Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some wacky and funny videos taken by Yvonne recently.... This is 'us'(Ji Muis) in our daily life outside UTAR...LOL

Taken in University LRT station.....

on our way to McD in SS14...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Finally the WorldCup thing had ended. Basically, Italy won! I dont really watch football but i did managed to watch the final in MC (my hostel,Millinuem Court) as before the final begin..they held a Street Party downstairs. A number of guest artists came and performed but most of the artist i dont really familiar with. Friends told me that J.Lo did came in the evening to perform...ARgghh...I missed that!!!I was on my way back to MC from Malacca at that time. So damn freaking wasted. That night i reached MC at about 9 something and after i unpacked my stuff i went straight to downstairs to join the crowd and loud music. It's a pretty cool party thou. People around was dancing...some even did breakdance...and stuff. Me,Steph and Yvonne had much fun there and we even put the account test aside from our head as there's account test the following day,which was yesterday( and i think im so screw-up in my test..sigh). We then saw Dennis at the front and joined him there. All of us dance according to the music beat and me,steph and yvonne did learned up some moves from Dennis.LOL. DJ Fresh and DJ J.D was pretty cool too.The loud music then ended at 1.30am and the World Cup Finals:Big Screen Live begins. At first i din even plan to watch the match but yvonne wanted to watch so i went downstairs again with her and just hang around there. She supported for France whereas i supported for Italy and Italy actually won!Hehe.
After the match ended we went back to our room planning to study our accounts but ended up playing Hexic on MSN. Eventually i slept for only an hour plus before i attend my 8am lecture class and Yvonne stay awake all night long.Geezz...I slept in my Public Speaking lecture class thou.Hahaha.Nothing can be done...i was too sleepy at that time plus i even have to sit for account test at 1pm.

Upcoming test and presentation - Public Speaking test 2morrow! and 10 minutes speech in the next 4 weeks time. Plus Computer studies mid-term exam on next week.Damn.. stress nyer aku kat sini...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

TB3 rawks!!!!

Apparently my tutorial group is one of the wackiest group among other TB i guess. No offense to the others.Hehe.I love my tutorial and am glad that im one of the Tb3rians..They are friendly to each other..and cracks lotsa jokes. Oh..by the way..T stands for Tutorial,B= we are in Stream B, and 3= group 3. ..if you're wondering what the heck is TB3.

In our group we actually formed a few societies... we have the "Local Food Society", "Hakka Dialect Society" and soon to open.."The Ho Peng Yu Society" if im not mistaken bout the name. Hehe.

In the photo above..The guy standing in the middle wearing a dark blue shirt is our Public Speaking lecturer(Mr.Kuruvilla)...the best lecturer among others. Besides that there's one guy missing in the photo..he din attend for the class on that day.sigh.Will try and get a perfect one later on.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Finally my 5 minutes Public Speaking presentation had over. Darn...i'm not all satisfied with my marks thou...but i think it's ok as i prepared that speech at the last minute. How i hate presentation.Geez.. By the way...the day before my presentation..we were supposed to hand in our computer studies assignment.Guess what..?the same thing happen AGAIN like what had happen for the Arts assignment.What da hell. I was so pissed off that i actually curse and kept on cursing all the bad words all day long.Screw them for making me saying all those words. That Monday was really a bad day for me..i mean a really really BAD day. Friends around me too said that i'm becoming like the 'incredible hulk' on that Monday.Gosh.. sorry guys. So what actually happened... somebody is not taking any responsibilities of the questions they are supposed to do and in the end they'll push the questions to another person and expect that person to get the answers in less than 2 hours. WTF.sigh.Guess am changing to another assignment group for the next semester.

The next thing...i'd sat for English and Economics test yesterday. Damn again...i dont know how to do the Economics. Wondering if i can get a pass on that subject. As for computer studies...i haven't get my results...the lecturer having headache marking our papers (according to he himself).So as for the English...its an essay writing.As usual...i'll write crappy stories.Hopefully Ms.Cecily wont get bored reading em'. Next 2 weeks...am having my Public Speaking and Account test...it's already goin to be the 9th week...mid-term exams is on its way.Darn.

After my tests yesterday...Me, Steph and Yvonne went to TimeSquare taking a bus to KL Sentral and then took a monorail to Imbi.Seriously..people in KL are more phunkiez look a like than people in Malacca who look more innocent.*LOL*. Kononnyer. Most probably am going back to Malacca next week as Ms. Cecily replaced her classes on Saturday to Wednesday. So till then..update later.Ciaoz.