Friday, March 31, 2006

Haven't been updating for quite a long time.So now it's already the end of time really flies.Finally i get my P License already.Went for that JPJ Test on the 20th March and thank god i'd passed..yea althought i did some mistakes(not to mention i almost hit that 'black n white tiang' during the side-parking thing(The tester didn't fail me and when i looked at him that time..i noticed that he wasn't looking and was writing some Who cares long as i'd passed can d ayte.

So...i've decided that i'll continue my studies in UTAR.A year in Foundation and 3 years Degree in Advertising.Yea..of all the courses..why advertising.The answer is.." I DON'T KNOW " so for those who intend to ask me know my answer. Well i do get different types of remarks/questions when i say im taking that course.Some were :-

  • Why advertising??No other course to take ka?
  • Oh ok advertising..not bad..not bad..
  • aiya with this kind of can take a better course then that advertising wat..
  • Why not take engineering??
  • Mass com again??No job wan la later..
  • Very hard to find job you know...

What man..If im taking advertising the world will turn upside down is it?I know some are just trying to give 'advices' but those advices are so not helping me.Recently i went to my aunt's hair salon to fix my hair and there's this aunty who i dont know asked me what's my plan.So i told her that im taking a year in foundation and 3 years degree in advertising.And she goes like "Advertising??Your results not bad what..why must take advertising..take something that you can easily find job later la..advertising very hard to find job you know...." and she bla and bla and blabla... then saying about her daughter this and that...OMFG!!It was damn annoying!! Really can't stand her. Don't she notice or even aware about what the heck is she talking about???Geez..pathetic.

Seems like almost everyone thinks that its hard to get a job later..well...i'll prove them wrong.IF only i'm able too anyway.I cant really predict what's going to happen to me in years to come.Wish me luck then..=b

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some words are best to be written than saying it out loud
Her tears may dry after the rain
Her heart may stop from loving someone
But her soul are always on the run for that special someone
Never she knew that she's been loved
Never she knew that she's in love
He was waiting and she never realise it
Never he dare to spill his words to her
Never he failed to shower her with love
When fate tear them apart
Falling leaves in autumn start to fall
Everything was too late
Be now or never
Uttering goodbye to each other forever

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

After all my struggling in school for the past 5 years in secondary school finally paid off.Very thankful that i managed to obtain a pretty good results for the very last exam in secondary school last year.Maybe my results wont be as good as others and some will like "what so big deal about this kind of results..others are better than yours..." but what the heck...i'm very satisfied with mine.Never really expect to get this kind of results in the first place.I couldn't believe my eyes either.Or maybe some will think that i'm just showing off with only this kind of results...oh i dont care what others think as my PMR results really hit me bad.So bad that i know my SPM results will be the same.But it wasn't.It wasn't the same results i get and i was really shocked.Good thing i dont have to post 'the bad news' like i mentioned in my previous post.

First of all...Congrats to all my unforgettable good-friends,Birdie,Ah Miaw,Sheena,Shirley...and others who i dont really know their results yet.I wanna thank my parents..without them who la am i right..My pals...teachers..( ceh..why suddenly sounds like giving speech after getting grammy award..) Anyway...i dont wanna sound like so very the 'wuliau' and so very the 'sampat' me.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Geez...doesn't know what i wanna blog about for these few days.Nothing really much happening around me.Damn...i missed out the Birthday Bash in M.Parade last week.Really sux man... and blardy hell..Pop Shuvit was there too.How can i miss it...???Well..another crap thing is my SPM results coming out on Monday (13th March). How i wish that i dont have to take that results. It's really going to freak me out on that day..well its freaking me out now already.To those who are in the same condition as i am...wish u all.."Fun Wee Fuck!!!!" Opppss...sorry..typing error..wish you all lots and lotz of luck wokey.-Cheers-

ps=wait for my bad news on Monday then..=b

Sunday, March 05, 2006

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Days are rather boring as usual.Nothing much i've been doing...still jobless and it was totally sux.What i'd really been doing was taking up my driving lessons.Once or twice a week for about an hour.I had my Pra Test that Thursday.Good thing that it's over and i already get my L license.Now i'm still waiting for the JPJ(Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) test.The final one.It's really freaking me out to know that it's very difficult to pass in JPJ test for the first time.Each re-take JPJ test cost RM50...and they can easily fail you whenever they feel like failing you.Just one silly mistake and out you go..FAIL.I dont know if i can pass on that day..always having problem in changing the speed.Feel dumb for myself.About the Pra Test...i was pretty lucky to get a good instructor that day.The most frequent words that i heard came from his mouth was "Speed up!!speed up..!! no speed up..don't worry..just speed only!" Duh.... no wonder many people can't easily pass in JPJ Test.

That morning before taking my Pra Test...i met Zalina,an old friend of mine back in primary school.She's taking the same test too.At first she walked pass me with a smile..and i was like ' i think i know her' so i smiled back to her and asked her if she's Zalina.

Zalina: Yea..i know you..err..what's your name d ar..aiya..i forget your name..but i know u la..Kite skola MGS dulukan..ala..dah lupe nama you la.
Me: Yeler same skola..Haiyen la.Ingat??
Zalina : Ahh...Haiyen..Now i remember. That's why just now i saw you..i say to myself,how come you're taller already.. Last time you're quite short one right?
Me :Huh!?!

Geez...thanks for that remark.We chatted for awhile while waiting to be called for a short briefing.I saw a few familiar faces there too. But didn't have the chance to approach them.After the short briefing..we have to wait again for our turn to take the test.This time Zalina was waiting somewhere else for her instuctor.I can see that almost everyone were so tense..including me of course.But after everything had over..and i'm glad that i've pass..really feel lighten up a lil bit.

Now i'm quite worried about my damn SPM results that will come out on 13th March.I've already predict that my results will totally be like shit.Well..nowadays,everyone only look at A's and A's..and only A's in results.What so not the type of girl that have many A's in her report cards.Its so damn pathetic.

Went out for dinner yesterday and had Chicken Rice in Bandar Kaba,opposite the police station.All time favourite place to have chicken rice.Yummy~.. So after that went to Senyum in Melaka Raya..and it was so pack with people.We were suprised and were wondering what event they're having.So dad found a parking.The main entrance was blocked with malay youngsters and we try to peek to see who's on the stage. Too bad..we didnt manage to see the people on the stage.We saw the poster somewhere outside."Hotlink Bersama AF3" wonder..Mawi was on the stage.Guess week..Lee Hom will be there.So to all Lee Hom's fans..go Senyum next week.If im not mistaken i saw the banner yesterday.