Saturday, November 26, 2005

Many times already i'd received weird calls and messages on my mobile phone.Some are really creepy and some are just pranks.This afternoon...i received a call and the number starts with +604... "From Penang if im not mistaken" on Earth my number can reach there? Then the caller hang up when i answer his/her call.Few minutes later...i received a message.."Who r u?!?" Heck...'if you dont know me then how can you get my number ayte??' i replied "Huh..?Who r u then?I dont even have your number in my contact..did you call me just now?" Then it takes quite a long time for that person to reply my message..The replied was "How you know i called you just now..i use my house number to call.Why did you miss call me ystd at 1-3 something a.m?" sounds really can my number appeared in his/her phone while i never miss call anyone yesterday besides i never ever see that number before??And at 1-3am??Ermm..what was i doing at that time?Oh yea..i was on the net doing my blog...Geeazz..

That wasn't it...just a few minutes ago...i received another call..the number starts with +603...izzit from KL??I answer the call and suddenly.."Hey Timah...!!!" Well...i was astonished.For no reason...i've become TIMAH??maybe i should call him LOYANG..

Me : Timah??Timah mane satu?Sini takda Timah...salah nombor.
Caller : Awak bukan Timah ke?Tu Timah kan??Takan salah nombor..
Me : Bukan la..salah nombor.
Caller : Ni bukan 683205?
Me : eh bukan bukan...
Caller : oh ok..takpe

But that number is like mine...he might be accidently press another digit which then will be answered by me instead of his Timah...(Loyang betol that fella..)

I still remembered that there's once i received a call at around 1a.m and it dont show any number on my just stated there as "CALL" so when i answer the call,the line over there was totally silent..i was like going on saying "Hello and Hello" for many times...but still sound at all.I was geting fed up at that time so i just hang up...What the hell people and then dont want to talk?And some are just sooo...erm,what to describe them as?They call you pretending that they dont know you and then accuse us who the one had been miss-calling them. And then they will try to start a conversation and asked for a meet-up..Darn..that was so 'old-fashioned'.Who will be so dumb to meet up with them?Guess they are just 'that desperados..'

Just ignore the just too blank to think about a title.New layout!!Been searching for templates for quite a long time.Finally made up my mind to just use this one.Well i might change them later...guess i will have lots of free time after my exams..It will end soon..yeap..5th December 2005,i will sit for my last paper.

Sunday, November 20, 2005 fingers just cant wait till the end of my SPM.So i'm here to tell the ups and downs so far when i'm gone.If you're asking me whether i can do in my exams...well,It's Horrible! I did my Bahasa Melayu,History,English and Math papers already,4 down..5 to go.So the very first paper started last Monday,14 November 2005.Bahasa Melayu...ermm..paper 1 came out about Gejala Vandelisme..which i was really dont expect it at all.Then for the 2nd question...i wrote on Peranan Keluarga Dalam Membentuk Sahsiah Anak-Anak.I just hope that my this essay will help me get some marks..because paper 2 i did quite bad.The Pemahaman part took all my points away.Dammit...all the spotted questions..never came out except for Puteri LiPo.And the damn peribahasa thing took my 6 marks away.Arghh....and there goes History...saying to myself that the history wont be repeated again but it all blank when i get the questions.All the topics that i'd learned by hard..not even one shit came out.How absurb is that...?Everyone was saying..everyone spotted that Renaissance,Malayan Union and Wawasan 2020 will be asked..and that Agraria and Maritim stuffs...but what was asked..Sumbangan Tamadun Rom..Tamadun Cina,Tamadun Islam,Kesan Imperialisme Barat....and blablabla...damn...what bullshit is that.So moral of the story...Dont easily spot questions..and read the whole thing instead.Too late for me..'Nasi sudah jadi bubur'...(Rice had turned to porridge..errr...sounds weird...haha) English was OK..but i cant be too confident of it because i have many spelling and grammar mistakes all over my essay.Gosh...the word 'Beutiful' and i spelled it as 'Beutifull'...what a silly mistake is that...

Tomorrow don't have any paper...but the following day i have Science and Moral.The next day i have Additional Math.Yikes....haven't study a shit for science.I have to memorise the 36 moral values plus the on earth i can finish study my science?Haven't touch my Economy books stressful is this.That is why there's these 'cruel disasters' started to build its home on my face.Its so embrassing...shit...

2 days before i sit for my BM paper...Azim and Azie(whose name is Azim too..but not to confuse us he called himself as Azie) pay a very surprise visit to my house.At that time i was in the room and received a message "Jenny ko keluar depan umah ko jap..aku kat depan." i was like..What?Is this a kind of joke or what? so i went out and there they were standing infront my house. Azim was my childhood friend...quite close to him when we were young and then as we grow up..not that very close...seldom see him around my neighbourhood and then this year we went to the same tuition centre...from there we start to chit chat again.Luckily im not a racist...If i am then long time ago i stop going to PSI tuition centre as im the only chinese in my class.Well i do get along pretty well with the malays...they treat me well thou.And "thanks" to Arif who gave me names..he's been giving people in my class all kinds of name..There's 'Iblis','nyamuk','burger'...not forgetting 'FongSaiYuk'...Ok back to the main thing....they came over and then Azim passed me the spotted questions which i did asked him ealier on.Then they came in and talk about the so-called reunion for my tuition class(SPM Sastera 1)which he planned.He even did the wooded keychains with our names on it...there's 14 of us...and he handed me all the keychains asking me to keep first.He planned to do on the 6th December 2005 but there's some difficulty so was changed to 7 Dec 2005.The funny part is..there's a reason why he wanted to do this reunion.Not only because he 'misses' us but he wanted to go after a girl in my class...Man..i dont know about it till that day he told me.That girl in my class...was very quiet indeed....and now Azim need my help to call her up and persuade her to the reunion..'jadi like orang tengah la' the middle person.So want or don't want also have to help him ...Back to the story again,after he and Azie sat down..talking..suddenly that Azim said "Eh...siape tengah melalak nyanyi tu ar?Memekak je...sakit telinga aku.." So i explained to him...its the family next door who thinks that they have 'great' voice and thinks that they can beat Jaclyn Victor's voice.After a few minutes...he went out and called out for my neighbour..."MakCik...boleh perlahankan sikit tak..terlalu kuat ar..terima kasih" WOw...that was bizarre.Azie and i cant stop laughing when my neighbour quickly turned down their volume.And then Azim goes like this "so amacam...power tak aku..lain kali ko hantar je notis kat dia..'bile nak nyanyi minum air madu banyak banyak dulu' tau...haha" I just dont believe there's such neighbour who are so inconsiderate and thoughtless.Maybe they dont have mirrors around their house.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

For the mean not going to be updating my blog due to the SPM examination which is on 14 Nov 2005 (damn..its next week!!) But for sure i'll drop by "once in awhile" if i got any 'interesting' topics to share.It's all going to be crapz anyway.Who cares...??Duh...till signing off~

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Errr...haha..weird..ok im getting weirder each day..and i dont know why.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Have a water drinking contest
While the competition is fun, you probably won't feel too good afterward. To give your event an old western theme, slam the cups upside down on the tables after you have emptied them.

Stare at the back of someone's head until they turn around
This works on the "I have the feeling I'm being watched" principle. Conduct an experiment-does this really work?

Have a "Who is less competitive" competitionwonder
Trying to win at this will make you lose. Trying to lose makes you win which makes you lose. Not trying at all makes you lose which makes you win which makes you lose.

Pick up a dog so it can see things from your point of view
Think about it: your dog has only seen the house from a viewpoint from 6" to 2' high (15 to 60 cm for all you metric fans). It's never seen the tops of counters, what you keep on your desk, the tops of shelves, etc. Try looking at things from its point of view, too.

Pull out a hair, stick in someone's ear (Kath's fav. thing to do...gosh)
Best done to sleeping people. Added challenge in having no one else around, because then you can't blame it on anyone else. Try to beat your record number of times before the person catches on.

Pour water in hand, make sneeze noise, throw water on back of person's neck
Always a good gag. For an even bigger reaction out of the person, act like you're not sorry at all for what they think you did. Comment instead on how big that sneeze was or about how there was a lot of mucus in that one.

See what's in your neighbour's rubbish/trash
You can learn a lot about people by what they throw out. You might uncover some dark secret about them. Plus, they might be throwing out something with value that still works, like a VCR or some porn mags.

Watch TV, repeat everything said in Italian accent
Sort of entertaining. Include flamboyant shoulder shrugs for added impact, or go for a Marlon Brando set of grunts.

Send spooky emails
Look up someone's CV on the web, do some research on them via Google and then send them an email full of personal references claiming to be an ex-work colleague who fell in love with their shoes. Or something.

Play our useless games
Waste away the hours with our collection of useless game

Make prank phone calls
Very entertaining, but requires discipline. Remember - vulgarities don't make a call funny, but getting the other person to believe a ridiculous story will. Try seeing if you can get them to make noises to 'test' the line. One to get you started off: Call McDonalds with weird complaints about their food.

Pretend all humans will die except for people in room with
What would you do if this really happened? Would the group stay together, or would there be factions? Who would join what group? Remember, there would only be power for a few days before the plants ran out of fuel or broke. To travel, you would always have to be near cars to siphon gas out of. Best to do with people you know.

Step off a curb with eyes shut, imagine it's a cliff
To get any benefit out of this one, you have to have a good imagination. Don't step off immediately, build up to the jump. Study the ravine below. Feel the winds at that altitude. Step off and...AHHHHHH!!!!!

Try and sound Welsh
The key to sounding Welsh is to make sure that your voice goes up at the end of the sentence, so that everything sounds like a question. Throw in a superfluous 'isn't it?' at the end of everything you say and you're halfway there. Isn't it?

Burn things with a magnifying glass
Ants are always fun to use for this, but burning the face of someone you don't like, under some circumstances, can be just as entertaining.

Push your eyes for interesting light show
(Amusement Potential: 1-5 minutes)
See a variety of blobs, stars and flashes. Try to make out things your subconscious is trying to send you a message? Can you control what you see by pressing different areas with different forces? Would it be possible to somehow see the same effects on TV?

See how long you can hold your breath
(Amusement Potential: 4-20 minutes)
Not that much fun, but it sure passes the time. Play with a friend, or try to beat your own personal best. Some tips: hyperventilate before hand, and stay as still as possible.

Try to not think about penguins
(Amusement Potential: 1-5 minutes)
This is especially hard, because by trying too much, you remember what you were trying to avoid thinking of. If you try too little, you end up thinking about penguins anyway.

Use your secret mind power
(Amusement Potential: 5-10 minutes)
Pick a passing by and try to use your mind power to command them do something, like drop their bag or knock into someone. The law of averages dictates that sooner or later one of your mind commands will come true, so you can convince yourself that you really have super human powers and waste even more time trying them out.

Scratch yourself
(Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes)
Go ahead, scratch yourself now. Even if nothing itches, go ahead. Doesn't that feel pretty good?

Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning
(Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes)
Pick a random word out of a magazine and say it aloud to yourself until it becomes a meaningless set of noises.

Hurt yourself
(Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes)
What is pain? Why is it unpleasant? There's nothing physical about it - it's all in your mind. Plus, after pinching yourself for awhile, boredom will seem nice next to being in pain.

Try to swallow your tongue
(Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes)
There's not much to say about this one. It is possible.

Pretend to be a car
(Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes)
Make appropriate revving noises in your head as you walk along and add a racing commentary as you pass strangers in the street. Use blinking eyes as indicators for extra authenticity.

Look at something for awhile, shut eyes, study after image
(Amusement Potential: 2-5 minutes)
Another great time waster. It takes about 30 seconds of staring to create an after image, and the image is then viewable for about the same length of time. Fun to combine this one with pushing on your eyes.

Get yourself as nauseated as possible
(Amusement Potential: 5-10 minutes)
Best achieved by looking straight up and spinning around. Try to be so dizzy you can't even stand up. This is also entertaining due to the "makes boredom seem a lot better" effect (see "Hurt Yourself").

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh damn...SPM is another 2 less than 2 weeks..Arrghh..phobia phobia.Entah ape aku buat kat sini..hari hari online je.Release tension konon.huahaha..but its true can release my tension...buat aku forget about SPM for a moment.My first paper starts on 14 November...quick!quick! count how many days left for me...haiz..ape nak buat...minus plus also left another 11 days...mampoi.

Chat on MSN with this guy...and he was talking bout girls with small breast..ok i know u guys must be wondering..what the heck im chatting with this fellow rite..Hey he told me facts about the advantages of having small breast..

1) If a thief want to chase u, small breast girl can run faster.. no need to be burden with those bouncing big breast.

2) when u old ur breast wont sag so much compared to big breasts.
Those big breast when older will look drop down till the abdomen. dont ever look down on girls with small breast..hahahahaha..ok change topic..thats just for my another time..need to makan now..hungry sial..-chaoz-
ps=just ignore this post ...the weirdo in me did this..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ok a lil bit of change today.It's kinda bored to write all the entry in 'proper' english *ok i know..not all in proper grammar sucks* Today im going to try the Malaysian style which is Bahasa Melayu+English=Manglish or issit the other way round, Mandarin+English=Manglish? Bahasa Melayu+Mandarin+English=Rojak....ok biarkan je la..pening kepala aku. Before i almost forget..Happy Deepavali to those celebrating Deepavali...yea love tosei so much...the mutton went for deepavali visiting this morning..i made up my mind to just stay at home today.Next 2 days is already Raya..most of the kids will be jumping up and down.."'yeh yeh..besok rayer..'"or '"ohhh~balik kampunggg..ohohwoh balik kampung..."' hardly can hear that i guess.