Sunday, September 26, 2010

My blog is dead.. updating blog is getting lesser. =/ I even thought of giving up blogging already. *gasp*

Anyway, after my long long disappearance in my blog world, im here to say that im still gonna update my blog once in a blue moon perhaps. Started working (its been like 2 months plus already) and been busy from morning till night which i never in my life fancy this kind of life..ever. Back then during my uni life, i could easily skip classes for days whenever i want to but now i cant skip work and can never leave office on time everyday.. fml.

Some clients are so hard to please and f* their life... always end up that they are right all along and im the one who got the blame. hmpf... enough of ranting bout work. It doesn't make my day at all. But good thing that my colleagues are friendly and helpful. Besides, i was pretty lucky that i could meet up and get to know some local artist.

By the way... Did i forget to mention that im officially graduated?

convocation on the 22nd August 2010 @ Wisma MCA.

I cant seems to upload any pictures here. Pls visit my facebook for photos =)