Monday, June 27, 2005

Came back from school earlier today..its the "Report Card Day".So mom came at 8.15am which i think its early...but who cares anyway the earlier my parents come the earlier i can go home.After taking my report card...damn..3 red marks on it...stated 9G for History,Economy and Additional Math.

Pn.Safiza:ok so..dia ni baik kat class....tengok pun ada belajar dan rajin.
Mom :yeler dia ni rajin pegang buku je tapi ntah apa dia baca...
Pn.Safiza: *laughing* ni la...yang merah merah ni kena lebih ambil perhatian to score
but overall boleh tahan la.
Mom :ermm..dia ni seorang je anak perempuan...tapi degil...
Pn.Safiza:Ooo anak manja la ni...

Why always people tend to say that the only child or the only daughter in the house as 'anak manja'
as for my mom ...each and everyone of us is the same although im the only daughter.In the usual my mom will nag and nag for my own good...wondering where i'll end up later on.Mom decided to go Tesco since she wanna buy some stuff at Cosway.It was early and the air-cond was seriously cold...and less people around seems like i own the whole mall...huahuahuaha...
My right hand seems to get worst...yaiks...its like more red marks appear.Damn it...feel really s***...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

My rash and itchiness came without any invitation again.Currently i'm suffering from the hives.I have red marks on my neck and both hands.I remembered the last time i have this rash was when i'm in Form3 that was 2 years back...the rash at that time was horrible and terrible.And now i'm going through this again.Visited the doctor yesterday at the Poliklinik Pringgit Jaya near the General Hospital.Since i'm still a student...i get my medical for free.After applying the cream that the doctor gave..i can see that the redness has diminish.Thank god.Going to celebrate my Grandpa's 71 birthday next 2 weeks and it's so awkward with the red marks on my neck and hands during the dinner with i think almost hundreds of people in the restaurant.Hopefully the rash will be gone before the dinner.After all this years..i noticed that i'm actually allergic to metal...not seafoods or any other foods.I have the rash on my neck because i wore a necklace during my brother's birthday party that night and after my shower i noticed the rash.As for my hands...i guess it's because of my watch.After my rash has gone...guess i need to get myself a new watch and some accessories that are NOT metal.

I had my hair cut last wednesday.Went to Aunty Amy saloon and luckily there's nobody and i dont have to wait for hours.Suprisingly the next day i went to school...nobody even notice i had my hair cut.Gezz...i think my hair is not short enough.Later on only Sotong noticed my hair and she goes like this "hey toi...cut your hair d eh?See see...let go your never cut like much u cut ur hair?"...guess what...i cut my hair for only 5's very very cheap because my hair used to be very long.Anyway my mom knows that aunty amy so she gave me a special prize...hehe.

So the National Service for 2006 list has came out on the website.Unfortunately i'm not chosen or should i say fortunately i didn't get in?Erm...from the begining i truly doesn't want to go for the NS but after hearing my mom's 'lecture' about the advantages i kind of change my mind.I put myself in the brightside if incase i got selected but too bad..i'm not..LOL.Quite a number of my classmate get selected for the NS...and Kat was one of them..hahaha.She still cant believe that she can be so "lucky" to be selected.Sangetha and Cucumber get in as well..both is my class monitor and asst.monitor...kitkin and roubing was in too.

I have my tuition class just now and was wearing a long sleeve shirt trying to cover up the rash...and i tell you was damn sweltering.Some how the airconditional was not cold and the fan was 'half dead' .i sat there fanning myslef and i think the teacher must be wondering why the heck i wear a long sleeve shirt during hot wheather.The malay guy sat beside me,the one who gave me a nick, 'fongsaiyuk' keep on teasing me with the nick he gave.What the hell man...There's this new kid in the class and he actually introduce him to me...and he gave name to that kid too..

Nyamuk:awek eh?
Arif :ahh....nak kenal ker?Eh fongsaiyuk ni nyamuk.
me :arr?amuk?apa amuk?
Nyamuk:Apa nyamuk nyamuk ar...
Arif :Nyamuk la..tu nyamuk tu..
nama dia memang nyamuk..panggil je nyamuk.

so he's been trademark as nyamuk in the class...lorh.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Yeay...It's my i'm more sweet-six-teen.Getting older.Well,nothing much or suprising 'again' this year...everything seems normal and ordinary to me...My brother, Kenny celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday.We do in buffet style…there’s fried prawns,fried rice,chicken curry,sweet sour slice fish,satay,BBQ Chicken with black pepper.....cant go on cause it made me hungry now.As usual many of his friends came over and the situation was in hand..there’s no chaos made by them but there’s one thing pissed me off was some of his friends are so inconsideration,after they enjoyed their foods and drinks,they just mess up the place and in the end I’m the one who has to do the clean up.Damn…after using the paper plate..they just smash it and threw em’ on the floor..what man…so pathetic.Guys are guys…nothing change them. None of my school friends came over that nite but Ong and RuoBing came over.I thought that they wouldn’t come too but at last they came.Thankz guys.We took some pictures and chit chat as usual…so after Kenny cut the cake some of his friends took the cream and wipe it on his face.And the war begin…haha…but it ended really soon cause my parents don’t really like it caused it’s a waste..cakes are for you to eat not play..hahaha. My uncle is incharge of the video camera…man I really look horrible and hideous in photos and vd cam…lorh. Who cares anyway. So I do have a birthday cake this year..Kenny present it to was supposed his cake but he’s just too ‘generous’ to give it to me.Hey afterall he has a BIG cake yesterday. There’s even left over in the frigde. Yesterday was indeed a tiring day especially during the clean up…but this morning Kenny gave me 20 bucks for helping him yesterday…erm.. munificent. Guess it’s the pay back for the present I gave him..a tie. Haha. One of his friends even gave him boxers. Damn he received lots of 'angpaus' from relatives...mostly 50-200 bucks.Yaiks...

Guess what i have for my dinner on my birthday??Apparently i had Yee Kiau Mee just now...lame.But it's one of my all time favourite food.Not too bad hur.I wanna thankz to all my friends who remember my birthday and all the wishes and sms-es that rush in to my phone since 12am till now..thankz a million.There's nothing bigger than a birthday wish on birthdays.
Like what Kat sent to me in my friendster testimonial:

There is still no cure for the common birthday.
-John Glenn

Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life.
-Daniel Francois Esprit Auber

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Back Home

Yesterday went to KLIA at 7pm and reach there around 9 something...its been years since i last step in to KLIA...yea i guess the last time i went there was in 1998,a long time indeed.After reaching there...we went to Burger King for our dinner....delicious burgers with 'delicious price'...then we wait for our dearly parents at the arrival about 10pm..and the flight supposed to reach at 10.10pm so we wait patiently..wait and wait...after 5 minutes..still waiting...we saw many poeple came out but no sign of we wait...its already 10.20pm and we got worried if they already left KLIA...then suddenly i saw a lady that using the Public Mutual Fund we watch out for our parents in a big group that just arrived.At last....there they are...Mom and Dad in a sweater....lorh.The first thing i noticed was my mom's i asked her whether she has cut or do something with her hair...she said "No la..know why like this??Sit inside the airoplane too long d so become like this..penget d" haha...they went there with 2 bags and came back with 4 bags...they really bought lots of stuffs...t-shirt,choc,boomerang,surveniors....and 2 bottle of wain(the company gave them) Mom bought me accessories..a necklace..and a blouse which is kinda big for me..althought its S...damn.Mom said "see la tak mau makan banyak keding...baju also tak bleh pakai..nevermind just time can wear" I got eat what.....i eat alot..but still can't grow..what to do?yaiks..

Today dont have any tuition class cause its a public holiday...and tomorrow i have somkind of motivation organized by my tuition centre at 9am till tomorrow's class will be replaced on Monday....geezz..i guess i will be the only chinese girl in the motivation tomorrow...feel so weird.Haha...what can i do..have too..all 3 class will combined,the science class and 2 of the sastera class.

Friday, June 03, 2005


Darn....the condition is getting worst...more Moth is in my come the small can this happen?Sharyn says its the season...but cannot be what...suddenly so many.Billy says he will come and spray for me..huahuaua...hey Billy if u r reading this u better get ur butt here and spray for me.Enough of this annoying moth thing.Big neighbour,En Ahmad just pass away...sad man....he died because of Strok...this morning at 3 am...No wonder i saw many people standing infront of the house this morning...i thought got somekind of reunion or 'kenduri' guess im wrong...i really got shock when Kenny told me that there's someone pass away...didn't expect it at all.....uncle is such a nice guy...always see him behind the house with his garden..Rest In Peace uncle.

Had chicken rice for lunch just now...KJ,kenny's friend or more specific...his upline, bought for us...he didnt eat.So only 4 of,kenny,jerrick and jie...i dont know what's the jie name just name it as jie..hahaha...she even borrowed my clothe just now to go and watch futsal...after lunch..we had Nasi Lemak...nothing else to eat...actually we plan to eat Bakuteh but then cancel the plan for unknown reason...darn.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


It's the fourth day mom is away...i'm dead bored rite now.For the past few days i've been cracking my head thinking of what to eat for lunch and yesterday decided to just have pizza for dinner..and as for breakfast today is the left over wondering what to eat for lunch.darn.
Last Tuesday went to grandma's house for dinner....she didn't cook much but we are full anyway..thankz grandma.Mom will be back tomorrow...cant wait..haha..wondering what stuff she'll bring back..a kangaroo?Kola??or an aussie??hahaha....kenny said that he wanna pick mom and dad tomorrow in me and Jerrick will follow them a suprise..let's see..the flight will reach KLIA at 10pm so...we must be there before 10 or maybe at 9 just incase if the flight reach early.'s just getting house now is full of moth..why moth??there's at least 5 of it around the house..its either in the house or outside the car pouch...its not a small one..its BIG...dark brown and alil mix of black with white does it come from?? And then i guess it breed...there's small ones too...damn...still wondering where does it come from??