Friday, January 30, 2015

…And so, I’m here again to update my ‘abandon’ blog. The Chinese New Year is coming around the corner and obviously the one main headache of all is “WHAT TO WEAR FOR FIRST DAY OF CNY???” I’ve always been having this problem of selecting clothes which I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here who is like this right? To think back on last year Chinese New Year, I wore a cheongsam which I bought online. It wasn’t that expensive thou. So I might just give it a try on having that “CNY FEEL”. Gladly, it fits perfectly and I would say it’s a good buy. So I was thinking of should I get a new Cheongsam for this year as well?

Stumble upon ZALORA on clothing and it amused me with stylish designs of modern cheongsam. Cheongsams are seen to be a woman’s must-have clothing to wear on Chinese New Year or those like me who are always clueless on what to flaunt on this special day, designers are coming up with various modern cheongsam designs for their fashion conscious customers. All these modern cheongsam came in various colors these day. How flattering!

Few cheongsam pictures from the site:

You can choose from the various colors available such as blue, green, yellow, pink and more according to your own personal style. Rather than the classic red cheongsam, you will definitely have a stunning look flaunting other colors as well during family gatherings on this coming Chinese New Year.

Have a visit to ZALORA. They offers their customers with fascinating cheongsam for women online collection from various designers and brands thou. 

And I'm getting myself this for this year!

Happy Shopping for CNY ! 
Till then -cheers!!-

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello my fellow Earthlings .. I've been gone far too long in this blog world. Had a pretty rough year but.. ah well in a simpler understanding, pure laziness strikes me. baahh.. like they said.. " Life is a bitch.. It's never easy " 

Looking back at my blog posts years ago.. I'm impressed! Truly, how could i have started blogging since 2005? But somehow it started off with pretty much post at first and deteriorating after years till now. Which I'm not proud to say that I skipped blogging for the past 2 years. Recalling back what happened last 2 years was pretty daunting and some sort of dismaying. But I do actually learn a lot from mistakes and still learning. We all would never stop learning aren't we.

I remembered what actually made me started blogging 9 years ago was when i started reading other people blogs and how they relate their everyday life event in their blog seems pretty much interesting. I do have my own hand written diary at that moment thou and been writing diaries for probably 3 or 4 years maybe. My first diary if im not mistaken was in the year of 2001 or earlier... hurmm.. and I find it extremely amusing on what I actually wrote in there in those teenage years. Ahhh memories.

Sometimes I don't think people would really bother to read my post here. Just so because probably half of my entries are kinda crappy at times. Then again, It's my blog, I can crap as much as I want rite. Haters gonna hate anyway. And also people get crazy because of desperation and jealousy. I've bumped into many of them and trust me, it's petrifying and disturbing to even know these people actually do exist in real life and not only in the movies. Whats more surprising is that, after you encounter one, another one will appear and another one.. and you know why? It's because you have learn so much from these people that makes you have that sense that the other person are like that or even worst. (why is there so much 'that' in one sentence.. grrr).

This reminded me of my post last 2 years (which is kinda recent in my homepage if you scrolled down). There's an immature someone that been harassing me all over social media for almost a year that i constantly complained about in that post. Got to know who was it from my uni mate recently like for after 3 years.. and pretty much expected that is the person that I suspected in the first place. Sometimes, my instinct never fail me. ( no pun intended ). I hope she reflect on her doings and have peace with her own mind.

Anyway, my life now is pretty much here and there i think. I wouldn't say that I'm perfectly ok with where or who or what I am now. People could say how happy i am, how this and that.. but truth is.. How much do you actually know me or How much do you actually care is very different. Im a Gemini and what Geminis are.. they are very unpredictable most time.

Till then... i shall blog again soon.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Haven't been blogging as often as i mentioned on my earlier previous previous previousss post have i? Sorry for that. Was kinda busy and caught up with some errand.  As some of you might already know, i've quit my job and yea.. im officially unemployed now. Aside from doing some part time minor job with my brother. I guess im now looking for a permanent job. So any job recommendation for me? Oh before that, i think i would need to update my resume first. FML. teehee. 

I've shifted to a new place now. It was one heck of weeks to finish clearing up things and moving in to the new house. Well its not a new house, previous tenant was horrible! They leave us with one heck of  BIG junks and dust all over and each corner of the house! How could they be so mean?? Anyway, we took like almost a week to clean up and do the paintings. A few days to shop for things ( aircond, fridge, tables, chairs, mattress, .. etc.) Good thing that i wasn't working at the moment. If i were to work and do all these cleaning after work.. gosh.. i dont even wanna imagine how or what would it be looking like thou. Scrap that! To cut thing short, I am now happy with my stay here. =)

I dont know what had gotten into me recently. I develop so much pimples on my face and it horrifies me each time i look into the mirror and to see me staring back at me! I've actually lessen on make ups. I dont use any foundation and BB cream anymore. I thought that it will make it worst. So the other day i was trying on this Oxy Cover on my pimples. And BOOMMM!! No.. it did not work, it made my face worst! It dries up my skin and my lips ( i dont really know why it connects to my lips) and then it gets itchy. And swollen a lil. It was the worst nightmare ever! This goes on for a few days already till today. I cant eventually take this anymore, so i've decided its time for me to see a specialist. 

I've done some research on the internet for some recommendations from friends. One is Dr. Ko ( predicted will be super expensive) and another is Dr. Ting ( Jalan Imbi which has alot of patient waiting for hours). Then just now i bumped into Skin Club by Derma Genesis on Facebook which has promotions this month. Looked up on their website and it sounds promising on their results and pricing thou. So im confused now.

Anyway, anyone who is reading this and know of any good skin specialist or any recommendation, pls pls pls advise me. I cant go out meeting people with my pizza face right? T___T. Plus how to go for interviews like this!?!

Till then, peace out. Cheers!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello blogger world.. I'm back again to my blog. For this post, im gonna make it short as well. As revealing too much information on social network is not a good thing if you have some crazy fella trying to ruin your life and keep mocking you with stupidity over something that you never done before. Oh well, yea.. if you're reading this you know who you are. I know you've been stalking me in all social network trying to get me, for my past that you think 'you know everything' or what so ever. I feel that this person is immature for being anonymous thou. Shame on you. If you have your facts right, come prove it to me. I'll be glad enough to know as well. Calling me a bitch is the same as calling yourself that too. =)

As for now I've had all my social network in private. Any of you that wanna add me anywhere, please email me and i will consider to add you or not. If you're a genuine person who wanna be my friend, i will with open arms accept you ofcoz. If there's any questions that you would like to know bout me.. you have my number, just call me and ask. Don't have to prank call me. That's pretty dumb to make noises, robot voices, or even duck quacking to hide your 'beautiful' voice right? Think about it.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Some random old posting.

I appeared in NST last 2 month. =)

LinkFor full story, click here..

end of posting. -cheers-

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Its been such a long time since i last update anything in my blog. Abandoned it for so long already. Been so busy and probably lost the interest in blogging ( in another word, im lazy =b hehe ). Thinking that reading other people's blog is rather more interesting than updating my own post (such negative thought).

Many thing had happened in my life while im gone in the Blog World. Sigh.. some are really bad that i wish it would never happened but nevertheless, i must be positive and see it as a good thing instead. I actually got myself a car ( yess my very first car in my life) and now it went missing for 6-7 months already. FML. My baby was only 8 months with me and some bastards decided to take it away from me. FFFfffuuuuu to the bastards that stole my baby.

Anyway, i've claimed my insurance back.. but still.. Y U steal my car leaaa?????? FFFFUUU!
(feeling very frustrated when i recall back the day i lost my car. Pfff!)

So that's the part where it made such a big impact in my life, that i went cursing for weeks and months about the people who stole my car.. and i still want to curse them but i wont. Maybe that car wasnt meant for me, or maybe something bad would have happen to me and instead me, this car took the bad from me? Thats what people are telling me.. well atleast thats what i wanna believe. So let it be then. What belongs to me will eventually come back to me.. and whats not belong to me, will not return. I would also like to thank those who'd help me during those hard times by helping me looked out for my car on the streets, spreading the news on FB, twitter and MSN.. gave me rides to some places when i got no transport.. giving me words of comfort.. I heart u guys =)

Anyhow, other stuff that i could recall now is, i changed my hairstyle for last year 2011 =)

I super love my curled hair. But too bad i got to change back to my normal straight hair for this year 2012 =)

My lovely family during CNY this year.

Well i think i would just skip to the recent activities i've done. And probably the most popular story now in FB.. which is not other than BERSIH 3.0

went for the rally last Saturday to protest clean politics and also anti-lynas. Thats why im wearing green. LOL. Malacca had a very peaceful rally unlike in KL which was havoc. I just dont understand why some are so or maybe too " bersemangat" till create chaos everywhere. Until there's headline of " Malaysian Police Brutality Against Peaceful Protesters" Such hooligans. Some even says that it was the police undercover to be Bersih's protesters and start the act to hit the police? WTF!?! Bravo! Really "no eye see" Sigh. Hopeless.

Please save Malaysia from all these, else soon we all will be migrating to other country. Hahaha!

Peace! till then -cheers!-
Probably will be updating more often. =)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Recently my right below eyelid kept twitching. Damn annoying lo. It's been so annoying i even went to googled it.-__-!!

What i get from my sifu google was :-

  • Stress [ stress maybe but i dont think that im super stress lo. I still got time to eat and sleep and laze around.. and refreshing FB pages and read thru blogs.. Hmm.. Am i stress??]
  • Tiredness [ well.. maybe too. Cause of work but i think it's still ok for now ]
  • Eyestrain [ no idea.. dont think so ]
  • Caffeine [ impposible.. as i dont really drink coffee ]
  • Alcohol [ Definitely not the issue coz i dont drink for quite sometime d.. erm.. Starker anyone? LOL ]
  • Dry eyes [ not really.. ]
  • Nutritional imbalances [ lack of veggie perhaps and too much instant noodles.. grr ]
  • Allergies [ no idea ]

And another more interesting i got from my sifu is the superstitions.. Right eyelid twitching for girl is bad luck ( WTF!! I Dont wanna believe this at all ) and left eyelid is good fortune ( blarr)

The closest superstitions that relate to me which is below right eyelid twitch means Good Fortune Headed My Way! ( Ok.. i LIKE this! )

Lastly.. there's another one which was if it twitch right eye meaning there's idiots gossiping bout me behind my back. ( damn you all who is gossiping bout me.. can stop it or not? not boring meh keep on gossiping bout the same person? Gossip bout someone else can or not. ) Ok this is something random, but it really says so in the superstitions i found.

Seriously its damn annoying lo especially during work. It twitched when i brief the designers, it twitches when i meet my clients, it twitches when i talk to my boss and it even twitches when im doing my business in the toilet!

Any way.. signing off with a picture. Cornetto Inikah Cinta Launch @ Bijou in October which was last 2 months..