything goes well.. she can leave the hospital by 2morrow.. =) Hope to see her soon.

By the way.. does anyone know where to get bus ticket back to Malacca??? and where to take the bus?? Why la they must close down Pudu at this time.. ish! Wanna go back Malacca also damn ma fan d now.

Movies that i'm looking forward to watch...

Alice in Wonderland 3D. Hopefully i can get to watch this tonight *crossing fingers*

The Lovely Bones.. Heard from friends that it was a nice movie to watch.

and the last one...

Read comments on this movie.. and according to em' this movie could actually make u cry.. woot~ so emo. hahhaha!!!

oh there's another movie. Just Another Pandora's Box. Watched the trailer...and it was super funny lor. Must watch.

so... Come.. quick date me for a movie !! =]