Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Its already Mid-Term! Let's see.. ermm.. this week is already week 9..means i've been in degree for 9 weeks. And there's like another 4-5 weeks before Final exam....and after final..its the end of my year 1 semester 1. Time flies. Honestly, attending lectures and tutorials for 9 weeks already.. i'm still blur at certain topics.. not to mention, i dont even know what i've learnt actually. Yikes.

I haven't mention about the subjects that i'm having for this sem yet rite? well.. I have Pengajian Malaysia,which is a totally boring and so the 'sejarah' subject plus the lecturer..not to mention who, calling his students 'Tambi" wtfish! , after that i have Intro to Mass Comm... another subject that is boring.. well not that the subject is boring.. the lecturer made that subject a boring shit. I dont even pay attention in his lecture class..trust me when i say he is DAMN FREAKING LAME! , Communicative English... same thing.. blablabla.. for this subject.. the syllabus is almost the same as what i've learn in Foundation...letters,essays... sigh. Err.. what else.. oh.. Intro to Advertising... this is something new... and the lecture class wasn't as boring as others.. We get to see some TVC sometimes.. even during tutorial.. we do get to see funny TVCs.. plus our assignment.. we need to create a TVC!!TVC here and there... lol.. My group has choosen Secret Recipe for this assignment. So we need to like search the company info.. create some print ads and billboards... shot the TVC and make a storyboard. Phew.. we need to finish this assignment by week 10 as the presentation is on week 11 and the passing up the report is on week 12. Gah!!! Plus i have IT presentation on Week 11 too. IT is very boring toooo... its like all the subjects are very boring to me wan... haizz. -_-!!!!

Last week i'd sat for the Mass Comm midterm test... what i've read din came out in the subjective part..instead its at the objective part.. DAMN!!! And the subjective questions...i dunno how to do ahhh~ i crap alot for the 1st question. And question 2 and 3.. ermm... get some 'help' from a friend. Hahahha.... Lalalalala~ pretend u din read the last sentence.

Went for IT lecture this morning... the amount of student in lecture class is getting lesser and lesser day by day... lol. After IT lecture, ah loong and wenhan ajak me go sekyen14 for makan. At first decided to go McD... but that wenhan a.k.a panda giler dowanna eat the McD Breakfast since its only 9.45am and then we walk to KFC... cause he's craving for cheesy wedges with extra cheese for a long time...die also wan cheesy wedges. So after reaching there... damn -_-!!!!! Only opens at 10.30am. Hah... after that we went jaya mall there to jalan jalan awhile as panda wanna buy water and sweets.. loong also bought sweets.. me buy nothing. That time its around 10.05am so this time decided to go Pizza Hut pulak.. again.. not yet open! Opens at 11am. swt!! Not knowing where to go.. we ended up in McD drinking tea and milo. Hang around there till 10.30am and walk to KFC again. So we are the first customer ofcoz. LOL...and guess what.. Ah Loong so baik hati, he blanja us the meal..even the milo in McD he blanja also... muahahhaa... Thanks alot Ah Loong. =) I owe u one meal. Ishh... it seems like i owe alot of people a meal.. sigh.

After makan rush back to campus because loong got class at 11am and he was late for like 20 minutes. So we just lepak around the reading room until my next class starts at 12.30pm and class is till 4pm today. Feeling very sleeping and tired now but cant sleep now coz im having advertising exam 2morrow!! Haven't study arrr.

Friday, July 13, 2007

It has been rather a rough week for me thou. Feel kinda lazy to update my blog too. First of all.... guyss... I dont have any argument or what so ever with my old roommate k. We still do talk and hang out. Dont missunderstood of why i switched room. In the first place...its that girl who wanna switch with me. U know... ever since i told my friends around that i swap room, the first thing they asked was " Fight ar?" or "why?? Gaduh ka??" -_-!!!! Even the laundry guy asked me the same thing when i asked for a new laundry card... he was like " eh apasal tukar bilik pulak...? gaduh ngan roommate ker?" double -_-!!!! Recently..found out that that girl is rather an annoying person. My old roommate is already complaining bout her thou. After hearing stuff about her... i think she's such a biatch!

My parents was kinda unhappy about it(the switching) for some reasons that i'm not going to mention here.. wanna know...msg me personally to ask me then. So right now i need to find a room in seksyen17 as soon as possible. Been searching and asking around and just now me and steph even went around 17 to look for room. Well, saw 3 notices but i haven't called yet..will later on.

Transformers!! Yesh~!!! I'd watched Transformers, finally.... Hahaha. I went with Wenhan and Juchin last 2 weeks to Midvalley GSC. What really tickle my bones are when we are searching for parking.. been searching for one parking took us about more than half an hour...and what else... we in the car buat lawak la to entertain ourselves. After that found alot of parking lots at the other end of dont know where... since we're afraid that we will be late for the movie..Wenhan decided to park there and we have to walk like so damn far.... @_@. After that i met up with Yvonne and Peikei to collect my movie tickets as i asked them to buy for me first cause they were there lining up ealier than me. Good thing there's tickets left with good seats. Phew~...Transformers is really AWESOME~!!!!! "Autobots...transform and rollout!!" and the another one "One shall stand one shall fall...." Basically after anyone or whoever watched this movie... they'll get so into Transformers...wanna bet?haha.. Even me..=b Best movie ever.. rating... 10/10... hahaha. A friend of mine even went to the cinema to watch it for 3 times! Hahhh.

Erm... after movie we went makan in Kenny Rogers. Yummy~ Hahaha. Then went back...oh and before that... another funny part.. We cant find the car. We walk around the carpark for dunno how long..half an hour maybe till my kaki wanna patah... searching for Wenhan's a.k.a Panda Giler's car. HahahHaha... Inilah akibatnyer..park so damn far away from the Midvalley entrance till cant find own car.Damn lawak.. wanna find parking also susah... got parking d... wanna find the car also susah. -_-!!!

Presentations... This coming Monday i'll have my Pengajian Malaysia presentation. Arghh... damn i hate presentation. Hopefully i wont screw anything up on that day. Tension! Wish me luck guys =)

My brother just called me not long ago asking me if i wanna go back Malacca. Well.. he'll pick me up around 10pm i guess =) I feel like buying a new high heel for my presentation.. ^^

Ermm... what else huh.. Ate pizza yesterday and today.. HUahaha... Yesterday nite me, Yvonne and Peikei called pizza delivery..we called one regular hawaii pizza, 2 chicken soup and garlic bread. And today... Wenhan,panda giler yang sungguh baik hati belanja me makan pizza somemore. Syiok nyerr~!!! He ta pau garlic bread and small hawaii pizza... hehe. Ofcoz i cant finish the whole thing la... i called steph and deqian tolong makan.. and panda ate 2 slices of the pizza(after i paksa him to makan..lol eventhough he ate with his friends already...i dont care... since i cant finish it all by myself and class starting soon..haha=b)... i ate most of the garlic bread with one slice of pizza. Damn full... Thanks alot Panda Giler.. will blanja u makan oneday ayte. =)

Been eating so much fattening food... no wonder my aunt said i put a lil bit on weight already when she saw me last week. But then friends around still say i skinny and need to eat MORE... swt -_-!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Feel kinda lazy to update recently. I dont see any interesting event happenning around that interest me to blog about thou. Sigh. Right now im recalling whats happenning around me for past few days.. well.. yea.. suppose to watch Transformers last week but plan got canceled last minute...arghh.. Looking forward to watch it on this Wednesday thou. Been hearing people around telling me its a MUST watch movie. How cool is this..that..blablabla... argghh makes me even wanna watch it now.

Last week there was an event happening in UTAR PD Block. Unity Concert. Where there's this
Gegar U Colours Of Our Nation truck came over to 'gegar' we fellow utarians. There's live band from i think mostly are utarians showing their talent playing the drums and bass..singings... and stuff. Great~ but unfortunately i din stay there till the end and went back early for some reasons. Sigh =/

Right now i guess im coping up with my fellow tutormates. Wasn't that bad thou.. ah well although there's still a few of them that i have not spoken too...but i think i'll fit in still =)

Sometimes i feel that people around me are being weird. Or maybe its me being weird. I dont know why..it's just the way they act and their actions really leave you clueless at all.

I'm shifting to another room soon. Its not that im asking for it... well the story is like this...
Last few days, Yvonne( she's in B-7-8) had a new roommate. And i only get to know her was like yesterday..both me and my roommate. Yvonne brought her to dinner with us yesterday. So what make me go dannggg is.. just now my roommate sms-ed me when i was at downstairs with Yvonne and PeiKei, saying that she and yvonne's new roommate want to have a talk with me. Feeling weird at that time, i went up my room and meet them. Ok.. hold on... before that.. i was pretty much like.." huh.. weird.. since when u are so close to her already?" Nevermind...ignore that.. continue then. Well when i was in my room...she out of sudden asked me something in canto which im not sure what's the meaning..just know it got to do with 'foong' means room. ( haha.. i know my canto is really bad..i dont know canto,can)

So after she noticed that i dont understand her, she talk to me in english.." Do u want to switch room?" i was like.. -_-!!!!! switch what? Room?? did i hear wrongly??? helloo?? Daannggg...

Making sure that i didn't hear anything wrong... i repeated what she said and she nodded. Ofcoz this is too freaking sudden. Know her like only for a day..i mean.. my roommate too know her for like only a day.....ok lets make it 2 since its already past midnite. Right now wanna switch room with me and surprisingly my roommate wants her to shift in too... ooh okkk... sounds weird to me thou.

Anyway... im so freaking ok with it. Reasons :

  • I'm close to Yvonne and PeiKei ( well not say that im not close with my current roommate now) plus we can play dotA =b
  • This few days the weather is really hot.. and the side that i'm sleeping now is freaking warm always as the fan is not under my side there...i can't even get the wind ! And if i shift to yvonne's room im sleeping under the fan.. oye~
  • Change Feng Shui... LOL
  • New roommates ( guess my current roommate will be happy too with her new roommate..see my face always also sien wan rite. LOL =b) and kaki dotA pulak tu... ^^
  • I'm shifting out from MC soon so wan me to switch room and everyone's happy...why not?

So there's a few reasons i can think of now. So 2morrow i'll come back MC during my break time to settle this matter in the office and then rush back to campus before my next class starts. pheww~ Hopefully the office ppl wont make me wait and make me late for Miss Liana's class.

After settle everything, by Wednesday nite i can shift my stuff to Yvonne's room already.

So that's all about it in this post for now. Will update later on. =)Ciaoz!