Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Honestly for the past few days/weeks I dont feel boring being in Malacca. It always happen when you have the right company to hang out with or maybe some minor events that you attend. Meeting up with friends that i haven't see for 4 years is definitely something. Its more than just something that i could hardly describe it with words or action. I just love them all..

Firstly.. on the Sept 16th, Carolyn asked us out for a drink at Eleven Bistro in Jonker.

At first there's only the four of us.. Carol and Tika whom I have never seen since after Secondary school.. and Jolene who i've never seen for quite sometime already because i remembered bumping into her last year during chinese new year.. hmm.. maybe.

I thought that it will be kinda awkward meeting up with them as you know... for so long we never see each other and it might be that there are no topic to talk about. But it turned out that we have lotsa things to talk. From primary school to uni life.. from girls to guys.. gossips of this and that.. ahhh.. me likeyy~~

So the next day, we decided to hang out again at Geographer Cafe with Sangetha and Vijaya.

yes we are ONE MALAYSIA. hahahah!

We love each other so much.. I *heart* them all =)
After that we went to Pak Putra to meet up with another friend, Rozaiti a.k.a A.T a.k.a Roti.

Then another friend was there too.. Mei Suan

** oh shittt.. while im doing this post.. there's an earthquake! 6.19pm**
busy in Facebook for a moment.. hahaha.. everyone is posting about the tremor.. must be one of our neighbour countries got effected badly. hmmm... check out the news later =)

okay.. back to my post..

So on that day.. we catch up with each other... update what we've been doing with our life after high school... those kind of things that normally we will asked after such a long time we never meet or contact. I can't fully concentrate on what im gonna write now...

I think im gonna continue about my girly nites in the next post.. Im reading on the news about this Earthquake thingy..

***Check this out.. :

PETALING JAYA: A powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit southern Sumatra at about 6.17pm, causing tremors all the way in peninsula Malaysia.

The epicentre of the quake was about 481km southwest from Kuala Lumpur.

People have evacuated some high-rise buildings in the Klang Valley, including the KL City Centre.

In the JayaOne complex here, reports came in of shaking furniture and swaying fixtures.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued a tsunami alert for Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Thailand, The Associated Press said.

However, the Malaysian Meteorological Department said it has not issued a warning for Malaysia because it believes the waves will not reach Malaysian shores.

However, the Department told The Star that it will continue to monitor the situation.

The shaking could be felt in high buildings in the capital, Jakarta, several hundred miles, kilometers away and in neighboring Singapore and Malaysia.

There were no immediate reports of a high waves or injuries.

OKay.. will continue in my next post ... so much to blog about my outing with my girls. ggahhh.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Im running out of ideas lately of titles.. Brain dead. Oh maybe i should have put it as Hari Raya Datang Lagi.. Hmm.. ok.. Nevermind.. just let the title be. Lazy to hit the delete button. LOL!!

I'm already in Malacca right now.. finished my internship program and now im having my one and a half month break.. ~woot~ but.. u see.. im not like those hardoworking friends that get a part time job. gaahh.. I admit that my laziness had conquered me. Oh.. welcome to my life =] heh.

So as usual.. gonna update what's been up with me for the past weeks..

On the 15th August 09, I was in Malacca to celebrate my first ever cousin nephew, Shawn's 1 year old Birthday. .

Cute rite..? haha.. =]

One of the Saturday, Ms Ai Cheng our General Manager invited me, Pei Jing and Singyee together with Nigel for a lunch in Boston. One thing about Boston is that when u look at their menu.. you can see many creative unique names for each dish.

* Above photos taken from PeiJing*

I love this Cheesy Nachos! Yummyliciousss weih.. like seriously the best nachos I ever had. Oh and it has a name.. Hancock's Supernatural. Hmm.. Don't ask.. i dont see how it actually related to this nachos.. erm.. *still wondering... *

What i had for that day was this.. the Giant of Thunder Mountain. Which was actually a Kong Poh Chicken with corn rice. hahaha. Not bad all.. =] Me likey~

Then.. it comes to the last day of our internship.. which was on the August 29th,09.

A lil gift for Polly, Front Desk Manager. A magnetic frame with all of our pictures. =)

My Front Desk manager treated me breakfast at Ravi's and later Nigel treated me, singyee and peijing lunch at Tram's Car. ( makan je for one whole day... huahahhaa)

and during that day.. we didn't work at all.. everyone was like fooling around in the office except for a few of them where their manager need their help on some stuff.

We also did a card for Ai Cheng

The front .. with our pics again.. haha..

and the back... with our signatures =)

And then on the same day itself, Jimmy's car was stolen. -__-!! Artic blue Proton Waja PEX3028. Very sueh wan lo.. darn.

Ok.. I will continue with my updates on Girly nite with my high school matess on the next post. Till then -cheers-

And wishing all Muslim a very SELAMAT HARI RAYA ..send me some Rendang will ya? hahahaha... =)