Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho~hO~Ho~... merry Merry ChriStmas!!! Wishing everyone a merry chirstmas.

Well... my christmas eve for all these years have always been the same...its either i'll be infront of my tv watching Santa's movies or party in somewhere which was kinda boring.This year was slightly different i guess.. should i put it anyway. Never really been to Portuguese Settlement on Christmas Eve. Went there yesterday nite with a friend that i've chatted for like year or maybe 2? and met him yesterday.At first he told me that he was in KL and i ofcoz didn't expect for his call then. But to my surprise..he called at 8 something and said that he was back from KL and asked if i wanna go to Portuguese Settlement. Ofcoz i wanna go.LOL. Seriously i wanted to go there since i never been there on christmas eve before. Thanks a lot Jin Ming for bringing me there although u know that it will be a blardy jam there...hehe. Been kinda stuck in the jam for like one hour plus thou. Well thought that i could met up with Yvonne and Pei kei when im there but i dont see them around when i reach there. And i can't even make any call out...the line seems to be down or something. No doubt that the celebration there was merry... everyone there i guess have their own wonderful time with their friends,families, lovers...etc etc. Party Spray everywhere... haha..we dont have any snow here so party spray could be replaced the snow i guess. I saw Perpin there with her fellow IJC friends. Took some pictures with her. On the other hand, i bumped into Seok Ling too. Din noticed her at first before she called me. It has been a long time since i last saw her. Seriously i'm still searching for that two but failed. Ah nevermind then. After the countdown Jin Ming bring me along to see the lightings around there. Owh..pretty pretty lights around decorating the houses.

another video..guess who i saw again.. perpin and her geng...and i think she's really in the mood for christmas.LOL =b

Hahaha...Hohoho...Merry Xmas guys! -cheers-

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mom did called me up past few days.. telling me that Malacca is kinda badly flood. I was like..."huh..??Flood???" Ermm... never in my life came across any bad flood in Malacca. So mom told me that the most affected area was Taman Merdeka and Malim. My house here wasn't so bad.. but my car porch was flooded and the water came in my house a lil i think. There's some pictures taken by my dad and younger bro.

Malim area

Shell petrol station in Malim

Grandparents' house in Malim, the water level had gone down.

My house.. *gasp*

nearby Tesco

Here's a short video taken by my dad in Malim..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Was down with a fever and sore throat on Thursday, it was horrible.. really horrible. I have to rush my mass com assignment as the due date was the next day,Friday. I slept at 3 am just to finish up my News Story and darn at that time while doing... my head was blardy heavy but i have to stay awake to finish up..or else i might not finish in time tomorrow. Thought that i might not get sick for this month.. but duh.. I'm sick afterall.Damn. After long hours doing just one news story.. i get some sleep. Woke up at 10.30am and still feeling unwell. Lack of sleep. And then i still make the effort to actually attend my classes at 2pm. In the class i was pretty much tired and down but i'm still holding on. When wanna submit the assignment..there's mistakes... and what else..have to re-do.Skipped management class again to finish up the assignment before 6pm.At first, we planned to take a cab back to we walk outside to wait for the cab and damn the weather was killing me.. my head was blardy heavy waiting for a damn taxi. After a long wait there's no taxi at all so we decided to just walk back to campus and finish the assignment in lab *duh...* Still feeling horrible that time. In lab, the aircond was rather cold and i was like shivering in there. Finish up my part and help others to finish theirs.. and in my thought was.. quickly get things done and get out from the lab and go back and sleep... So supposingly the assignment can be passed up before 6 if there's no troublemaking from yvonne and pei kei...didn't know what's up with them...disappear and actually have the mercy to leave their work when there's only left less than 2 hours due to the deadline. Plus i thought they will have a good explanation for this...but none.Buggers.After their disappearing, me, dajie and dennis helped them out with their halfway done work. So after that finish typing and saved everything up.. its time to do the printing. But damn.. lab printing was sucks.No other choice... Da Jie called up her bf,Weiseong to fetch me back MC and print. And there goes me again... rushing here and there..trying to make it on time. At that time it was already 5.40pm and i was seriuosly tired and my head almost went blank, i wonder how i can still stand...geezz. Sat on WeiSeong's motor and reached MC at about 5.45pm. Quickly rush to my room and print..thanks to steph too for helping me print some.Put everything in the Press Kit and paste the cover page... blablabla... and done..Looked at the time again, shit.. 5.57pm.At that time i dont think of my fever but the assignment. Quickly went down and Weiseong fetch me back to campus and as i reach i saw Da Jie rushing out to get me.Pass her the Press Kit and passed up the assignment at 6.05pm. Good thing the lecturer didn't take the box away yet. My face was really pale and damn... i have fever.. and i should be resting.. what the heck with assignment..stupid assignment. One more thing that i really salute myself..hahaha..yea.. i salute myself on this. Eventually i walked back from campus to MC which was like almost a 20 minutes walk.It's not lying. Steph asked me this.."what??u wanna kill urself is it??" hahaha... yea...i think i am killing myself. All day long.. i had headache,feeling of puking,tired,seeing double images, cold, pain in the throat, and body aching. What a day for me..

Reached MC and packed my stuff as my brother is coming to pick me up. Can't wait to go back Malacca thou after a long shitty day in KL.. Just wanna meet my dearly parents.. Where when im sick.. mom will take really good care of me..and dad's concern... sigh. Right now im in KL... i wont have all these when im sick then. Who cares when you're sick ayte. Reached Malacca at about 10 something. Washed up everything and ate panadols and head to bed. Mom kept on reminding me to sleep early. I had a good nite sleep and woke up today..feeling way much better. Glad that my fever is gone and my sore throat wasn't that bad now.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Friday, went to Sunway Lagoon for the Beach Party with Steph,Adrian,Jerry and Raymond. I even meet up with Birdie there. It's been a long time since i saw her. Too bad Kath and Sotong can't make it. If they were there,i'm sure it will be a whole lotsa fun. It was raining that night when we reach there. I have free passes since Dennis was one of the finalist for the Fresh Face competition. Too bad he's not the winner but i guess being in the top 30 finalist was a great achievement afterall. Urban Groove definitely rocks the nite with their breakdance and hip hop dances. Guest performance by John Wee from the winner of Superstar and a sweet voice singer named Jewel from Sunway University College. Photos all taken with steph's camera as mine was in Malacca. So there's not much pictures taken on that day thou.

Urban Groove

From left:Jerry,Ray,Me,Adrian and Steph

After the Beach Party, we decided to stay a night in Ray's place in Subang since it was already past midnight and if me,steph and adrian were to go back to MC,the taxi fare will be double. Thanks to Ray then for his place. Well i was awake for the whole night and me, Jerry,Ray and his brother, and Adrian played Balckjack since we are not sleepy. Steph was already in her dreamland and not long later Adrian was also in his dreamland. So left me and the others who are still awake playing cards downstairs till 6 something in the morning. Gosh.. in the end.. i actually won their

After that day... i went back MC and slept for like only about 2 hours plus and i wonder why i can't sleep any longer. Woke up and was totally bored and so i find Perpin to catch a movie. We went to MidValley then actually watched 2 movies. Eragon at 9pm and The Haunted Apartment at 12am. Hehe...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

List of what i hate/dislike/disgust the most in someone:

  • People who make fake promises where in the end it's just a piece of bullshit
  • People talking and crapping sarcastically when their brain is not in their head
  • Hanging up my call before i could even finish talking
  • Bugging me when i'm busy or not in the mood
  • Putting words in my mouth
  • People who do or act ridiculously when they misunderstood something
  • Acting like you know me well enough but the fact is you dont know me at all
  • Be nice to me in one day and be a whole shitty person the next day
  • Girls who are so damn pampered
  • People who take advantages on others (in money matters and also dignity)
  • Making fool about me like nobody's business
  • People who act like they're innocent when they did or say something wrong
  • People who talk so damn loud on the phone
  • Purposely change their thoughts or decision in the last minute over an unacceptable reason
  • People who make such a big fuss over something
  • Putting blame on me over something
  • Because of you i get a bad remark or report from others
  • People who could say million times of sorry and still did the same mistakes

Monday, December 11, 2006

Back in Malacca on Friday and here .. am going back PJ in about 15 hours time? Yea.. goin back with my brother around 4-5 o'clock in the evening. Darn. How i wish i could just stay in Malacca now.. lol. Going back PJ doesn't seems to be fun anymore like it used before during the first sem. People change... i guess. I will be more excited coming back to Malacca instead.Sounds funny ayte...but its true. Came back on Friday nite and was supposed to go out with Sotong and other primary school friends.. but canceled because one of us cant make it. So we postponed to Sunday...which was just now. Went to More Cafe in Melaka Raya. Unfortunately,2 of our friends then can't make it.. one was in JB and the other one had something on in the last minute.So there's only 4 of,sotong,ah xin and pei may. Girls nite out .... there's always laughter and gossips.. Recalling back the days in Primary school.. blablabla. Besides.. went out with Steph and adrian,yvonne and pei kei on Saturday. Eventually, we had Bakuteh for lunch and watched "Cinta" in MP. A pretty good movie.. touching thou. Almost cried... huahahhahha... Nothing much then. I did catch up with a friend who i din see for like few months i guess. Didn't really know where he dissapear back then when i was in Malacca. We just talk in the car as usual.. as it was kinda past midnite and we have no where to go. To my twin godbro...again we can't meet up.Haven't been seeing him for like months..almost a year? ermm.. not so sure myself.Hope to see him when im back again then.So that was it... spending my time in Malacca for this time. Will be coming back again in 2 weeks time.. for Christmas. Yeay~ Christmas is getting nearer. In da mood for Christmas right now. Bought a Santa's hat too for only 3 bucks. Thanks to ChengHui who bought it at Subang the other day. To Cheng Hui and Shyam.. the newly couple.. Congrats! Hahaha...

So till then... -cheers- everyone.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Second part of my press conference entry....
some other photos taken..

terpandang camera when media is asking a question

the end of our press conference for the day

*chiam yee,me,dennis,ker sin*



cheers everyone... =b

Friday, December 01, 2006

Phew~... end of Mass Communication's 1st assignment which was the Press Conference. Lega hati aku.. hehe. Not so stress already right now. Right now need to catch up with upcoming mass com exam next Wednesday, Marketting and Management assignment, Sociology report and the re-do of psychology presentation.Swt~. I can't wait to be back in Malacca on the 8th Dec since i dont have any classes on the 11th. And so about the press conference today.. went pretty well and all hard work paid off actually. Satisfied with the marks thou.

before press conference.. busy preparing

The begin of the Press Conference.. we as the Media Group( left:Kersin,ChiamYee,Me,Dennis)

Our partner group as the Host group..launching a new album(left:SuYee,Pretti,Peikei,Steph)

Our turn to be the Host group...Dennis as Director,Kersin as Ashley Tisdale,ChiamYee as PR and me as Raven Symone(-_-!!) lmao

there they are... interviewing us...

dunno why i can't seems to upload any other pics here.Well..nvm then. Will upload some later...