Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 3

Me and Wenhan tought of watchin sunrise at the beach.. but end up dozing off until after sunrise. LOL. It can be helped.. there's aircond.. big bed.. pillow... blanket... ahh.. I so need aircond now. Im gonna be burnt alive mannn with this weather now. =/

Anyway, me and wenhan woke up earlier than the others as we both wanna try out the free buffet breakfast. He woke me up but i was kinda lazy to wake up and slept for another half an hour. Hahahhaha.. then when i was awake.. he was sleeping. -__-!! So i woke him up and still feeling kinda sleepy.. we went for the breakfast.

My breakfast... the rice was not yummy at all. Pretty tasteless. The lil bit of noodle i took from wenhan.. was really BAD...hahaha... but the sausages and the beans are not bad.

Next plate we both shared. Porrigde ( very very watery wan..) Eggs..not bad. Took pretty much sausages thou as thats the only thing that are nice. LOL.

After breakfast we walked to the beach for a lil while.

After that head back to our room and wake others up and planned where to go before going back to the kuah jetty. We went to take the cable car somewhere i think in Gunung Mat Cincang.

This was taken beside a Petronas station. There's many this lil boat there.

After finding our way there.. up we go on the cable car. Too bad the Skybridge was closed due to some renovation going on that time. sigh. However we still can see the breathtaking view from up there.

It was very high above... somehow it is more scarier than Genting's cable car.. haha as in Genting.. you could only see the cloudss by now at this height.. but in Langkawi.. you could see clearly down there..

Funny thing happen in the cable car thou.. Mookhen was high after he farted. -__-!!! hahhahha...

the view from 652.5 meter above sea level..

That was the Skybrigde .. under renovation.. wasted la..cant walk there =/

something to share.. if you love to see the sunset.. go in the evening then... the most ENCHANTING sunset lea... dun play play.

we went up higher... now at 710 meter above sea level... woot!

Me, yoke lee and xinke

This angmoh kid damn cute weih when he smiles...

us at the highest point..710 meter above sea level =)

After that we went down and planned the next stop since we still have some time before we need to return the rented car.

we went to Kota Mahsuri. The Mahsuri Tomb. Legend says that Mahsuri was the prettiest princess in Langkawi long long time ago thou.. and was killed because of rumours saying that she's having an affair with another guy.. bla bla bla... and she swear that if the rumours are fake her blood that flows will be in white color instead of red. And amazingly.. it was white! White blood. Interesting huh.

" Mahsuri Binti Pandak Mayah. Mahsuri a victim of treachery and jealousy was sentenced to death in 1235 hijrah or 1819 A.D. As she dead she laid a curse on the island: 'there shall be no preace and prosperity on this island for a preiod of seven generations'. "

Anyway after that we head back to the Kuah jetty to get back to kuala kedah. And bought this 2 miniature from a duty free shop.

Mine was the purple one and wenhan bought the orange one.

We reached Kuala Kedah around 4 something almost 5pm and planned to go to Penang but we changed our plan to Ipoh.. but somehow we ended up in Taiping as it was kinda late and everyone was pretty tired. We stay a night in Mookhen's place as his hometown is in Taiping. (((Ps: thanks for the stay =) )))


He brought us around Taiping.. and we went to the Night Zoo. I never been to a night zoo before thou. There's no people around wan lo...i mean no other visitors that night.. only us, the animalss... and some workers there. Hahaha.

There's not much animal that we could see... as it was pretty dark in there. And most of the animal was hiding somewhere inside their cages.

The mighty lion...

The bears are funny thou... we keep on flashing at them and im pretty sure they saw alot of stars.

The walabis..

After visiting the zoo, we went back to mookhen's house and took a bath. Around midnight, he brought us for supper and we had dim sum =)

The next day, we went to Taman Tasik Taiping. The Lake Garden. The place there very nice wan lo.. very environmental green... hhaha. Lotsa trees there..oohh and also lotsa monkeyss.

There's monkey everywhere..

This was the opposite site of the lake garden thou and there's more monkeys there.

In the garden theres this big rock... they made it to look like a dinasour shape.

After we stroll around there we went back to pack our stuff and get ready to go back PJ.

It was an amazing trip and i miss those places already. =/ gonna end this entry about the roadtrip... it kinda took me like forever to end this up. Hahahaha... sorry for that. Till the next post then... -cheers-

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've becoming more lazier to update my blog already.. How How Howww??!!?? I need inspiration nie... gaaahh

Anyway im gonna update finish about my road trip as fast as i can. Uni starting sooooonn and i guess i'll be kinda busy as it was my short sem. =/ sigh.

Day 2 in Langkawi

we started our day with lunch as everyone doze off and skipped breakfast. The free breakfast for 2 at the resort got wasted. Hahahah...but i think i rather sleep then having their breakfast thou.. i'll take about it later. So we went nearby restaurant to get our lunch and the first activity for the day was...

head to Underwater World Langkawi!! Rm22 per person. Guess everyone was excited. Well i was.

I dunno what name was this fish already. Maybe i should jot down the name next time whenever i see any unfamiliar stuff.

this fish look like half alligator half fish.. heh -__-!! then the one standing there macam ju-on.. ( why the heck am i saying myself? ciss)

with yoke lee. And i cant find xinke around that time to take picture together..weird.. hahaha..maybe she's behind the big aquarium looking at those fishes..
guess they saw something in there.... (their reflection.. hahahah)

tortoise.. kawanku...

2 lovey dovey parrots =)

we have seal too.. or izzit sea lion? err.. now im confuse..

oh and they gonna perform! well trained sea lions..

cute lea.. hahahha... manusia pun kalah.

all the pictures for this sea lions not so clear because of the glass... oh and the last act totally cute wan lo..
the sea lion actually stick out its tongue. =p

And next up we have Penguins! Yea... everyone lurve penguins..who doesn't.. besides its the first time i see a real penguin. Hahaha..

they are damn cute and it reminds me of Madagascar.

more penguins..

they swim very fast too.. pretty hard to capture their picture.

and this one was took by wenhan when i went to the toilet.. he said that he saw one damn fat mia penguin. But it look like its pregnant to me. hmmm....

very educational.. it says that there are 18 species of penguins in the world. The largest wan was the Emperor penguin with the height of 130cm. And then the smallest wan was the White Flippered with the height of 35cm. The picture of the penguins shown all is their actual height thou.

let's see.. funny picture number one...

budak penguin... hahahhahahaa

and picture number 2....

sufer wannabe but surf terbalik.. LOL

shark.. they dont have the big shark wan.. this is the biggest shark we found.. -__-!! I tot they will have the very huge scary looking shark like the one in the Shark movie.. hahaha.

this fish damn BIG weih....

Sting rays...

and spot the 2 sohai's reflection...

just plain lurve this 3 pictures... starfish, dunno what and dunno what.. hahahha

OMG this was the cutest animal i saw in there...

Too cute until i feel like breaking the glass and take him home...

and this is the scariest creature i saw in there...

it just gives me the creeps when i look into its eyes.. yerr... not scary meh?

This is the weirdest looking fish ever... got long nose wan lea.. haha... this fish must have been lying too much. or maybe its related to pinocchio..

The prettiest seahorse ever..the Leaf Seahorse.

I remember this fish name.. wahahaha.. Tiger Fish!

spotted someone is actually sleeping while waiting for the 3D show.. -__-!! (like that also can sleep)

still sleeping.... ZzzZzzz

then we was bored too waiting for the 3D show to start.. have to wait for 45 minutes as we were late for the previous one. And that guy still sleeping ( howcome never fell off from the chair wan ar..)

and we finally bueh tahan d we did this.. LOL.. and he's still sleeping ...zZzzZz...

Later they found out that there's a mini library nearby there.. and we lepak around there while waiting. They have various type of magazines and books about sea creatures.. penguins..

got this long cushion too... looks comfortable to wenhan.. hahahha. Oh we could do this because there's nobody else around except us and one of the staff infront there who dont really bother about us thou.

" im not reading "

" im not reading too "

We tot he was reading.. BUT
"I'm not reading 3.. I'm sleeping.ZzzZ " -___-!! heh

me, xinke and yoke lee bought the same slipper for this trip.. hehe.. and after worn it for 2 days.. our slippers looked like this. heh

so after been waiting and waiting.. finally the door is open .. we are pretty excited thou for the 3D show thingy...

wenhan and mookhen
Yoke lee and xinke with their 3D glasses.

But.. it was pretty disappointing laaaaaa.... we waited for like so long and the show was like only about 15? 20-25 minutes maybe.. and i actually heard someone asking in mandarin.." ehh finish or havent start wan ar..?? like that only ar??" sigh. =/

Anyway .. after that our next plan was to go for Go Kart... but then too bad.. it was closed. =/

So we decided to visit this Black Sand Beach. However, on the way there we pass by this very wide and nice paddy field and mookhen said that he wanna took some pictures there. So we stopped our car beside the road and went into the paddy field. There's many buffaloes poo noe.. haha.

thats our car by the way..

some of the pictures turn out to be bright and some are dark thou...

hmm.. wondering.. he havent show me how the picture turn out to be..

Anyway so after that we head to the Black Sand beach...

nothing much to blog about it thou... as you can see... the view was really really breathtaking.

we saw a small jeti and took pictures there and enjoy the view....ahh.. spectacular.

it was getting dark so we head back to our resort to call it a day. Oh and before that.. we went looking fo food thou... not many choices as most of the restaurants were closed. Weird. So we ate our dinner at the resort.

The most artistic painted face, wenhan ..LOL

hahahaha surprise surprise...!! wondering what happen to his face huh.. lol... (poor sayang..but nvm u look cute..hahaha..)

well after dinner we went back to our room and was bored so we played the 3 cards game again. And this time.. since wenhan and mookhen can't drink any beer more as wenhan gets somekind of rash after drinking last night and mookhen had a stomach upset and was fever... loser need to be drawn on their face!

And since there's a few more Heineken left.. we girls need to help mookhen finish them up. So if any 3 of us (me,xinke and yokelee) lose..we need to drink. And lucky me.. that night I dont have to drink so much. Xinke did. And she was kinda drunk i think.

The 'not feeling well red nose with hot nestum mookhen' hahaha

The kinda drunk Xinke. Hahaha.

The ' look a like sinchan' face, yoke lee. hehh

And last but not least... me.. the not so bad one. Hahaha.. mine wasn't that funny thou. As most of the time I didn't lose nor win. =b

So that's what happen on day 2 in Langkawi.

I'll update soon...i guess... haha.. anyway i gotta sleep now as i need to wake up pretty early to get to temple for prayers and have breakfast with my family. Going back PJ soon too... this Sunday morning and will be starting my year 2 semester 2 classes on this coming Monday.

oh and results was out. No comment bout it thou... its not good and its not bad... average i would say. The most important thing is.. i DID NOT fail. hahaha. -cheers-