Sunday, October 07, 2012

What happen to me?

Haven't been blogging as often as i mentioned on my earlier previous previous previousss post have i? Sorry for that. Was kinda busy and caught up with some errand.  As some of you might already know, i've quit my job and yea.. im officially unemployed now. Aside from doing some part time minor job with my brother. I guess im now looking for a permanent job. So any job recommendation for me? Oh before that, i think i would need to update my resume first. FML. teehee. 

I've shifted to a new place now. It was one heck of weeks to finish clearing up things and moving in to the new house. Well its not a new house, previous tenant was horrible! They leave us with one heck of  BIG junks and dust all over and each corner of the house! How could they be so mean?? Anyway, we took like almost a week to clean up and do the paintings. A few days to shop for things ( aircond, fridge, tables, chairs, mattress, .. etc.) Good thing that i wasn't working at the moment. If i were to work and do all these cleaning after work.. gosh.. i dont even wanna imagine how or what would it be looking like thou. Scrap that! To cut thing short, I am now happy with my stay here. =)

I dont know what had gotten into me recently. I develop so much pimples on my face and it horrifies me each time i look into the mirror and to see me staring back at me! I've actually lessen on make ups. I dont use any foundation and BB cream anymore. I thought that it will make it worst. So the other day i was trying on this Oxy Cover on my pimples. And BOOMMM!! No.. it did not work, it made my face worst! It dries up my skin and my lips ( i dont really know why it connects to my lips) and then it gets itchy. And swollen a lil. It was the worst nightmare ever! This goes on for a few days already till today. I cant eventually take this anymore, so i've decided its time for me to see a specialist. 

I've done some research on the internet for some recommendations from friends. One is Dr. Ko ( predicted will be super expensive) and another is Dr. Ting ( Jalan Imbi which has alot of patient waiting for hours). Then just now i bumped into Skin Club by Derma Genesis on Facebook which has promotions this month. Looked up on their website and it sounds promising on their results and pricing thou. So im confused now.

Anyway, anyone who is reading this and know of any good skin specialist or any recommendation, pls pls pls advise me. I cant go out meeting people with my pizza face right? T___T. Plus how to go for interviews like this!?!

Till then, peace out. Cheers!

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