Thursday, February 22, 2007

The year of Boar...its a piggy year in a piggy world...

Its now the 5th day of Chinese New Year.. I still didn't get much angpao(red packet)
-_-!! Hahahaa... Ever wonder.. when we are much more younger we tend to get more angpaos and it gets lesser and lesser when we are growing up. And you won't even get any if you're married...instead you have to give the don't la get married so fast...or you'll be 'pokai' during this festive season.

1st and 2nd day of usual..visiting to relatives' house. Collect as many angpaos as possible.Hehe. And then people/relatives will be asking their all time favourite questions like "How's KL?", "What are doing now...studying?Working?" , "What Form u're in now?" -_-!!! , Then some of them when I say im studying in UTAR... they'll go like " huh..??UTAR???" anyway... i still get question like.. "Advertising...good meh?Can survive ar?" Duh.. why not...

Its already the 6th day 2morrow.. and im supposed to be out with a few friends for visiting in the morning and afternoon but then... a change of plan AGAIN! So right now im totally blurred... sigh.

YeeSang.... OMG....i lurve those Salmon fish...*drooling* Had this over my aunt's place on the 3rd day. going back to KL on Sunday by bus.. yea..freaking bus. Damn... supposed to be back with my brother but he changed his plan and going back to KL on Monday instead. Good thing there's ticket left for me...and im lucky to have the same bus with Steph and Pin.

Monday...starting of my 3rd semester..and results still not out.I'm so freaking worried of my results now. Sigh. So till signing off. Ciaoz.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chinese New Year 2morrow!! Pheewwiitt~
So right here i wanna wish every single soul out there a very

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Been kinda busy with house cleaning and stuff....yea althought i know i din do much but at least im helping my parents to do some cleaning ayte. I did bake some CNY cookies too with the help of my mom ofcause. =b


Monday, February 12, 2007

Eventually... i went to highlight my hair just now.

Ta Daaa~...

I can't remember the 'full name' for this color...but its dark red something something...geezz..

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I decided to change my blog layout.... and so.. how is it??

The Old one....

The New one......


Friday, February 02, 2007

Im Home! back home in Malacca already. Came back on Monday with Perpin by KKKL Bus. And damn..that day was one blardy hot day. Reach pudu at about 3.25pm and rush to get the 3.30pm bus or maybe the 4.oopm bus. With our heavy and bulky bags... we walk as fast as we could to the ticket counter and biasala on the way'll be stop by all kind of people asking you where you wanna go .. "cik nak pergi mana..", "oi mana pergi..", "ah moi, mau pergi mana" , "siu jie.. lei ngiu hoi pin to ah ", "Melaka,Johor, Ipoh...skrang skrang!!!", "Penang! Penang!!!!!" Aiyoyo.. if i will ever stay there longer and hear their shouting.. i'll be crazy in less than an half hour. Duh. But whatever it is.. we managed to get the 3.30pm bus because the bus had not make a move although its already 3.45pm. Lucky for us because we dont have to wait for the 4.30pm bus.If not i'll be dead in there. And then someone just need to prepare for my funeral and guess what...most probably i'll haunt Pudu. I'll scare off all those bastards pick pockets asses. *evil grin* Gahahaha.

Everything is pretty the same here in Malacca. Went to Madam King with mum last 2 days and i came across with this kinda old lady which i think is at her 50s chosing some clothes for herself. After that she begin to compare the colors.. the same green but she is not sure whether is it the same she politely ask the salegirl nearby which i think around her 40s..

Old Lady:Miss...ini green dan ini green sama kah?
(then the salegirl gave her a look and have that boh song face)
Salegirl:Yala...sama laaa...mana tak sama... dua dua pun green what
(So the old lady still pretty unsure and ask again)
Old Lady:betulkah sama? macam lain colour saje
(At this time i think the salegirl already pekchek..i think she's having PMS perhaps..erm )
Salegirl: BETUL laaa.. green green..sama...tengok betul betul la..aiyo!
(then she wanted to walk away from there. A few second later..the old lady shouted)
Old Lady:Miss Miss... ada saiz M kah ini?
Salegirl: Adaaa... u sure mau ini colour ar.. betul green arr....bukan pink ar..
Old Lady: Betul green..saiz M. Thank you ar.
Salegirl: ..... ( she terus ciao go and find the size... )

See...the old lady actually say Thank You to her...

Anyway, just now i went to Tesco with mum too to buy some stuff for baking Chinese New Year cookies..Hehe. After shop, me went to the toilet because suddenly my stomach was feeling unwell.. After that..when i came out from the toilet..a MakCik who clean the toilet look at me.. and ofcause i was curious..

Makcik: ah moi...tadi tak pam air ka?
Me: HUH??!!?? tadi dah pam..
Makcik: Manada.. u tak pam la..
Me: Harr?? Ada la..tadi sudah pam air..takan saya guna tak pam air..
Makcik: Betul...u tak pam... tak dengar pun.
Me: -_-!!! (wtf) Ada la.. mana takda pam
Makcik: (went in and look...) tengok..takda pam..(then she pam) Ini baru kata dah pam.
Me: *double wtf!!* .......

Another fella who's having PMS... baskett... who the heck went in and use the toilet and not FLUSH!!! Bugger!! Besides that if i din flush.. there sure will be shit on the toilet bowl rite... CIS.. and i dont think she saw any shit there...unless her eyes are full with shit.. *pissed* I think she's deaf.. the next time when i would ever see that makcik again..i'll flush 2-3 times give her see hear. Darn

Nevermind that... i went to MP just now after Tesco to get 1901 Hotdogs since my mom have a few free coupons... guess what.. i met CUCUMBER a.k.a Jolene, Mei Fern, Chiew Peng, Chai Sia and Jeannicia.'s been a long time since i last saw them... Had a short conversation..asking how and what's up... any boyfriend yet... izzit hard studying my course..blablabla... and then there's one moment that we suddenly dont know what to say... and Mei Fern said " Hahha.. suddenly dunno wanna say long never see you d.." Yea.. im just so glad to see them.. reminded me of those old times in secondary school.. sigh...=\

Nothing else that i wanna blog i guess... till then...ciaoz.