Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Went on a trip to Genting Highland on the 22nd March which means... last 5 days... on Saturday. Was up there for only 2 days 1 night. There's only 3 of us... me, wenhan and ah loong. Suppose there are 4 of us but Juchin can't make it as he got something on on that day thou. We reached there at about 11 something in the morning and the weather was kinda cloudy and sunny at the same time. A PERFECT weather for Outdoor Themepark! yeay~

Kinda many people on that day thou. If im not mistaken it was Singapore school holiday week and its Saturday...erm..saturday,their family day for certain..... and Saturday was Shoulder season according to the Genting chart thingy. -___-!!! We didn't stay in any of the 'well-known' hotels and resorts thou. We can't book any of the hotels online as none of us have any credit card and also shoulder season rates are darn expensive weih. 300 plus per-room or something like that. So... guess where we stayed.......jeng jeng jeng ~~ get ready for the image below....






Presenting... Amber Court ~~ Gahaahaha... go on..tell me what goes around ur head right now after you see this picture. *LOL* Im wondering if anyone heard of this Amber Court apartment before or even know its existent.

I was searching in Google for Amber Court before we went there to see the place. The only picture of the building i could get was this one.....what farkk... maybe this was like 20 years ago. It was so a blardy different building from the one you see right now kayyy. Dammit. Feel like kena corn sial. Ah well....the price for 2 days 1 night was RM280... there's 2 rooms. When i first saw the fark up building i was like.... "whatttt are we goin to stay here for a night!!??!" Creepy siot. Even the parking area is creepy...

Deng!!! How many yearssssss they never clean up or even re-paint this place huh..... agessss. Our room was in Level 8...and i guess there's only like 2 or 3 rooms where there's human being inside.... LOL. The place is like super silence no matter in the morning or nite... every single sound also can be heard. Sometimes even when we talk we can hear echoes of our voice. -___-!!The lif...kinda scary too... make loud noises when the doors open...well maybe its because the surrounding are rather too quiet.

Well once i entered the room... first thing in my head..." waahhh so damn biggg and only 3 of us huh..." Seriously shit... the room is damn big. Can fit like 5?6? 10? Dang!! But....yea..there will always be a BUT... but.... the place look damn freaking old..and kinda dirty. The sofa..the pillow... looks old..and its like its being used for over 10 years maybe. Sigh. Oh and totally look different from the pictures i searched in Google lo....dammnit. Damn sad case la this building. If they re-paint and clean up the place i guess there will be many people/tourist overnight there.

Basically when i look at this gives me a creeps... It looks like its bleeding!!! BLEEDING weih.... perfect scene for a horror movie. hahahahha. Haunted Apartment maybe.... LOL =b

Beside the apartment was these 2 abandoned building. Another creepy stuff. Dont really know the 'history' of these buildings...havent heard of any stories yet.

However, for that one night i was there... nothing happen la.. we don't see anything that we aren't suppose to see or hear anything. Except from some fake stories Ah Loong made up. Saying that he heard someone knock his room door... blablabla.... Oh...and one thing kinda scare me was when we went back our room... the lif was rather confusing and then we went into a different direction to go back to our room....3 of us are unaware that we are actually standing infront of a different room...while Ah Loong was searching for the room key. After that, we was like.... "EEEHH.... this one not our room laaaa.... this door blue color...our door orange wan leaaaa!!!" None of us really notice that we went to a wrong direction thou. So we quickly leave there and went back to our own room.

Me and sayang went outdoor themepark whereas ah loong went up to the Casino. He said that he's old d to join us for themepark. -_-!! So there's only both of us sitting all those rides. We sat almost every Thrill rides except for Cyclone, Toboggan and Fun Kart as the queue was damn long. Pirate Ship was something new thou. Gonna ride that again next time. =)

We ride on this Sungai Rejang Flume Ride and saw this sign while lining up for our turn. The last one was pretty funny thou. I didn't notice the 3rd sign which is in bottom left whereby we cant sit at the back and leave empty space infront... well.. we sat that way... I could stretch my leg to the front. =)

It starts to rain after at about 4 something or 5 and we ride on our last ride which was the Flying Chair...we sat that under the rain thou. Was kinda wet after that. Damn cold weih. So we called ah loong to pick us up from Amber Court as he already went back to the apartment ealier on. We rested for few hours in the apartment and out of sudden... thought of Steamboat... home-made steamboat. We have the pot and stuff... left only the ingredient.. so it was like around 7 something almost 8, we went searching for those fishball, hotdogs.... and whatever we could grab. Went down the hill to Gohtong Raya and search all over for fishball.... after we can't get any... we went further down to get fishball. Look at the time.... it was already 9 something almost 10pm when we are done shopping those food. -___-!!! I was kinda sleepy thou and slept in the car when we are on the way back up to the apartment.

So we prepared those stuff and tadddaaa~~
our dinner.... at around almost 11pm. We got fishball,beefball (where we didn't know it was beef until wenhan ate the first one... too bad i don't eat he and ahloong finish them up), eggs,hotdogs, veggies... mango and limau for desserts... LOL. Chipster for the next day snack which turn up to be our breakfast instead.. hahaha.

after putting all those in the pot...we added 2 packets of Ruski instant noodles in... and then took the packet chilli and add it with hot water to be our own chili paste. Syiok! Not bad at all la the steamboat we made... yummy yummy ~ So after makan it was like already around 1 something in the morning... and we lepak infront the TV until almost 2 something i guess and went to bed...all 3 of us was too tired thou. Eventually i was already dozing off while watchin tv. Hahaha.

The weather was really really blardy cold and the next morning i woke up i quickly wrap myself with my towel....i drag such a long time to get into the bathroom to bathe thou. Hehe.. damn cold la... =/ freezing. After checking out we decided to visit the Mushroom farm.

We went down and up hill to search for this blardy mushroom farm thou...and guess what... it seems like we passed by this place like so many times but we didn't know that this place is the damn Mushroom Farm... wtf. -___-!!! Damn mushrooms lo we all. Hahaha.

Cute lil mushrooms..... which i think look like gummies candies. hehehe.

...and mushroom which i think look like 'chao da' flowers..... -___-!! hehe

Outside there was a pond full of tortoise... various sizes... damn cute wan lo.

3 in 1... *dang*

and the 'tai lo' tortoise.... the Dragon Tortoise... hahahaha =b

This was our lunch in one of the restaurant there... We ordered sambal kangkung, pork, and curry fish head. Didn't manage to take the curry fish head picture as we was busy eating. Pretty hungry at that time coz we didn't take a proper breakfast.. had chipster and milo only.

After makan, we went back PJ and again i slept during the journey back. hehehe.

Overall... it was a great trip.. thanks to ah loong for driving us up there....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

17th March 2008

Haven't been updating for a month or so i guess... dont get me wrong, im not busy paktoh-ing (excuse me....) Kinda in the lazy mode for these few weeks...and my mind was like kept 'emo-ing' for no reason. Dang! Yea..i do emo... mind u..=b And sometimes it will be 'that' bad till i felt that everything around me are rather irritating and annoying. bwahaha...insanity. It's maybe because of me having PMS...whereby i'll be super super sensitive towards the things happening around me...and that will cause me being so emo out of sudden without anyone noticing it why im acting that way. Scary shit okay. Even sayang scared of me sometimes...hahaa....(sorry sayang)

Anyway... here i am again to update my "so so so long time outdated blog" Guess it will be kinda long depends thou as im still having my PMS... ah well...mood swing for those who doesn't know. Wacky for no reason... geezz.

So far...what I've been up to...hmm.. the usual stuff..assignment. The one thing i dislike lots... but for sure exams are the thing that i dislike most... damn i hate exams especially the one subject that i dont get it from the beginning of the lecture till the end...damn pathethic i tell u.


18th March 2008

I was suppose to finish up this entry yesterday...and for some reason i stop at until the above para. Hehe. Period pain is really killing me.... its the darnnnnnesss thing ever to have period pain. U're moodless...u're in pain....u'll be so uncomfortable...u'll be so damn easy to be irritated... emo and emo and emo all day long.. what fish is this. Sigh



Another day postponed... hahaha... basically this post has been in my draft for 3 days =b Damn am i losing the interest to blog? bahhh.... it cant be. I'm just being plain lazy to update. Bites me. Talking bout being emo for these few days.. sometimes its just getting worst. Dammit. "Aunty" decided to finally visit me thou. Hahahaha. Well i cant totally blame bout my PMS... I just dont understand why sometimes everything that happening around me or the words i hear just get on my nerves and bang!!! im not in the mood to do or say anything at all to anyone. Oh my emo-self...please leave me as soon as possible... i need me myself back. Sigh and sigh again and again.

ending this entry now... LOL... gonna do another entry .. this entry sounded way too emo..