Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exam period has overrr... yippeeee ! 3 weeks break ahead. The last paper i did was the Interactive Multimedia which the questions was rather unexpected at all... i studied about animation part...outsourcing stuff... and guess what.. neither a shit about those came up in that blardy paper. Dammit dammit.. 1st ques.. 40marks @_@ 2nd and 3rd both 30marks each. Daaang! Pretty much in the case of "GG".

So right now im sitting here not knowing what to do.. start thinking what i should bring for Langkawi trip. Yeap... im goin to Langkawi this Tuesday with wenhan, mookhen, xin ke, yoke lee, carmen and her bf, and xin ke's unknown friend. Yeepeee.. looking forward to it thou. Havent been to Langkawi for ages.. *excited*

We plan to drive there...and it will be a 6 hour long journey to Alor Star and get a ferri there to Langkawi. And also we gonna start the journey around 4-5am! Im not sure if im going to sleep on monday night or just stay awake till 5am.. and doze of in the car? Hmm... Another thing to think about... hahaha.. alright..stupid question rite.. i know...Im bored right now k.. so alil bit of thinking would help my brain move alil bit rather than just let it be dead right?right? I dowanna have a brainfart. Hahahaha.

Ah well... i went to Fireman for the 3rd time in almost 2 nearly 3 weeks in a row. I love their pork BBQ and the soup.. yummy.. I love the Bacon the most! I think most of the workers there already could recognize me. Hahaha. Even the guy that did the "Fire thingy" performance recognize me and greet me when he saw me again the either day. Their service is good.. the people are friendly.. and the most important thing was.. the food is great too so why wouldn't i'll be surprise if i ever go there again. Hahahahaha. It could be a lil bit pricey but if you go in a large group of friends.. it will be more worth it i guess. Well for me i can go there a few times is because i had a few of the Rm20 voucher from my housemate. He said that he got it free from News Junction i think. But too bad its only valid till this month. Maybe next month they giving out new vouchers.. who knows... hehe.

Pork fats...

The worker that took our order i guess he's a thai or maybe vietnamese.. not sure.. look what he wrote.. get what it means? Haha.. it means... "Pork intestine and shoulder change to Bacon and Belly"

Blazer set - Pork belly, Liver, Bacon and veggies and come with 2 bowls of jasmine steamed rice =).... we change the intestine and pork shoulder to bacon and the belly cause we dont eat those.

honey lemon juice

blackcurrent lemon juice

We ordered another veggie set too... i just lurve the soup =)

BBQ-ed pork belly and veggie.. we fried the veggie too... LOL. A must try restaurant.. Oh and if you go at night.. there will be a performance by the Fireman. He'll play with the fire ofcoz. Haha.. i went there in the afternoon thou.. but the other day when i went with my housemate.. it was around 7pm.. and i get to see the action. Din manage to get any pictures as i didn't bring my camera along that time. However i'll give 3 cheers for the Fireman!

OMG... i just had a brainfart... i forget what i need to type here. -___-!!! heh.

oh ya... anyone wanna get some nice latest trend online clothes? Gotta recommend u girls to this website of my friend. He just started involved in this business and need lotsa support. The clothes are nice.. and the price for some clothes there are not as pricey as other websites thou. I already list down a few that i most probably wanna buy. ( ah pua... give me discount can... plzzzz ^o^ hahaha )

Oh and u know what... he told me that since im his friend.. i can have refund if the clothes dont fit me. Lalalalala... niceeee. ( he told me not to tell anyone cause if everyone were to refund he'll go bankrupt. LOL .. so people.. sorry to say that u girls cant refund it after you bought them) Dont worry... he did provide the description of the clothes ( english version will be up soon..right now only got chinese description..which i dunno how to read...i need to ask wenhan help me translate it later when he's back from Klang ).. like the size and measurement and stuff and there's model for the clothes in the website.. So i guess it wont be a problem.

Here's the link to the website.. worth taking a look.

Wee's Collection

Guess im goin to end my post now.. oh wait.. gonna upload some photos taken during Merdeka day marching in Malacca. Almost forgotten about those pictures. U see... brainfart again! ( are u annoyed yet with the brainfart word keep appearing in this entry? Hahaha..brainfart)

The Pandu Puteri(Girl Guides) I used to march in this uniform too for the Merdeka marching in the year 2002 if im not mistaken. But back then we need to wear our skirt instead of long pants. I think the uniform now pretty fugly with the long pants. Hahaha.. the skirt version is way much nicer.

notice something in this picture??? no?? look closely... yea.. the big guy on the right with the flag.. look like the very own st.John's Sean Kingston. Hahaha. =)

Its an elephant... a very thin elephant... haha. Alor Gajah's mascot.

scooter anyone?

weird looking vehicle.. dont have door wan lea.. -__-!!

This year marching was pretty boring thou... kinda simple and some of the marchers just sucks.. no offense... lack of enthusiasm. *disappointed*

Ok gonna end now... Brainfarts.. haha -END-

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aaarrrgggghhh.... damn hot la the weather.... its burning me alive!! Aaarrgghh helllllpppp!!

Well, its been quite a day today... woke up early morning around 7 something and had a very bad stomache. Rushed to the toilet for 4 times already. Sigh. I can feel the pain in ma arse stomach .. ggrrrr. Luckily its ok now.. i hope.. *touchwood*

Right now im damn hungry.. been empty stomach since this morning. -___-!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Guess my blog will mainly be more about food from now onwards. LOL. Nah just kidding.. i hope. Hehe.

So let me just update as this post was supposed to be finished last few weeks but somehow i delay till now. Wait.. its been a month? ah well.. time flies. Yea havent been updating any shit for a month. geez. Anyway... 1st thing 1st that im supposed to update about..

Guys who cook..

yea.. they actually can cook.. never judge a book by its cover.. like dunno who once say it before...ah it doesn't really matter..their name probably too long for me to remember.

Well.... the story was like this.. one day...after class..i still remember it was after our last presentation which was Color Studies presentation..bla bla bla.. me, wenhan and mook hen somehow decided to cook for dinner. Its like so out of sudden and unplanned and poof! we shopped for some stuff in Giant. Bought some chicken, kentucky powder, onions, oil... erm..eggs and nothing else i guess.. since we already have some veggies in the fridge. So.. oh and before that, mookhen offered to cook thou. Amazingly.. he actually did! LOL =b Imagine this... a guy with dreadlocks and tattoos.. smoking type kind of guy and with piercing.. COOKIIIINNGGG... haha.. just think about it. ( Geezz.. he probably going to be emo with me after he sees this.. hahahah)

Anyway.. so we went back.. and played some CS(Counter Strike) first before start cooking. I'll be responsible for the rice (since they say its 'a guy kitchen' day or something like that..haha) and both wenhan and mookhen will be preparing the food. teehee. And before that just let me show you how this mookhen guy i mention look like...maybe you might be interested in him since he's single! and can cook! hehe.. (opss.. macam tgh promoting kawan pulak.. marah ye..)

Tadaa~ oh and in this picture.. cant really see his face.. nevermind.. u'll get to see him in the video im posting up. GAHAHAHAHHA!

Presenting to you..

goreng sayur with his own style -___-!!!

molesting marinating the chicken with the Kentucky powder

And tadaaaa......






Completed. Well.. we all just wallop the food je.. not bad at all. Btw, we asked one of our housemate to join us since he's at home.. and too bad..da jie wasn't at home.

And the video part..

Wanted to upload from blogger site.. but the size of the video exceed its i have to put it on YouTube then.. but the uploading took me like so looooooongggg.... so sorry bout that guys.. Not gonna upload any video =( But u can get from me if u wanna see it.. just drop me a msg. =) hahaha.

So i think im gonna end this entry here 1st. Updating another one soon i guess .