Friday, January 30, 2015

…And so, I’m here again to update my ‘abandon’ blog. The Chinese New Year is coming around the corner and obviously the one main headache of all is “WHAT TO WEAR FOR FIRST DAY OF CNY???” I’ve always been having this problem of selecting clothes which I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here who is like this right? To think back on last year Chinese New Year, I wore a cheongsam which I bought online. It wasn’t that expensive thou. So I might just give it a try on having that “CNY FEEL”. Gladly, it fits perfectly and I would say it’s a good buy. So I was thinking of should I get a new Cheongsam for this year as well?

Stumble upon ZALORA on clothing and it amused me with stylish designs of modern cheongsam. Cheongsams are seen to be a woman’s must-have clothing to wear on Chinese New Year or those like me who are always clueless on what to flaunt on this special day, designers are coming up with various modern cheongsam designs for their fashion conscious customers. All these modern cheongsam came in various colors these day. How flattering!

Few cheongsam pictures from the site:

You can choose from the various colors available such as blue, green, yellow, pink and more according to your own personal style. Rather than the classic red cheongsam, you will definitely have a stunning look flaunting other colors as well during family gatherings on this coming Chinese New Year.

Have a visit to ZALORA. They offers their customers with fascinating cheongsam for women online collection from various designers and brands thou. 

And I'm getting myself this for this year!

Happy Shopping for CNY ! 
Till then -cheers!!-