Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why i dont hear a thing??I've change the song but then now dont know why suddenly no sound come out....*hitting my head on the screen*...I just came back from a dinner in Tiara...I didn't know that they are celebrating someone's birthday there...just that after the dinner they brought in the cake and start singing birhtday song...duh
im dead bored!!!Still cant find any suitable script for the oral many things that seems undone...Monday the teacher need the scripts....seriously dead....wondering whether Cat found school...Squid Head kept on reminding me bout her birthday that coming soon on the Feb 4....hahaha...didn't know what to get for her...on that same day...we have "Larian Merentas Desa"

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I can't find any suitable essay for my group's oral test!!!!hurg....2morrow have to stayback for tourism&philately club...dead bored man....My english tutor has changed to more Hasbulah d...(hahaha the girlish teacher)...That Mrs.Siti trademark herself as GTS(Great Teacher Siti)duh.....but on thing bout her is she speaks 100% english in some of the ppl in the class blur...and we are only allowed to speak english....can you believe that??How am i supposed to speak english to my malay friend...(she's not really good in speaking english) It's just weird know....ermm...well....nothing can be done...some of the students did complaint to En.Rashid and he said that he will try to discuss with Mrs.Siti...i met Siti Hajar's friend, Atika...gosh...she's really tallest in class i guess...

I got nothing to type d...and yea..i've change the song...Ryan Cabrera-TruE-

Friday, January 21, 2005

I've bought my shoe!!!Guess what...yesterday i went to Senyum to find but none that i'm interested my dad drove me to MP to find...been to many for the perfect shoe...then i saw one that i kinda like so i asked the sales girl for my size...damn i get the same answer..."SORRY...THIS IS THE LAST ONE..NO MORE SIZE" that time i was goin to give up on buying my CNY shoe...seriously....After mom come and asked.."found ur shoe?" and i said.."yeap...but no SIZE!"...she just said"find others la" what to do....have to find other shoe lo...find and find...then finally...i just test on of the shoe in that shop and ask my mom whether its suit me or not...she say "if u like everything also suits wan.." so i ask for my size again...luckily got...if not...&%*^$%&^*... The fact is i dont really fancy that shoe i've bought but maybe i'll like it someday...who know...its just a shoe...not a big boring....

No one ever saw me like you do
All the things that I could add up to
I never knew just what a smile was worth
But your eyes say everything without a single word
Coz there's something in the way you look at me
It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece
You make me believe that there's nothing in this world I can't be
I'd never know what you see
But there's something in the way you look at me

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Finally i have time to write a blog...stuck with my homeworks and school usual..boring stuff....after hearing the teachers saying bout SPM...getting worrier now....When im in science class ..i dont really understand a thing what the hell she's talking about...terrible man.Have to put more effort on it d....sometimes i get lazy too...its a normal thing rite..LOL
The good news....2morrow is a holiday!!!! yea...can sleep longer...
The bad news is.....i have to do my homeworks!!!duh....can my life be better than this??What else that i can was normal...yea tuition....i went to attend my tuition class last sunday and guess English tutor was a man but acted like a lady!!!OMG...i can laugh for 1 hour in his class man....cant stand the way he talk...but his education was power...he's a lecturer and had gone to many university in overseas to give his lectures....such a joker.. my History tutor was an indian guy.....kinda funny too.....hehe

Since 2morrow is a public holiday then on Saturday i dont have tuition class too...great.....=P
Later going out for dinner...and buy my CNY shoe...still haven't found one yet....i went to bunga raya already but still not one suits my taste...weird man...i saw one that i wanted to buy but in the end the sales girl told me..NO MORE SIZE d....what a pathetic...
So that's all....ChaOz~!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Today's my father's birthday..his 50th birthday.Just now went to Renaissence Hotel to eat buffet and then my brother bought a jersey for him..jersey number 50...haha.
I have tuition class this evening...3-6pm..the class was full...and there's only 3 chinese plus me and then one indian...the rest is malayz....i sat beside a girl and u know what....she's my primary friend..didn't really recognise at first but then she suddenly ask whether i know her or i said i dont remember...but she do look familiar to me...really cant's subject supposed to be math,science and BM but then the math teacher didn't make it so the science teacher take over for boring..2morrow i have add maths,english and History class...same time...why must go tuition sien..This is the life in Form5....duh...
so bored so bored...oh's ah kat birthday also...i did called her up and wish her...

Just now on my way out....i accidently drop my the thing..dunno what to call later have to go and repair...waste money only...i'm sooo boreedddd....k la..till here only...ChAoZ~!!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

teLL mE

When I hear your name I feel like
I'm drowning myself in your arms
All I can think about now is you and me
When i know the time is right for me
I'll tell you all the truth that has been lying in me for centuries
I love you more than anything on earth
If you really want to know
I'll tell you this
If you really hate me so,
Please tell me
Coz i want to see we made it up again
and bring happiness again

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Last few days was really busy with school stuff and damn tired...tired with my homeworks and school activities... Monday i have Chesse Club till 3.40pm then Tuesday i have my Green house practice till 5pm...wednesday i have extra class for maths till 2.40pm and Thursday need to stayback for my uniform body and and also for Tourisme&Philately club till 4pm...Friday i will be free and then on Saturday and Sunday i have to attend my tuition classes...What a live hur...need to go thru this every dead tired...what to do...its my last year in school d...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Just a moment ago...i've got many things that i wanted to write down in here but now i have no idea what i want to say....lame.This few days was really sux man...That Friday my science teacher asked me to see her to take my class work after taking em' she asked me to call K6,K7 and K8 class monitor to see her..and guess what....i totally forgot to tell em'...when i reached home then only i realized that i miss something in school...i was like going to hit myself on the wall...Tomorrow i have school and i have no idea what the teacher going to say bout that...just have to wait and see.

About my Bahasa Melayu subject...En.Jamal wants the work book money to be handle to him on Monday..means tomorrow..and i think there's 10 over more ppl haven't pay to me their have to hunt for them again.....why me?????duh.....I still leave my english and bahasa homeworks...not in da mood to do...wonder why....I've been searching for that Komsas revision book for 3 days...and went to 5 bookstore to find it...but all out of stock d...damn.Now i've not enough notes to do my bahasa homework....what can i do?Kinda mess up now.
well....i think i got to be going...need to finish up my homeworks ASAP....if not im DEAD...
till then ...Chaoz~!

Actually i supposed to write an entry on monday but my internet connection was damn lagging so have to postponed.Here's my entry....on MOnday my 1st day in Form5..well the class was at d Shellabear Block...then class teacher is still Pn.Safiza.But my BM,English,Math,Moral and PE changed to En.Jamal,Miss Toh,Miss Tan,Mrs.Tan lay heong and Mr.Oh(i wonder what he's going to teach us on PE lesson...back kick or front kick...ahhahahahaha) don't know why they wan to change teachers.. now the teachers that just teach us this year dont even know our names...duh...they take time to recognise 43 students in ma class...haha....Guess what else..i have to be the class Treasurer for this year totally sick of collecting moneys from em'...all their debts they doesn't want to pay and i have to hunt em' like the "ah long"..and if the money get lesser...i have to be responsibe of it...such a hard work... I thought that i wont be selected for this year and that im free...but then Pn.Safiza said "On my request....i wan the last year Treasurer to to haiyen u'll be the treasurer"...that time i just wan to jump down from my class..hahaha...But goes on..Squid Head helps me alot in collecting the funds...most of my classmates scare of her..hahah wonder why....her mood easily change.So when she's in bad mood no one dare to talk to her.... except me..LOL.....On the First day the teachers gave us tons of homewrks....did it almost till midnite...then the next morning at 6am have to wake up..and get ready for school again..boring stuffs.I think i got to go now... update later.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

What is love?
There's no words can describe that one specially word,
Can we actually survive without em' ?
Can we never wanted to be loved
Or never wanted to have sweet memories?

The air is so damp after the rain
And the sun will rise up again soon
When can i see your sweet and caring smile on your face again?
How i wish i can hear ur voice once again
Although i just heard your loud and cold voice yesterday
I'm sitting here staring at the phone ..
Waiting..and waiting...
And tears flow streaming down my cheeks
I'm so helpless without you...what am i thinking of?

I'm doing things slow moving and have blanks in my mind
Wondering whether its me you are thinking of right now
The words you've said to me the other day
" I think its the end of us and i hope you'll understand "
Still echoing in my head
What i can do that very moment is just giving him a fake smile
And turn around without looking back or say a word

I thought to myself that my life is ruin forever
But in second thought
I will always be brave and no one is actually worth my tears
No one can help me but myself
That's my principle and will never change for eternity


sounds lame hur?Too bored d...what to do..hahah

Mengapa terdapat orang yang sedih apabila hari itu dipenuhi dengan gelak ketawa
Setiap kali kau terlintas di dalam fikiranku
Aku tak berdaya untuk membuat apa-apa
Aku hanya berada di dalam satu sudut yang gelap gelita
dengan memendamkan perasaan yang sedih pilu di hati ini
Apabila kau berada di hadapan ku
Tiada kata-kata ataupun senyuman yang dapat ku sampaikan
Tidak ku berani memandang matamu
Berkali-kali telah ku cuba untuk memberi senyuman pada mu
tetapi kau seolah olah cuba mengelak
Terdapat masa yang ku perasan pandangan mu yang memerhatikanku
Apakah maksud pandang itu??
Aku menjadi keliru
Tiada jawapan yang terjawab di dalam hati ku ini

Aku menderita
Derita yang ku rasa tiada penawarnya
Mengapa harus ada pertemuan dan perpisahan?
Alangkah baik jika tiada perpisahan di hidup ini..

Aku disakiti
Sakitnya hatiku setelah mendapat jawapan yang tidak diingini
Mendapat tahu yang kau telah berpunya
Oleh siapa?Tidak ku ketahuinya..
Tidak mahu ku mengetahuinya...

Apa yang ku inginkan cumalah
Kau berada di sini dan menemaniku setiap masa
Membelai kasih sayangku dan tidak meninggalkan ku
Ingin ku dengar kata-kata manis dari bibirmu
dan yang tulus ikhlas dari hatimu
tetapi apakah dayaku
Kau tetap pergi jauh meninggalkan ku kesepian dan keseorangan
Meninggalkan memori yang indah di belakang
Kini kau tiada di sini
Hanya dapat ku berdoa selamat untuk mu

Hey....i heard of people saying bout this blogger so im here to write some shits out of my head..find it kinda interesting to do..although i already have a journal...but i can write some stuffs in here when im online and doing nothing.Very bored wondering what else that i can write in here some more..ermm..nothing much i i think i'll stop here till again when i have something interesting to Chaoz!