Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I gotta update before 2009. Hahaha. I've been thinking whether i should have a new year resolution or not as eventhough i have one i wont really gonna bother about it. =

Anyway... i miss my black hair now.. =/ hahaha maybe im still not use with my new colored hair. heh. But i think i'll be fine with it..i hope. I dont wanna look like some freaking 'ah lian' can d.

(p/s: Jimmy..I'll kill u if u say i look like ah lian!!)

The color that i saw in the shop the other day was kinda different from the color on my head now. Its always the lighting that create this kind of problem. Dont you think so? Ong said that the color is pretty much the same like we saw at the shop we went. Somehow when i took pictures of my hair ..there's 3 different colors turn out on my camera with and without flash.....
-__-!! And im not sure what's the real color of my hair now.

When he was mixing the color with some chemical cream.. i was terrified! It look so orange and reminds me of orange peanut butter.

Let me introduce u guys to my hairstylist.. hahaha.. Mr.Ong Yong Xiang. I've known him for like almost 6 to 7 years already and good news to girls out there..he's single! Interested? =) Drop me a message if you are. *wink*

My head feels heavy. So waited for like 45 minutes to around 1 hour like that and i quickly get to the bathroom to wash away those yucky orange smelly mix chemical cream.

Done washing... look so brown to me..
After drying up my hair it still look like brown to me... hmm.. i swear i saw some red on the sample i saw at the shop..

So i try with flash on... waaallaa.. i saw some red!!I guess.. by the way..the fan was blowing on my left thats why my hair look like that. heh.

And behold.... the picture i took when im back home.. i thnk my room lighting totally change my hair color to.........

Light brown! -____-!!!

OMG.. i hate my dark circles.. arghhh..

(p/s : Congrats to my younger brother.. he scored 6A's in his PMR.. woot~! )

Monday, December 29, 2008

Alright.. i made my mind to update today =)

for after so long.. my last update was like past few weeks ago... darn. How could this happen?? My blog is dying.

There's so much to update but right now i dont know where to start. Hmm...
Ah well... first thing first.. my exam is over..and im back home for 3 weeks, so i'll be in Malacca till 11th January 2009.. (ps: friends that wanna date me out... please call me!! or msg me kie =b) I'm so bored.

This semester break..no one organize any trip to anywhere..so its like everyone is pretty much got their semester break occupied. I dont actually.. sad me. hahaha. Maybe i should socialize more.. but i think im not a sociable person..so ermm...nvm. Moving on...

My last paper was on the 18th Dec and after our paper.. me,wenhan and jeff went to One U for movie.. we somehow could not decide whether to watch Ip Man or The Day The Earth Stood Still. But we ended up watching The Day The Earth Stood Still ( such a long title ) I find out that the movie was not bad at all... but not for wenhan and jeff. I dunno why. Maybe its because of Keanu Reeves...Tee hee. And they regreted not watching Ip Man in the first place. -___-!!!

After movie we loiter around and then head back home.. waiting for till its time to get to a christmas party at friend's house in SS2. Waited for Ah Loong and Mookhen to come over and go there together. And guess what.. me,wenhan and ah loong cant find their house and was turning round the area and stuck in a blardy jam because of the pasar malam. But in the end.. we manage to get to their house thou.

These are the presents that we prepared =) oh and all three was wrapped by wenhan.. hahaha. There's mine, jeff's and wenhan's. My gift is very cute wan lorrr... i wonder who gets it.

camwhore before going =)

We each get a santa's hat there.
And its time for a game.. i wonder why there's only one game.. haha .. anyway.. there's alot huggingsss happened =)

Guess what's the rule of this game.. let me show u more pictures..

.. so..? who give the best hugs?? wrong!

well i think this picture is pretty obvious already. Still guessing huh? or u got it already?

Haha.. anyway.. the rule of this game is.. find a partner and get a piece of newspaper.. When the music is on u and ur partner need to dance around and when it stops both of u need to be on the newspaper. And the catching part is...after that u need to fold the newspaper to half each time until u both have no space to step on. Pretty exciting huh. Haha. Wonder whose brilliant idea was this. Should be one of the host.

the AV3 members that turn up for this party.
introducing .. Ah Puss a.k.a doc puss a.k.a lala a.k.a jeff a.k.a wan soon yuen a.k.a sunyanzhi .. hahahah!!!

xinke, carmen and me
from left : kokwai, keith, err..forget his name, and ah huat.
wenhan, jeff and steven

shoi kuan and me

and lastly.. a group photo... =) *Jinglebell Christmas Party '08*

So that was on the 18th Dec.. phewww.. kinda tired right now already. Stupid internet connection so damn slow.. i think i'll continue this post 2morrow or maybe the day after 2morrow.. hahaha .. next update will be bout my new hair color.. yea..so long black hair.. welcome colored hair. =)
till then.. -cheers- Merry X'mas and incase i dont update before end of this month.. Happy New Year 2009! hehe.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Final exam is in 3 days time... and i could go bald thinking bout it.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
yea something like that. Sigh =/

Anyhow, there's so much to study and so little time left.. I admit that i've been wasting alot of time but what can i do right.. i dont have the mood to study those notes.. it always happen to me during a week before exam. It can't be explained. heh.

But for sure now.. i am trying to force myself to study and remember some stuff. I hate being clueless in the exam hall. It sucks.. as i'll stare at the blank paper for 2 hours.. thats so not what i want during my exam for sure.

Stress betul...
and then what i did just now was... changed my hairstyle...!! ( please laugh silently )

Hairstyle number 1

Hairstyle number 2

There are many other.. but all really will make you roll on the floor laughing your butt off if i show you. So better dont. hehh.

Anyway.. i guess i am going to dye my hair after exam for the chinese new year. =) but im not sure about the haircut.. still thinking whether i should cut it or just let it be... something for me to ponder after exam.

Right now i better get myself glued to my International Advertising notes. Wish me luck =b

Monday, November 17, 2008


Why are you doing this to me?
Why do you keep making me question myself?
Why cant you see me and leave your tantrum aside?
Why do you have to leave me with tears?
Why am i holding on to this?
It's because of you
Cant you see me now?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Its November.. dammm.. almost reaching to the end of this year... how fast it was.

I've reformatted my laptop for 2 times.... but still.. my laptop now is way too old already.. it has been so so slow..err well its not slow.. but it kept on lagging and then hang for quite sometime... kinda frusfrating sometimes... especially when i play dotA. Even a big table fan cant help as my laptop cooler..( yea im using a cooler and a table fan to cool down my laptop.. heh)

This semester is short semester..and was kinda a busy one thou. Every week there's presentation and assignment... dammitt. Tired and bored at the same time.

Oh and there's one thing i kinda almost forget to blog about.. it was weeksss ago.. where there's a snake in the house. One blardy small kinda long snake hiding in the toilet. And it was me who saw it first...iish.. I went to the toilet that night and just before i wanted to step in the snake quickly run off finding a place to hide.

I guess it is heading to the toilet bowl. It was 'geli-fying' la to see the snake.... I made a silent scream ( very soft scream?? erm..) when i saw it as my other housemates are all asleep already... and that time wenhan and mookhen was in the room heard me and they thought it was nothing serious..wenhan thought it maybe a kacuak or cicak as i always also scare of these 2 gelifying creatures.. heh.. but when i told them there's a snake.. they were like.. ' sure or not' kinda looking and ask me if it was snake and not a lipan or a very big cicak... -___-!!!!

Look like cicak meh... haahhaa....yerr yerr yerrrrrrr.... This was the close-up picture of the snake after it was dead because of hot boiling water. We got no idea how to kill it and end up using hot water. Wenhan say if chopped it off.. it will be a mess... which is quite true.. imagine who gonna clean up the blood all.. yerrrrr.... plus like very cruel lo.. Even throwing hot water at it also kinda cruel lo...but then boh pien d ma... got no idea how to get rid of it plus in the toilet somemore.. and we dont know anything bout snake.. whether this snake is dangerous or not..

Enough of the snake la... hopefully there's no more snake enter the house.

But then there's still many kacuak and cicak around lo... dammmitttt.

Yesterday i saw 2 kacuak (cockroach) in the kitchen... and guess what...


They are blardy fucking making more babies !!!!!! EEEwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
KNNCCB#$^&*()! Why wanna make more babies in this houseee!!!! I'm not welcoming any!! AARrggghhhh!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 3

Me and Wenhan tought of watchin sunrise at the beach.. but end up dozing off until after sunrise. LOL. It can be helped.. there's aircond.. big bed.. pillow... blanket... ahh.. I so need aircond now. Im gonna be burnt alive mannn with this weather now. =/

Anyway, me and wenhan woke up earlier than the others as we both wanna try out the free buffet breakfast. He woke me up but i was kinda lazy to wake up and slept for another half an hour. Hahahhaha.. then when i was awake.. he was sleeping. -__-!! So i woke him up and still feeling kinda sleepy.. we went for the breakfast.

My breakfast... the rice was not yummy at all. Pretty tasteless. The lil bit of noodle i took from wenhan.. was really BAD...hahaha... but the sausages and the beans are not bad.

Next plate we both shared. Porrigde ( very very watery wan..) Eggs..not bad. Took pretty much sausages thou as thats the only thing that are nice. LOL.

After breakfast we walked to the beach for a lil while.

After that head back to our room and wake others up and planned where to go before going back to the kuah jetty. We went to take the cable car somewhere i think in Gunung Mat Cincang.

This was taken beside a Petronas station. There's many this lil boat there.

After finding our way there.. up we go on the cable car. Too bad the Skybridge was closed due to some renovation going on that time. sigh. However we still can see the breathtaking view from up there.

It was very high above... somehow it is more scarier than Genting's cable car.. haha as in Genting.. you could only see the cloudss by now at this height.. but in Langkawi.. you could see clearly down there..

Funny thing happen in the cable car thou.. Mookhen was high after he farted. -__-!!! hahhahha...

the view from 652.5 meter above sea level..

That was the Skybrigde .. under renovation.. wasted la..cant walk there =/

something to share.. if you love to see the sunset.. go in the evening then... the most ENCHANTING sunset lea... dun play play.

we went up higher... now at 710 meter above sea level... woot!

Me, yoke lee and xinke

This angmoh kid damn cute weih when he smiles...

us at the highest point..710 meter above sea level =)

After that we went down and planned the next stop since we still have some time before we need to return the rented car.

we went to Kota Mahsuri. The Mahsuri Tomb. Legend says that Mahsuri was the prettiest princess in Langkawi long long time ago thou.. and was killed because of rumours saying that she's having an affair with another guy.. bla bla bla... and she swear that if the rumours are fake her blood that flows will be in white color instead of red. And amazingly.. it was white! White blood. Interesting huh.

" Mahsuri Binti Pandak Mayah. Mahsuri a victim of treachery and jealousy was sentenced to death in 1235 hijrah or 1819 A.D. As she dead she laid a curse on the island: 'there shall be no preace and prosperity on this island for a preiod of seven generations'. "

Anyway after that we head back to the Kuah jetty to get back to kuala kedah. And bought this 2 miniature from a duty free shop.

Mine was the purple one and wenhan bought the orange one.

We reached Kuala Kedah around 4 something almost 5pm and planned to go to Penang but we changed our plan to Ipoh.. but somehow we ended up in Taiping as it was kinda late and everyone was pretty tired. We stay a night in Mookhen's place as his hometown is in Taiping. (((Ps: thanks for the stay =) )))


He brought us around Taiping.. and we went to the Night Zoo. I never been to a night zoo before thou. There's no people around wan lo...i mean no other visitors that night.. only us, the animalss... and some workers there. Hahaha.

There's not much animal that we could see... as it was pretty dark in there. And most of the animal was hiding somewhere inside their cages.

The mighty lion...

The bears are funny thou... we keep on flashing at them and im pretty sure they saw alot of stars.

The walabis..

After visiting the zoo, we went back to mookhen's house and took a bath. Around midnight, he brought us for supper and we had dim sum =)

The next day, we went to Taman Tasik Taiping. The Lake Garden. The place there very nice wan lo.. very environmental green... hhaha. Lotsa trees there..oohh and also lotsa monkeyss.

There's monkey everywhere..

This was the opposite site of the lake garden thou and there's more monkeys there.

In the garden theres this big rock... they made it to look like a dinasour shape.

After we stroll around there we went back to pack our stuff and get ready to go back PJ.

It was an amazing trip and i miss those places already. =/

neway..im gonna end this entry about the roadtrip... it kinda took me like forever to end this up. Hahahaha... sorry for that. Till the next post then... -cheers-