Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I forgotten how to blog!

What.. its been 2 months since my last post eh. That's long. Internship in SKB kept me away from blogging perhaps. I dont know. Been busy here and there.. which made me no mood to blog at all. After work..came back..waste some time in Facebook.. read some blogs.. chat on MSN.. then went for dinner.. then by the time i came back.. i was so sleepy and tired to do anything else. But somehow last week we went Tropicana Mall for 4 times in a row to watch 2 movies ( District 9 and Orphan) . 2 days we went there to watch District 9 but failed and thus the 3rd day we went there again and we said that 'die also must watch' and ended up sitting at the 3rd row from the front. Hahaha!! Then the next day was an unplanned plan to watch the Orphan. I think I shall rate both movie as 8/10. =)

Anyway, days in SKB was pretty ok for me now.. as luckily my Front Desk Manager, Miss Polly, is very super duper good to me. Which i think she's the best manager around in that company. Now i think i was pretty lucky to be at the front desk. I can't believe that im actually saying this. Geezz.

To be honest, nothing that im doing now is related to my Advertising Course. I really can't think of one somehow.. Hmmm.. It's more like an office work. And shit.. sometimes i evan need to make teas and coffees for the clients... and more shitty is when the Tea Lady(aunty) is not in the office i need to blardy collect rubbish around the office.. #$%^&.**&.

5 days left for me to finish my intern.. can't wait. Our Graduation Day in SKB was last week where the PCC room is decorated like we are celebrating Hari Kanak Kanak instead and hundreds of pictures taken among us. To view it, go to my Facebook Photo Album.

We actually did have fun during the Graduation Day.. Laughing here and there. =__=!!! heh. Here a picture of all of us the trainees with our lovely General Manager, Miss Ai Cheng.

Anyway, for this past 2 months, there's pretty much outings with a bunch of friends.

First up..

Celebrating Keith's 22nd Birthday on the 13th July 2009

Then we went to the Ampang Look-Out Point on the .. shoott.. i cant remember the date.. somewhere in July too.

After that, we went up Genting with Jimmy for few hours. He went to meet his someone special whereas me and wenhan just walk around aimlessly for hours there. =_=!!

Then on the July 24th.. they decided to play Badminton..

On the 30th July 2009, we had dinner in Sg. Long and went over to Jeff's place to hang out for awhile.

and ...
played his PS2... heh

Recently we went Malacca on the 10th August 2009

We meet up with the others on the evening at Jonker Street and then split up

and we had Satay Celup.... yummylicious ~

Taken at the Jetti .. After that we ride on the Eye of Malaysia

So basically.. that's all the outing that i could sum up. Will update again when I want to. Till then.. -cheers-