Monday, August 20, 2007

I feel so lazy to i guess this will be a short entry. Basically, i've done with all my presentation and assignments... yiPeee! Final exam is just around the corner.. ermm...another 3 weeks to go. Sigh.


Do i Does she look like a psychotic fella on the loose??!????? Hahahahha........ Sial mia Hanzi Zhu aka Panda giler tie me her up with that tube thingy. Gaaahh!!

Anyway... will update later on la... really lazy wanna blog now. Kinda sleepy thou. So till then.. ciaoz~!

Friday, August 10, 2007

YiPee~!! Done with Advertising and IT presentation. Finally... gahahaha. Right now left English Oral Presentation next Tuesday and im done with all presentation and assignment for this semester. Pheww~ So far everything went smoothly... well...although there's a lil bit of unprepared. Who cares anyway... just get it done a.s.a.p..thats more important.
Went to Rawang last week for the TVC shooting. Reach ShinShin's house around 12 something and get ready for the shoot. I really look like a sick patient after i change my clothes and put on a pale make-up. Hahaha.

Liyuen as the nurse, wenhan as the Doctor, me as the patient.

Everything went according as plan for the tvc. Thanks Mook Hen for becoming our camera man. Hahaha.

Wanna see our TVC??? Ermm...well.. maybe i'll post it up next time. Still need to do some changes as Miss Jee said our second song boh gham...-_-!!!
After shooting...we went so crazy..or maybe its only me who went crazy..... hmmm.... Nooo... they make me go crazy... and i turned into this........




Bwahahahaha.........i'm your worst nightmare ever!!
We took some crazy pics...and even videos too.. let me upload one here.... enjoy!

So how was it?? There's more actually.... LOL.... =b Will post some other day...the internet connection in MC really sux. It took me forever to load pics.

the nurse, shin shin and the psychotic patient...

there we go again..... "ahhh....dont kill mmmeee~!!!!"

will upload more pics later on.... thats all for now... ciaoz!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Went to PIKOM PC Fair yesterday in KLCC with Ah Loong and Wenhan after skipping ah ben's 2nd class. We went to loong's house 1st before get there as he need wenhan's help to download some softwares. I was like being guarded with 2 bodyguards. Hahahhaha.... Thanks guys for bringing me there. =) I bought my printer ink already and im sure if i go during the last day of that fair i'll get a way much cheaper price. But then again... 2morrow will be a busy day shooting that secret recipe TVC i dont think i'll have time to go there again thou. Hmmm.

The night view in KLCC is just so nice....There's the Petronas Twin Tower.. Too bad I didn't bring my camera along. I put it in my bag and left it in Ah Loong's car in Asia Jaya. We took LRT to KLCC from Asia Jaya to avoid the jam. Sigh. Should have brought my camera along!! Gaaaahhh!

Well... all these pics were taken using Wenhan's N73. Its better than no pics at all right. HAhaha.

see.... so nice... dont you just like the lightings..hehe =D

That's the fountain.. we waited for quite sometime for the highest one to shoot up. LOL. -_-!! and quickly took our pics.

Thats Ah Loong and me. Still manage to get the highest fountain back there. I think he ter-close his eyes la in this pic. HAHAHa.... After that....

No more fountain d when took with Wenhan a.k.a Panda giler a.k.a Hanzi Zhu. He too 'yong sui' d thats why.. Gahahaha....*evil grin* He is so damn tall and i look so short when i stand beside him.

Both of them bought a canon printer at the pc fair. And as usual...guys... they go there to 'cuci mata' by looking at those pretty pretty sexy models... hahaha. Both of them enjoy looking at those girls while looking for their stuff... and I was searching for leng zhais... hahhaha.

Anyway...we saw few familiar faces there.Henry from AV1 was there working at the Canon booth and Lay Theng from my class was working at the NEC booth. I saw Vincent at there too.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Headache... headache... 2 presentations in one day next week. In the morning, I will be having IT presentation and then afternoon I have Advertising presentation. Sigh. But looking at the positive side.. I can finish up 2 presentation in one day and only need one formal attire. Hehe.

Will be shooting TVC in Rawang this coming Sunday. Hopefully, everything goes according to the plan and finish up shooting as soon as possible. For the TVC cast... Ermm.. lets see.. Wenhan will be the doctor, Li Yuen will be the nurse, and guess what i'll be... the patient.. half dead patient lying on the bed...craving for a slice of secret recipe cake!!! Gahhhhh!!! Im not sure if i can do my role well.. i might be laughing all the way man.. hehe. Shin Shin and Jr Chian will handle the camera.
Li Yuen is not one of our group member but we need her to be the nurse...and she's willing to help us out. Thanks Li Yuen. I'll make sure Wenhan blanja u makan k. He got a crushed on uuuuu!! Gahahahaha.... shhh... i shouldn't be telling this out...hehe.. shhhh.... *wink wink*
Went to Secret recipe twice already to snap some pictures for our print ads. Still need to photoshop those pictures. Sigh. Here's the cakes we ate...

Now you see.... Now you don't......gahahaha

The cakes are sponsored by Jr Chian. Hehe.. She so good. Thanks Jr. Oh ya..and my Ice Lemon Tea... sponsored by Panda.. thanks panda! LOL.... =D
Back in campus.... UTAR is getting weirder... " NO SKIRT ALLOWED", "NO 3 QUARTER PANTS", " MUST WEAR THE FUGLY NAME TAG ALL THE TIME", "NO SLEEVELESS SHIRT or TOP". WTFish!!!! 3 quarter pants also cannot wear. GAAAAHHHH..... one of my friend wore a skirt the other day... her skirt not say very short thou... slightly until at the knee there... but the guard ask her to write her name in the book. -_-!!!!!!!