Sunday, June 25, 2006

Eventually the ball turned out to be such a BORING place.Dammit. Me,Steph, Flower and Steven went back early as it was totally a crappy place to be. Can't stay any longer in there. "Glimpses of Glam and Glitter".. *yea rite* So yesterday nite was one of the 'highlight' event in UTAR. The ball was held at the Crowne Plaze Mutiara Hotel,KL. Nice place. I mean the Ballroom is nice. There's mirror everywhere in the toilet too. Honestly there's nothing much to talk about that nite as i think the event was sucks..even the food was sucks. Steven was cursing all the way long.*LOL*. " we come here just to panaskan our buntut" that's what he said... and i totally agree with that statement thou. Hahaha.

I like my hair thou for that nite. But wasted... the ball sucks.

erm..any comment??

To be honest...i do look weird without my specs on.

Standing from left:cant remember her name,unknown,fong fong,evonne,JJ,Vincent

Sitting from left:Me,Steven,Steph,Flower

Thanks to steph for all the photos. I din manage to bring mine as its in Malacca.Sigh.

the only performance that i'm interested in..the breakdance.

The freaking weird me without my glasses...LMAO

Kuan Ting and Me

Steven,Flower,me,Marc's cousin,Steph,Marc

OMG...the connection here was damn took me forever to upload these photos.Right now am tired of waiting...and finally i'd fnished upload em'.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


*sigh* Been busy for the pass few days with lots of assignments and presentation to be done.'s totally worst than high school thou. And doing assignment is another headache thing.Lots of..erm..should i put it this way..lots of conflict?Or maybe inconsistency? Group members are so not like what i think they are. Shall not talk about that here. So..recently i'd done my Arts assignment..and again..its a last minute work.*sucks*. Been rushing like hell to finish it before the deadline the other day. Plus our presentation was quite badly done. It doesn't really matter actually as its our first art presentation.

Right now..there's computer studies assignment that need to be done.What really pissed me off is from the begining,i was told to do a question as there's 5 questions all together and we divided it to 5 of us,so each one will do a question.Then out of sudden they asked me to do a different question and what's worst was..i have to do 2 questions instead of one.WHAT THE HECK!!!!.So i confronted her on the phone just now asking for reason or maybe her excuse for asking me to do 2 questions.And she said that the other girl dont know how to do that question.What bullshit of reason is that? Then i told her in a nice way ofcouse that i cant do that question and i also dont know how to do. What man...dont know how to do then push it to another person just like that as the deadline is just around the corner. Same goes to the art assignment...keep changing their freaking mind. If it happen again in the next assignment...i'll definitely stand up and step on their head instead.Can't stand them anymore.Close friends of mine did help me out..a BIG thanks to them.

Besides...i have a public speaking presentation next week.Darn..i haven't really found a suitable topic. All the topic that i had in my head is not what i really want to say. Sucks.Hopefully i dont fool myself infront there next week. So very "pek chek" now. Then next 2 weeks..on 1st July,i have my Economic Test. Before this...i'd sat for my Computer Studies Test last week.Damn it's so sucks.Wonder if i'll fail or not.Plus Saturday i have to do an English mind map presentation.So damn stressed up.*sigh*.But no matter what..i'll still survive.

Upcoming event is the UTAR Ball on this Saturday. Bought my clothes already and painted my nails too. As for shoe..well..have to wear what i have right now. Don't really know what will happen on that day too.Will it be boring?Or fun perhaps?Geez...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

11th of June is when i'm born.18 years living on this place call Earth.Here i am still survive and still holding on.

Happy 18th Birthday -Flower & Jenny

Yeap...celebrating 2 birthdays in one night. Me and Flower(Xue Hwa).Her actual birthdate was on that day itself,9th June Friday whereas mine was TODAY,11th June.So since she's going back to Malacca on Saturday,we decided to celebrate together on that day.We were supposed to go to One Utama but the traffic jam had changed our mind so we went to Mid Valley instead.The first shop we went haunting for was Secret Resipe.Justine paid for the cake which cost about RM62 something.Chocolate Marshmallow.*yummmiieee*.

After that we went to Chilis to have our dinner.Nice place nice food. I can't really remember the specific name for the food that Steph ordered.

Enjoying our food

I kinda forget to take pictures of the food earlier. As you can see..our plates are almost empty.Then there's some funny photos taken too.

Weird Justine doing weird stuff.*sigh*.

Pretty Flower enjoying eating the chicken.

Perpin and Wuen enjoying their beer.

Birthday girls...Me,Flower and the cake


Perpin stuffing as many marshmallow as possible in flower's mouth..gahahaha

Wanted to upload more pictures in here but the connection over here damn slow and lag.Plus im kinda sleeepy at this moment...can't really think of anything.Nothing much to talk about on that day actually.We do had fun.After our dinner in Chilis,we went back to our hostel with the unfinished cake.We called afew of our friends to come downstairs and eat.Managed to finish up the whole thing then.Then Perpin came out with the idea of having more beer.All of us agreed and what else...BEER!!HERE WE COME!! Kevan woke his roommate up to buy cans of beer at the nearest 7eleven as he got a car.

So tat's all for Friday.As for today..i woke up pretty late.Me,Perpin and Steph went to have our lunch in KFC.My treat.Then same place for dinner,Flower's treat this time.One whole day ate fast food.LOL.

ps=Thank you to everyone who had wished and messaged me today.Lurve all!!-cheers-

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm back in my hometown at last..Reach Malacca at about 10 something yesterday nite.Then later went for Satay Celup at about midnite with Peter,Caroline and Justine.Very tiring because of the journey back....did stuck in the jam.That's pretty normal i think. Poor thing was...Justine get a 'saman' ticket because of his third break light didn't work.He was like "WHAT THE HECK" face all day long.LOL.Then on the way back fetching me home..we saw an accident.Someone lying on the road with blood around.Sad case.

Then today...i was out for the whole day too.Damn tiring.Afternoon..met up with them(Peter,Caroline,Steph and Justine) for lunch in ODEON.After that we hang out in Mahkota Parade for hours.Some of us shop for clothes..stationary stuff..books.As for dinner..we ended up in Pearl Cafe.Of all the cafe...why the heck we choose that cafe man...Should have go to Friends Cafe instead.Then i called up yong xiang to join us there.

From left:Steph,Peter(Daniel lookalike),Caroline,Justine,Me,Yong Xiang

((By the way...i'm not holding yongxiang's hand.Just look like i'm holding his hand..So Steph..dont simply say ar..))

Then after that...i went Jonker with yongxiang and the others got stuck in the jam and decided not to go Jonker.So they went back.As usual...Jonker is always pack with human beings. Finish walking..we went to Tesco to shop some stuff.Lastly..i'm back now with a very blur face and exhausted.So damn tiring. Sad thing...i'm going back to KL 2morrow evening.Had class at 8am on Monday.So sucks.So lame.I so wanna stay longer in Malacca!!!