Thursday, December 29, 2005

The other day..Glenn came over with his Grandpa and today they just went back to Singapore.Aunt Deborah cant make it because Uncle Sebastian was not feeling well and need to do an operation.Not to worry because now he's in a good condition.Thank god for that.

Well..we went to the newly open D-Paradise in Lubuk Cina that Tuesday.There..they have many kind of fruits and plants and great performance by the people there.But when we were started to rain..not that heavy rain at first...just the dark clouds and a few drops of raindrops.And then when it was the time for the stage show it actually started to rain more heavier and the show was cancelled.How disappointed we were at that time.Besides i guess there's only a few visitors were there..i only saw a family from KL(they told us that they are from KL when we met them at the entrance),a group of Eurasian i guess,and a malay family..and us..thats all.Most of the workers there are Filipinoes and were totally friendly.One of the buggy taxi driver even sang the song 'Anak' to us..(a very popular philipines song years back ago) and claimed that he's a good entertainer.I guess he is.So after we were told that the show was cancelled,we sat on the buggy taxi and headed to the restaurant and the foods..yikes..were so damn expensive!A normal fried mee cost about RM7 and it was just a lil,they serve in the DimSum plate,and you should know how much mee can we actually put in that plate.It wasn't that tasty either.We sat there and then our buggy driver came in and told us that the show is on.We quicly finished up our food and headed straight to the location.By the time...the rain had stopped.We saw those Sarawakian dancing around with their costume...its just like what i saw in Sarawak Cultural Village.They shorten the stage show because of the rain earlier and in the end of the show..they invited us to the stage for the last dance. was so embrassing..but who cares anyway..others were way more funny than i am..espeacially those eurasian.After the show...we went back.D-Paradise was indeed a nice not trying to promote anything here..but to just share with you guys. its a 'must place to visit' if you were to come to Malacca.All those plants lovers will definitely fall in love with the place..Haha..i guess i should not brag to much here.

I shall post some of the photos taken later on.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone... Its just like any ordinary day to me.*yawn* But i just hope that everyone is in the pink of health and have a wonderful christmas plus 2006 new year.

Yesterday went to MP with Ruobing,Rachel and Agnes to do some last minute christmas shopping. Buying christmas presents for my 2 dearly cousins that will come down here from Singapore,Glenn and Gleniesha.Glenn will be here today with his granpa and niesha tomorrow with their parents.Well the actual motive we went MP yesterday was to watch King Kong...but alas we didn't manage to buy the tickets.It was a damn long queue..and its only less than an hour before the first show start.By the time we reach the caunter the movie might had started and who knows whether there's tickets left.I'd checked the GSC website and it says...Sorry Fully Booked..dam. So we walked around MP for few hours i guess...(didnt know the time because my watch is not working).I just dont know what make me feel so hard to choose a gift for someone.It happen to me all the time.No matter what celebration it was..birthdays espeacially..i just cant make up my mind on what to buy for him/her. Maybe im just too choosy and fussy on what i'll be buying and how it will turned up when they receive my gifts.I know i might not be the only one who think this way...ermm..right?
We just have to expect the unexpected.

Poor godbrother of mine,Ruobing,has to accompany me up and down and went to almost every corner of MP with me to search for the christmas gifts.(..sorry yea..and thanks alot..) And at last..guess what i've bought? A pair of NIKE socks for Glenn and A teddy bear for Gleniesha.Duh...been walking around for hours i think and geezz..socks?!?Teddy bear?? common is that?Just hope that they wont mind... is Christmas..guess what i'll be doing. Havta babysit my younger brother at's going to a dinner with dad and my elder brother most probably wont be back so early.Besides that...i guess im going to watch not guess,is i am going to watch Naruto afterall. Borrowed the disc from ruobing yesterday. Damn...i just feel boring and much much boring each day.Going to get a part time job at Sentral soon..maybe. just receive a sms from Aunt Deborah saying that they wont be coming down 2morrow..Thats weird.Who know..maybe they plan to come today instead. Nah....i guess not. Okay another sms received..from Glenn..saying that they(he and his granpa) had already reach Malacca..So...later then.

Friday, December 23, 2005

So...i'm going to update about the letter that i'd mentioned in the previous entry.He came to my house last 2 days and he brought the letter along.He looked terribly sad...felt sorry for him.He handed me the letter and..yikes..what a long letter...he told me to read em' slowly..and i it words by words...Its really overwhelming..that girl really wanna push him aside.Before the girl send him this letter...he did send her a short 'sastera' type..(malay literature) with the help from Azie..and guess what, that girl send back the letter to him...Gosh...she wanna humilate him huh by giving back the letter..seriously i dont really understand bout the sastera..since the words all 'berbunga-bunga'...."...memanah hatiku seperti petir memanah bumi.." something like that.Cant really surprise me..Azie's sastera was so damn good.And there's goes the letter...all the bla-ing stuffs.."..aku bukan taknak..tapi hanya sekadar kawan.." After i finished reading the letter...he again..say stuffs about her..kept repeating that he cant forget her..and me again told him "..awak sabar je la..takder dia..ader lagi yang lain kat luar tu..bukan ader dia seorang je.." and he said " ko ingat senang ke nak cari yang lain...kalau ade pun semua sudah berpunya..tapi orang cakap..kalau dah cari yang lain..ini dikatakan tak setia.." What?? Tak setia??Haha...human cant be loyal forever..can they? Erm...something to be ponder about.

Okay..leave that i took my driving computer test already on Wedsnesday.Yesh..i've PASSED....Went there in the morning and finished in the was packed with people..

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My childhood friend,Azim,seems to have problems with the girl he like a lot im the one who have to hear all his problems and complains.He called me a few times and all the while he will mention about the girl.He said he just cant stop thinking of her.That just make me wonder why...gezz guess he really like that girl a lot...The other day Yana called him up and tell him that she saw the girl with another guy in MP,yikes..i dont know how his respond then..and at that time he called me up and tell me about what Yana has told him.He even said that he will try to forget her and life goes on..he tried to tell himself that she dont mean anything in his life anymore...and that he'll find another girl instead...but till now he told me..he cant forget about her.Just a moment ago he called again and said the same thing to me.."..Jenny..aku boringla..hari hari aku teringat tentang dia..aper nak buat ar?..entah apasal dia taknak keluar dari kepala otak aku.." I hear also sad.Man...what can i do??Go her house and force her to accept him?? on earth im going to do that.All i can do now is to just lend my ears to him...and try to make him think the brightside.Well..just know nowadays many people with this type of condition will take the 'easy way out'..I just hope he wont be so silly for that girl...I did told him.."takda dia..ade banyak lagi perempuan lain..buat pa nak sakitkan kepala and hati.." well then..just havta wish him all the best...and he did told me that he'll show me the letter that she gave him.So update on that later..

Friday, December 16, 2005

Yeay..just after my KPP (Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu) not long ago.Sitting in the room for hours and it was damn blardy cold.Just imagine..a room for only 48 students and two big air-conditional behind and i was sitting right behind where the aircond is just slightly above me..i'm totally frezzing in there,well i think everyone was frezzing, and i saw a few friendly faces there,Shirley was one of them and then Tika,Sin Yee and some other girls from my school. At first..Sin Yee kindly told the 'lecturer' that it was too cold and ask to change the temperature and he did but then it was still cold so she went to the 'lecturer' for the second time and this is what she get "Kau seorang je sejuk...orang lain panas..kalau sejuk jangan duduk situ la..tukar tempat lain.Duduk depan tu ngan pakwe kau..mesti panas.." Fortunately there's one empty table infront beside a guy.So she terpaksalah sit with the guy.

First session was so bored that i almost felt asleep...the man was talking and bla-ing infront there and i really dont know what the heck he's bla-ing about.Then comes the second session..a different man took over.An indian man.When he come in only..fuh~ his voice..power orh..jangan main main.. No one dare to fall asleep...all mata terbeliak,mulut ternganga hear his talk. The first thing he did..Ask Question..everyone in there kecut .lol..even me. And guess who is the lucky number one..Our Miss Zet..huahahaha. "Apakah itu pemandu yang berhemat?"...all went blank...Zet's answer "Memandu mengikut peraturan jalanraya.." ok what d answer..hehe.. Then he start his bla-ing infront.

"..aku tak faham la..aku tanye korang tak tau jawap..macam mane nak pass ni..KPP tu aper?Korang pun taktau..Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu..ingat tu..bukan Kursus Panaskan Punggung.."

Ermm..its better to be known as Kursus Panaskan Punggung.. sit there for hours..5-6 hours. Now have to read the 'undang' book for the upcoming test.Arghh..hate test...

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Last two days i was sitting and lazing around in front of the television,someone knocked on the front gate.To my surprised...there's two 'mat sallehs' maybe around their 20s or 30s who looked like lost and wanted direction..But guessing was so wrong.They wanted me to join their church gathering and claimed that 'the more the merrier ayte..' But what tickle my bones are..the conversation.

Me : Yes..anything?
M.salleh1 : are you?
Me : Fine..thankyou.
M.salleh1 : So..where is your husband?Is he home?
Me : My what?Ohh no no...I'm not married k..(called me Miss and asking for my husband??)
M.Salleh2 : Haha..hey she's still young u know...
M.salleh1 : is your dad around?
Me : Err..nope.He went out already...(ok i lied..but thats what my dad wanted me to say anyway)
M.salleh1 : oh..ok nevermind.Miss...are you interested in our church gathering?We...(blablabla...he talked about the Father of what what..which i totally clueless at that time)
Me : Nah..sorry im not interested..
M.salleh : But miss're really not interested in?The more the merrier you we wanna gather more people.
Me : really not interested..(in my mind..'i'm praying GuanNiMa la..')
M.salleh1 : By the way..are from Australia?
Me : Huh??Australia??No..i'm from Malacca.
M.Salleh1 : oh..its just the shirt..i thought you're from Australia
Me : Yea (lookin at my shirt..i was wearing the Australia shirt mom bought me when she was there) it's just the shirt.
M.Salleh1 : So..miss how bout i give you a card and u can show it to your parents..i'll put in the letter box if u want.
Me : nah..thats okay..
M.salleh1 : U sure?And do you know anyone around here that might be interested ?
Me : (wat la..bueh tahan la i know..but i try to be patient..)No..i'm not sure.
M.Salleh1 : ok then ...nice chatting with you miss...
Me : yea..u 2. mom was behind the sliding glasses door beside me."tutup tu pintu..say dont wan sudah..say not interested.." thats what she told me...It makes me wonder..why cant they see that im praying chinese god?Its just infront my house.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And so that's a part of what and where i went for the first day in Sarawak.At night..we took a shuttle bus(hotel's van) to the nearest restaurant for dinner. The place was rather dark and hidden and you can hardly see the signboard. What i saw at the signboard was 'Welcome to Beach Sea Food Restaurant ' So we went up the wooden stairs and walk along a small short distance wooden viaduct and we somehow saw smokes and it was like there's haze everywhere.A lady came towards us and bring us to our seats and mom asked "apasal banyak asap?" (why there's so much smoke) All the lady answered was "Banyak nyamuk..asap ni boleh halau nyamuk" (Many mosquitoes..these smoke can dispel the mosquitoes away) Ok we had our dinner and seriously the smoke is killing people around man...they burn the,you know when we buy our eggs..they will put in the like brown hard paper cardboard ayte,That's what they burn in a small container and put it in every corner and in between tables...and people which kick them to the other table and the other table will kick back to them..and it goes on and on...its funny to see them thou.And while we had our dinner...the lights will goes on and off..and when it goes cant see a thing and its really scary because the only thing that you can see is a mountain beside the restaurant and the sea..and as usual..small kids will start screaming for their daddy and mummy.Its so annoying. Here are some pictures took during the first day :

Gunung Santubong.Taken during me on the way to the hotel

Entrance of the Cultural Village.Dad,Mummy,me and my younger bro.
Are they Iban?or Bidayuh?or Melanau? mix up..sorry..
The New Orang Ulu Longhouse
What do they called it?Bamboo Bridge?
It's a real human skull..spooky..
The next day...went to the city to get some souvenirs...and went to some tourist spot places.Like the Muziums..Astana..City Tower...blablabla.. And i guess dad and my younger brother had quite some fun in the Cat Musuem....

See what i meant...lovely...LMAO...In Cat Musuem,if we bring in cameras they'll charge you depand on the camera type whether its digital,normal camera or videocam.Ours was the normal camera which cost RM5 i guess...but entrance is free.Not bad afterall..

View from City Tower.Its really high from where i stand..

That's Sharon

The Astana

I'm back from a place called Sarawak.."A place like no other" is what you'll see when you're out from the airport.

Maybe you can't see the words on that metal board but that is exactly what was stated there..Before reaching at the Sarawak Airport,i had a headache on the plane when its was so painful.It's like something trying to pull out your brain.Seriously it hurts so badly.But after the safe landing..everything went okay.No more headache.Gosh this was my first time having headache on the plane.Mom said it was just the pressure...she had headache too. And what made me more headache in the Airport was the surrounding.Man..the moment i step in..the loud knocking and earsplitting sound made me goes round and round.Currently they are renovating the place.You hardly hear what other people around talking..its like you're deaf for a moment except you can only hear those high drill machine sound.It's really irritating thou.

By the way..i did mention that it was a tour ayte...Actually its not.The agent just bring you from the airport to the hotel and you are own your own.And the person who drove us to the Damai Beach Resort,the place i'm going to stay, was a very young lady named Sharon.She's only 22 years old and is a mix chinese bidayuh.Speaks quite well in English..and she's kind enough to bring us round to places on the second day of our trip.

But the first day we went to visit the Cultural Village first...took many pictures there at the 45 minutes stage show,yea..the only thing to see that i'd enjoyed most..the stage show. They performed all kinds of dances and acts..and what make me laugh my head off was the Orang Ulu-Kanjet Ngeleput show.This dance potrays the nimble but stealthy steps of the warrior as he goes about on a hunting trip in the jungle, searching for his prey.He sees his target,takes aim and blows out a deadly dart which seldom fails to find its mark.This is what written on the 'passport' book given by the cultural village people.We were quite lucky to find empty seats on the second..which was indeed very near to the stage and i'm sitting right in the middle infront of the stage. Talking bout the Orang first a warrior came out..with his 'things' and sat on the stage..

And then i took this picture like above.Suddenly....

He caught me taking pictures of him..maybe the camera flash annoyed him..but heck..i dont give a damn i continue taking the pictures..LOL

Okay it freaks me out...he was looking directly at me.Gosh..his looks..was like i'd owe him something and he wanted some revenge on me..haha..He walks towards me...with a stick in his hand.geezz...guess im going to be his prey..

I'm still taking the pictures..and he's gone mad i think...haha...but as i'm taking more of his pictures..he kinda like it..You wont believe me if i tell you that he even pose some funny pose on the stage.Unfortunately i didnt manage to snap those pictures for some reasons....wasted.

Okay there's part of it..there's other nice perfomance too like this one..

Another warrior,Iban-Ngajat Lesong , using his teeth to lift the 20kg mortar.

Tadaa..gosh..wondering what toothpaste did he used..LOL...

Okay..this was cool

Erm..the long hair guy looks familiar to me...guess who?

ohh..its that guy..'Orang Ulu' wonder he looks familiar..

To Be Continue..

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Going to Sarawak early in the morning tomorrow...around 4.30am have to make a move to KLIA to catch the flight.Can you imagine..4.30 in the morning???How am i suppose to wake up..i guess i wont sleep today.Afraid that i cant wake up that early.The flight is at 8am and we suppose to reach there one hour before the flight time.So around 7 something...really clueless whether it will be boring or the other way round.Since i'm following tour..maybe it wont be so bad i guess.Hopefully there wont be more "Ahpek and Ahma" hehe...

Just came back from Mahkota Parade with Zet,Azim,Azie,MadNor,Arif and Zairi.Before that we had this 'reunion' makan at Sentral foodcourt..We promise to meet there at 2pm but in the end we sat together at the table at around 3 something.The last person we had to wait was Fatin.Her brother take his time to bring her i'm feeling be honest the food sux..i ordered Mee Goreng (fried noodles) and its kinda tasteless...ofcoz i didnt finish up the food.Yikes..
Then Azie suddenly came out with his idea : "eh ko rang nak Sisha tak?Nak flavour aper?"
Sisha?Never heard of it in my life...i was like "huh?sisha??apertu??tak pernah dengar pun" So he explained.. and then Zet explained...and i still got no idea what the heck is that.At first they said like fruit juice..So it sounds fine to me...and i thought it will be like a fruit juice with extra something or what...and then suddenly the Kakak(waitress) bring a big glass..with a pipe attached to it..Gosh..its hard to look like this :

Wow...scary..This is what the 'Fruit Juice' i've been wondering..Hahaha..i was laughing to myself at that time.."Jen Jen..nah..this is your fruit juice.." LOL...they ordered two of this was Apple flavour ordered by Zet and the other one was 'tembikai susu' flavour if im not mistaken ordered by the guys.After Zet take afew sip of it she asked me to try..and the others did asked me to thankz..Didn't know what is it and afraid that i might get addicted to it..Haha..then i'll get my own Sisha at home.It's like a 'smoking water pipes' with different flavour but what i like about the thing is..the fruity smell...its totally different from the usual smokes which was sickening.After we had our lunch then we went to MP but Fatin and her geng didn't wanna follow us so in the end me and Zet with the 5 guys went there by Town Bus.We lepak there around 1 or 2 hours then we head back to Sentral.Then they wanted to play snooker nearby there and asked us whether we wanna play or not..We was too tired and decided not to join them and head back home.There's the end of everything..and one more thing..damn..i lose at Daytona just not fair..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Great..everything is back to normal again..The internet access is back to action and finally..SPM is over!After all the suffering and struggling for 11 years in schools...finally im out to explore the world outside.Truely gonna miss everything that had happened in my school life....break the school rules..not doing the homework and never bring text books and in the end been sent to the principal office...Gossip about some B**** in school...Erm...What else..oh nicknames to almost everyone including the teachers.

Gosh...suddenly i dont have any idea what to blog now..too many stuffs pop up in my head till i went blank.Be right Back~...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Damn...My connection server is down again.I need to re-type this entry for the second time!Argghh...cant really online for weeks i guess.Need to find a cybercafe around...yea the nearest cc is at Sentral but its too crowded there.Not use to it.Dammit dammit..

Yeay!!Malaysia Boleh~!!Support Malaysia in the SEA Game.So far 28 golds already.And were in the 3rd placing.Not bad i guess..Go!Go!Malaysia boleh!!..Yikes....suddenly in the mood for sports.Weird...k till then..buhbye~!