Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Again its been awhile since my last update on my blog. Right now, i dont really feel like doing anything for my Final Year Project (FYP) Doing paperwork and research on journals is not fun at all. Sigh. Thinking of a suitable topic for my FYP is a headache right now as im so freaking lazy to look up for any journals at the moment. Someone.. please, please, please.. help me do my FYP? *doing the so-called Dolly Face thingy* okay.. i think i better not.. or else anyone that is reading this will start throwing their shoes at me.

Some updates that i was supposed to blog about.. but i didn't due to my extreme laziness and moodless in blogging. Oh .. tell me why?? I used to blog quite frequently last time. I remembered i could just blablablablah in a post.. but right now.. i dont feel like bla-ing although i have something to bla about. hmmm.. I'm weird.

Aunt's 50th Bday - 15th Oct 2009

My aunt and me..

It was a nice gathering for us the cousins at this kind of event sometimes.. We gathered together.. having fun taking pictures.. catching up with each other and stuff.. although our family is not big.. but we're cool for sure.

There we are.. the closest cousins.. but too bad my elder brother was missing in this picture. He couldn't make it as he got work to do in KL.

Look at the picture below.. taken yearssss ago when we are lil kids..

match us in this picture with the previous one.. we are all grown ups now.. hahaha! I missed those days.. aww.. the time when we are all so lil and innocent.. LOL!

Deepavali Night Out and my last day in Malacca before i head back to PJ the next morning - 17 Oct 2009

Went over to Pavithra's and Sangetha's house for visiting.

Me, Jolene and A.T. and tamil movie showing on the TV. With the hero that is very macho looking. LOL! wth..

After visiting Sangetha's house, we hang out in Amigo for dinner.

My girls.. I love them all... and i miss them.. almost a month now i havent seen them. Most probably gotta get back this weekend to hang out. And i miss home too.. =/

I ordered this for my dinner at Amigo. Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken Chop. Damn wangi and sizzling wan lo i tell u. Its so sizzling that i can do my 'abrakedebra alakazam' thing.

After makan... we decided to chill out at our usual place.. Dreambox. Was supposed to go over to GoGo but it was fully booked.

Sing and sing and rap.. We are really that 'muhibbah' u know.. we sang english songs.. tamil songs.. malay songs.. and a lil bit chinese.. ( Here In My Home song was our favourite! ) We all so One Malaysia rite.. gahhaha..

With Ila.. I heard that she's sick.. hopefully she's ok by now.

Juchin's 21st Birthday - 29th Oct 2009

Went over to Sunway Lagoon with the guys ..

Everyone love the duck!!.. hahaha.. nah.. actually i was the one forcing asking them to take pictures with the duck. Look at wenhan's face also know d rite.. LOL..

From left : Jeff, Jensen, Juchin (BdayBoi), Jimmy, Wenhan, Me.

Ehh.. i noticed that all our names starts with the letter 'J' except for wenhan. LOL! This is something random. hmm..

After Sunway Lagoon.. we head over for Steamboat for our dinner..

We makan makan until all of us surrender and cannot tahan anymore.. So we decided to bring back the cake and cut it at my place instead.

Mooks and Xinke joined us for the cake.

And.. his birthday wont be complete if he never kena smack cake on his face. Hahaha!!!

After that, we had a lil wine and liquor session. Juchin can't join us as he need to get back to Klang and Jensen had unfinished business that need to be done. Jeff already went back ealier after the Sunway Lagoon to teman his gf. Wenhan dont drink. So left only me, mooks, xinke and jimmy. And we manage to finish up a bottle of a very bitter wine and half bottle of Black Label. Hahah! Everyone went tipsy after that. Then later we went mamak to makan nasi lemak.

Then shit happened when im back home.. i vomited out all those nasi lemak and teh tarik.. It was damn disgusting weih. Worst combination ever.. Wine + Liquor + Nasi Lemak+ Teh Tarik. gahh.. Lesson learn.