Monday, November 17, 2008


Why are you doing this to me?
Why do you keep making me question myself?
Why cant you see me and leave your tantrum aside?
Why do you have to leave me with tears?
Why am i holding on to this?
It's because of you
Cant you see me now?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Its November.. dammm.. almost reaching to the end of this year... how fast it was.

I've reformatted my laptop for 2 times.... but still.. my laptop now is way too old already.. it has been so so slow..err well its not slow.. but it kept on lagging and then hang for quite sometime... kinda frusfrating sometimes... especially when i play dotA. Even a big table fan cant help as my laptop cooler..( yea im using a cooler and a table fan to cool down my laptop.. heh)

This semester is short semester..and was kinda a busy one thou. Every week there's presentation and assignment... dammitt. Tired and bored at the same time.

Oh and there's one thing i kinda almost forget to blog about.. it was weeksss ago.. where there's a snake in the house. One blardy small kinda long snake hiding in the toilet. And it was me who saw it first...iish.. I went to the toilet that night and just before i wanted to step in the snake quickly run off finding a place to hide.

I guess it is heading to the toilet bowl. It was 'geli-fying' la to see the snake.... I made a silent scream ( very soft scream?? erm..) when i saw it as my other housemates are all asleep already... and that time wenhan and mookhen was in the room heard me and they thought it was nothing serious..wenhan thought it maybe a kacuak or cicak as i always also scare of these 2 gelifying creatures.. heh.. but when i told them there's a snake.. they were like.. ' sure or not' kinda looking and ask me if it was snake and not a lipan or a very big cicak... -___-!!!!

Look like cicak meh... haahhaa....yerr yerr yerrrrrrr.... This was the close-up picture of the snake after it was dead because of hot boiling water. We got no idea how to kill it and end up using hot water. Wenhan say if chopped it off.. it will be a mess... which is quite true.. imagine who gonna clean up the blood all.. yerrrrr.... plus like very cruel lo.. Even throwing hot water at it also kinda cruel lo...but then boh pien d ma... got no idea how to get rid of it plus in the toilet somemore.. and we dont know anything bout snake.. whether this snake is dangerous or not..

Enough of the snake la... hopefully there's no more snake enter the house.

But then there's still many kacuak and cicak around lo... dammmitttt.

Yesterday i saw 2 kacuak (cockroach) in the kitchen... and guess what...


They are blardy fucking making more babies !!!!!! EEEwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
KNNCCB#$^&*()! Why wanna make more babies in this houseee!!!! I'm not welcoming any!! AARrggghhhh!!