Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello my fellow Earthlings .. I've been gone far too long in this blog world. Had a pretty rough year but.. ah well in a simpler understanding, pure laziness strikes me. baahh.. like they said.. " Life is a bitch.. It's never easy " 

Looking back at my blog posts years ago.. I'm impressed! Truly, how could i have started blogging since 2005? But somehow it started off with pretty much post at first and deteriorating after years till now. Which I'm not proud to say that I skipped blogging for the past 2 years. Recalling back what happened last 2 years was pretty daunting and some sort of dismaying. But I do actually learn a lot from mistakes and still learning. We all would never stop learning aren't we.

I remembered what actually made me started blogging 9 years ago was when i started reading other people blogs and how they relate their everyday life event in their blog seems pretty much interesting. I do have my own hand written diary at that moment thou and been writing diaries for probably 3 or 4 years maybe. My first diary if im not mistaken was in the year of 2001 or earlier... hurmm.. and I find it extremely amusing on what I actually wrote in there in those teenage years. Ahhh memories.

Sometimes I don't think people would really bother to read my post here. Just so because probably half of my entries are kinda crappy at times. Then again, It's my blog, I can crap as much as I want rite. Haters gonna hate anyway. And also people get crazy because of desperation and jealousy. I've bumped into many of them and trust me, it's petrifying and disturbing to even know these people actually do exist in real life and not only in the movies. Whats more surprising is that, after you encounter one, another one will appear and another one.. and you know why? It's because you have learn so much from these people that makes you have that sense that the other person are like that or even worst. (why is there so much 'that' in one sentence.. grrr).

This reminded me of my post last 2 years (which is kinda recent in my homepage if you scrolled down). There's an immature someone that been harassing me all over social media for almost a year that i constantly complained about in that post. Got to know who was it from my uni mate recently like for after 3 years.. and pretty much expected that is the person that I suspected in the first place. Sometimes, my instinct never fail me. ( no pun intended ). I hope she reflect on her doings and have peace with her own mind.

Anyway, my life now is pretty much here and there i think. I wouldn't say that I'm perfectly ok with where or who or what I am now. People could say how happy i am, how this and that.. but truth is.. How much do you actually know me or How much do you actually care is very different. Im a Gemini and what Geminis are.. they are very unpredictable most time.

Till then... i shall blog again soon.