Friday, August 26, 2005

Phiew..Spm trial is just around the corner man.I still stick my butt here and glued my face to the screen.How good if only I can grab all the knowledge from Mr.Einstein's brain and tuck it into my tiny little brain of mine.Sometimes its just ridiculous(for me) to study 9 subjects with each of that have many many topics that are really clueless to me.After reading...i can go blank and forget everything that i've just read.Think that i'm weird?You can say that again..I am weird.Think that I'm dumb?Nahh...not really..I'm just 'stupid'.What else hur...??Heck...why on earth do we have major exams?How i hate it..people seems to only see the strings of A's..without an A you are out of the list or without A's you are one hopeless junk.Is that true?Do A's really matter that much?Damn...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yesterday the Hungry Ghost Festival was held here in my taman.Too bad mom felt sick yesterday so me with my brothers went there kinda late at about almost 10pm.So coincident the person who says the prayer(dont know what it called) just only wanted to throw the coins.Guess what...i managed to get 50 cents..not bad hur..Kenny get 26cents and Jerrick get 30cents.Eventually he keep on blaming me for being slow and went there late and manage to get only 30 cents.LOL...we hang out there about few hours..enjoyed watching the chinese movie,didn't know what is the title but Cheng Ekin and Cecilia Cheung acted in that movie.Dad came over later and then after burning all the praying papers we went back home and watch The Sisters.Scaryyy...ok change topic..i dont wanna remember what's the story about.I admit that i can be quite timid at times..hehe.Yesterday i went to my school motivation for teknik menjawab soalan kertas 1 bahasa melayu for the first session and the second session was a motivator from Taylor College talking bout setting our GOAL i guess...and the last one was about hospitality and tourism course in Taylor College which i think was kinda lame.Well at least the first session i was not sleepy.En Ramli from Tun Perak school was not a boring person afterall...he jokes around so that we dont fall asleep.And the second one..Mr.Daryl Wong...a funny guy too...he set up activities and give away prizes to the winners..and if you are wondering what prizes he gave..well..packets of Jackers...that's what my group get..30 packs of Jackers when we won in one of the activities.Weird..but its fun.Lastly..Mr.Brendon and Miss Jane...their talks was rather boring to me.Me,kat and birdie was too bored that we actually laugh our head off whener they say something The Niagara Falls..we almost heard as Niyagara Falls then we thought..ok good thing he didn't say viagra...lmao.When im back waist was aching man..can u imagined sitting on the floor for hours...9am till 4.30pm..but ofcouse we have our breaks at 10.30am and 2.15pm and my friends said that the canteen food was suxx..i didn't eat at all...the queeing up was no-no to the time i get my food and finish my food the teacher will already be calling us back to the hall.So me,sotong and birdie went opposite the school to buy french fries but never sell..damn it then i just get some of sotong's donouts that she bought earlier...haha..thankz to her if not i'll be starving to death.

Friday, August 19, 2005

One cool shit that i found out recently in KennySia's blog...the Beng-ify translator.If you know what it means, i guess u'll laugh ur head off..enjoy...lmao=p

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Celebrated the Merdeka day in school yesterday and the teacher made us stand during her speech! but luckily its not for long.We get to sit afterall on the "plastic" because the floor was wet after the rain.The best performance yesterday was the last one that was the Fesyen Show..a.k.a.Miss Malaysia wannabes..lorh guess what...there's 5 'contestants' from my class..they are none other than our OMs(yaiks..sorry guys..cant tell what OMs stands for..hehe),Cucumber..who became Dora's partner..wearing a Sabahan costumes, and the model of my class..Huay Bee the Miss Penang.Whenever one of them come usual we'll cheered the loudest..and laugh the loudest too..Coz the OMs and cucumber dressed up as boys..that made us cackle louder...lmao=b Have Account tuition yesterday and unfortunately i got to sit next to a malay guy and next to him was Amir(cute but has this girlish's the one who i think teasing me with a friend of his..from the first day i was the only chinese girl plus the only 'female'in that class and his friend was the only chinese boy what somemore..he sure will tease la.But now the class packed with quite a number of girls..and 2 other chinese i think Amir was tired of teasing..haha.Who cares anyway...and the funny part was..2 guys sitting behind of them me and sotong gave a name to him 'anak suzuki'..he dont even know both our yesterday he called 'ahmoi ahmoi' and Cikgu Azmi heard so he said "eh apa panggil ahmoi ahmoi ni..orang ader namer tau..tu Jenny." huahaha...then after that he wanted to call sotong but then he dont dare to call ahmoi d so he called out for the teacher and asked"Cikgu...yang ni Jenny..pastu yang ni apa?Ally eh?"then the teacher said"eh bukan Ally la..yang ni Jenny..yang tu pulak Jinni.." Hahahaha...cannot tahan with that teacher man..tak pasal pasal Alice become Ally then and sotong cant stop laughing.Heard from Fatin that the teacher might wanna do extra class during the holidays but not yet get any notice also.

The weather is icy cold right now...been raining for the whole day from morning till good if everyday the weather is like this...but what makes me 'boiled up' is my inconsiderate neighbour,,,now they are addicted to the Gemilang song by Jac...can you imagine it with those high notes that Jac sang...and now the song was spoilt by them man..damn it...
owh..Naruto is on later..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Have you ever been so annoyed by your very own neighbour?What will you do to shut them off?My newly neighbour just move in a month ago and everything was pretty normal until last few weeks..they really killed me with their singing and the karaoke set.Gosh...they sing like they own the whole residence area.Eventually they dont care what other people think or feel they just on the hi-fi set as loud as they could and start singing with all the "pitching berteraburan".Well..maybe they are bless with 'good' voice but that doesn't mean everyone will like the singing right.Man...all the daughters and including the mother was screaming their lungs out espeacially during the weekends...My mom once hinted them but they 'buat duh' only.The other neighbour did told my mom,"eh jiran kite ni dah giler agaknyer..hari hari nyanyi,siang malam pun nyanyi.." they are crazy...maybe they are in the mood or down with the Malaysian Idol and Akedemi Fantasia fever.Did i forget to mention that two of the daughters studied in the same school as mine.I got shocked when i saw one of the daughter came out of the house and actually smiled at me when that time i was still not sure who the heck is she.I cant stand them man...all their songs were kinda lame to me.Everytime you can hear the same songs repeated over and over again,my heart will go on-celine dion and some other oldies malay songs. See what i mean?If they sing today's hitz songs then nevermind la...still can be acceptable.Damn...

Haze Haze and Haze..what a hazy day.Cant stand the wheather as well.Early in the morning,the first thing you'll realise is you are actually breathing the contaminated air and the moment you step outside of your house u can hardly see a clear view across the street.And in the afternoon was even can feel that the sunlight was burning through your skin.As for neck started to itchy again..damn it.