Saturday, March 31, 2007

As you all can see... my blog now had this AdSense thing above my every new post. Well... thought of having some cash in my pocket using my blog whereby i have no idea if it would ever work. What i know now is...i'm craving for a new handphone!!!Can anyone or someone please sponsor me one??Or maybe throw the phone from up above down to me??? Or perhaps..give me a present for my birthday....Hehe... There's a few Nokia phone that i felt in love with....

Nokia 7390

So damn cun !! Hahhahaha..... Market price right now i think is RM1,699!!! Siao... the price also damn "cun"... sigh. 3 megapixel camera... 21 MB internal memory...blablablah.. I want!!!

Nokia 6288

Another 3G phone... RM1,299 with 2 megapixel camera and ermm... 6MB built in memory.. I also want!!!!

I've been using my old phone for like 3 years already. Why can't i be as rich as those young bratz that as young as a 8 years old own a mobile phone and i dont mean those old model..i mean new models.. like the Nokia N-Gage. Well its a new model last time thou. Still damn high tech right their phone.Sigh. Nowadays, those kids just ask their parents whatever they want and they'll get what they asked for. Last time kids would ask for a toy gun, those toy robots... and parents would still reluctant to buy one...but today... kids would just ask for ..."Dad...I want a PS2!!!!!" or "Dad...I want the XBox!It's so cool...please please..." and *poof* a new PS2 or XBox for them...

Anyway, these few days im kinda busy with my assignment stuff. Finance assignment done and right now i'm so freaking worried about our webpage assignment. Those codings make me go nuts!

So till then... im signing off. Wish me luck for my webpage presentation on this coming Tuesday.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mobile phone tracking. You definitely have to try this.... hahaha..

All you need to do is type in the person's mobile number that you wanna locate and you'll be surprise with the results. =)
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heven't been really getting a good nite sleep for the past few days because of the weather and stomache for damn 2 days. Ate the Mee Hun in my campus during the break time, came back and took a short nap and woke up having the urge to puke! And eventually i went to the toilet for like almost 4 times...'lau sai' . I'd made my vow... never to eat canteen's fried mee hun again.

I lost my appetite and my hours of sleeping time.Darn. The weather for the past few days was really killing me. Luckily this few days it's been raining in the evening. Besides...having pms is just another pain in the ass...sigh.

Assignment is heating up...week 6 is just around the corner and MC connection speed equals to "KANASAI" Loading could take up to hours... -_-!!! Frustration grows and this is what will happen.........




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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back in Malacca on Thursday and im goin back KL 2morrow..oh i mean today since it was past midnight already. Assignment now starting to tension me up. Kinda worried about it already. Its already the 4th week.. and the dateline is on week 6!!! ArrgHhhhh!! I'm wondering how we are going to finish up our own webpage for the webpage assignment since im kinda lost during the practical.-_-!!! and same goes to Finance....i'm LOST!!! Damn.

Before i forget this again...i wanted to post up this picture but i always've been wondering why im such a forgetfull girl. sigh. . so here's the picture.

Tadaaa~! Hanging watermelon from 6th floor to the 5th floor where my uncle stay.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Went for a movie yesterday in GSC Midvalley.

Mukhsin directed by Yasmin Ahmad
I lurvee this movie so much...guess that explain all.Hahahha

Monday, March 05, 2007


She's such a psycho! Yes im referring to the girl staying next door. Suker hati mak datuk dia only come and find fault with us. Well...there's a dustbin somewhere outside our room..obviously it's not facing directly at anyone's door..neither mine nor hers. And so yesterday when me and my roommate came back from Malacca we noticed that the dustbin somehow was shifted to almost infront of our room.. What else...Steph shifted to its original place la...then out of sudden.. this psycho pathethic bugger came out from the room and kick the dustbin and stared at us as though we had somehow killed her blardy pet. I terus bengang sial at that time... I mean like...what's her problem la... suddenly wanna show that she rules the place ka.. my foot la. Puik! So that time we didn't say anything to her...we both was like -_-!!! wtf!! Psycho sial that girl. Geeezz.. Then after that.. me and steph shift back the dustbin. Not long later...when i was in the toilet washing some stuff i heard Pei Kei and Yvonne was outside my room and the psycho bugger's voice was scolding vulgar words at them.. She thought that it was them who shifted the dustbin. What else...both of them lagi bengang. When i open the door that psycho already entered her room.Cis! Later we plan to have our dinner and when we get out from our room....she's there standing at the door. She thought that we will move the blardy dustbin.

After we had our dinner...we came up to our room..and guess what..crappy coincidence..she was there standing infront of us the moment the lif opened. What the heck.... she is so gonna give me a nightmare. She can even stared at i though we had somehow murdered her damn pet. We just ignored her la that time then thought that she will enter the lif...manatau she din enter...she stared at us again until we entered our room. What's worst was she scold some vulgar words in Cantonese...something goes like " sei pat poh..." *wtf* oh did i forget to mention that she was an indian. Cari pasal sial that fella..

By the way...i even heard she say "pukimak" Wah lau wei...aderker patut. Cis. She is such a crappy idiotic pathethic sicko. Sigh. If she would ever find fault with us again... Siap la dia...not going to be quiet d. Ish.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thought of blogging about this last week but then it seems like my hostel internet connection is forever sucks. Uploading a picture will take forever. So since i'm back in Malacca i could update this now.

It was really alot of people there....human beings are everywhere...All kind of people were there... even cute angmohs...hehe =b

Apparently there's alot of chinese people were there to those who thought it will be pack with only're wrong...Stop being a RACIST.

From the place i stand...i could only manage to see the big the front was pack with people. Maklumlah big shot were there that nite.... the King and the Queen. Didn't manage to get their pictures thou.And so as usual the event start up with ....speeches from those menteri menteri and the Agong.

After that the performance/parade begun....

Some malay dance...

Lion Dance

The big big flag...

salute this man sial....


Eventually the big flag almost fall on us....-_-!!!

Dragon dance

manage to take a pic with these girls in their traditional costumes

Well..those are some of the performance..there's others but then just after the dragon dance started to rain..darn. It's not that heavy and its just rained for a few minutes.. Just after the rain they put up the fireworks...and here Kelvin Lau singing on the stage..Im pretty impressed by his performance when he sings Pencita Wanita.

Kelvin Lau as the guest artist


This firework photo that i took... look so 'wormie wormly' because of some effect. I find it pretty nice..dont you think so...?