Sunday, March 22, 2009

Went to my brother's place for Bakuteh yesterday.. And i didn't know that he invited quite a number of people.. and there's a so called 'party' after the bakuteh session. Haha.

It was really unexpected lo.. i mean.. drinking session with my brother and his bunch of friends which i dont know at all.. and it was like im being the coconut tree (as describe by Jordan..haha) there not knowing what to talk or how to fit in.. u know.. its so new to me.. sounds so pathethic weih. =/

All pictures are stolen from Mei Mei .. haha since i again forget to bring my camera..

But afterall.. i could see that they were friendly.. kinda scary at first but it was cool.. yeay.. get to know a few ppl there..

is that even my brother?? gawd.. haha!
Mei mei and Jack

those guys handle the dj set thingy...

see how scary it was? LOL!

I always like group pics.. ahahaha =) and u see... im the youngest among all... but its just age.. haha said by zeedee.
So till then... -cheers-

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jimmy're on Youtube!!!

Hahahahahah!!!! dance =b

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm BACKKKK!!! with more updates...

celebrated one day earlier which is on Friday nite because he got to get back home on Saturday. So during on that valentine's day itself.. i was danmn bored wan lo.. infront laptop watch some movies and ate instant noodles.. =/ and i was so bored that i talk to my invisible friend...

The Manhattan Fish Market in Cineleisure .. there's the velentine's set menu but quite pricy wan lo and we guess the portion must be very big wan so we decided to just order the normal menu.. which was quite reasonable...

The clam is super nice and fresh... we both like the rice and the sauce.. I forgot what are the names...

I ordered this... grilled salmon.. yummy.. =)

So the day end there...

What else that i need to update huh..

Internship... goshhh.. I am so worried about it thou. I dunno where UTAR will send me.. sigh.

oh and there's one thing that i wanna rant in here... I pay my rental not for someone else leaaa.(unless that someone else is my someone important then that's a different story la) I rather let my space to be empty lo... I might sound selfish but who wouldn't rite sometimes when it involve with money and space. I rather take the money and pay wenhan instead. Since im using his room too because of some reason that i lazy wanna type it out here. Money dont come easily these days u know.. but still we shouldn't take things for granted. Nothing comes free easily. Bare that.

I'm done =)