Monday, December 17, 2007

Last Saturday(8th dec) went on a ride on this newly Panorama Bus whereby its a double decker bus in Malacca. A ride cost RM5 for adult and Rm2.50 for children. It goes around Malacca town...and some hot spot in Malacca. Without the jam its like about an hour ride from where you took the bus but if with the jam.. damn... you'll get bored all the way in the jam. The weather last Saturday was pretty fine... windy and cloudy. At around 4.30pm the bus arrived infront of the Melaka Sentral Bazaar and me,my younger bro and mom went up to the top of the double decker bus. Amazingly the top seats were all full by 5pm when the bus make a move. And im pretty sure all of the passenger are from Malacca. Passerby will thought that we were tourists from another state. LOL.

Up on the bus...Tesco signboard from far away

The bus is still not moving... 4.50pm =/ kinda sleepy at that time.... and very the windy weih...lucky i tied my hair..if not .. perrr... hantu pun kalah... gahahahaha!!

hmm... something something ..something that i tried to pronounce correctly during the jam except the english word la.. -_-!!!

young superman on board.... duh! Ah...thats the Stadhuys and the Queen Victoria's Fountain!

the clock tower... 5.15pm =)

our very own Windmill in Malacca...

Oh and we have a very environmentally friendly policewomen... they're on duty with their bicycles... and not motorbikes...

*yawning* Updating some other day... im off to bed...ciaoz..

oh and before that....

CONGRATS to Hady from Singapore...our very first Asian Idol =)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mushrooms... imaginary mushrooms everywhere... invisible growing my own mushrooms everywhere. Mushrooms mushrooms much room for mushroomsss...If u are thinking of that movie Shrooms had haunted my head.. You're wrong!! I haven't watch that movie yet. Gahahahaha.

Havent been updating for quite sometime rite...well im growing mushrooms! ah..there you go.. the word mushrooms keep pooping out from my head again. Gahh...shoo shoo shoo! Maybe i should watch Shrooms. -_-!!!

I have no idea what to blog about..but i'll find something..i'll dig out something...besides the mushrooms..

Went to Bahau last week...i think it should be last last week... erm.. very small town indeed.. and the weather is killing me. Super sunny. Before that, we need to wake up super early because we need to get to Bahau quite early to have the tea ceromony for the guy side relatives. Supposing we could go Bahau later but we dont know the way there so we have to follow the brides' car.

Waking up so early is not my kind of thing so i was like kinda blur and a lil bit grumpy honestly. Step on my tail once and you'll regret you were born..*evil grin* Good thing i was not my cousin's bridesmaid well at first i was supposed to be her bridesmaid but she change her plan of not having a bridesmaid and bestman. She told me that bridesmaid now not in style in weddings already. Weird.. really aahh??Wonder where she get that info.. Hahahaha... but its fine with me.. I dont have to wake up even earlier to get my make up done thou. Like waking up 4-5am in the morning... hey hellooo... i rather not sleep then.

Not necessary to have a bridesmaid and bestman huh... Disagree! Disagree! During my wedding i still wanna have my bestgirls around. Hahaha. Alrite thats another story. Dang.

So reach my cousin's place around 7 something and had breakfast there... the groom was waiting for the bride to get done...and was force to sing some kiddo song before he can get into the room to get his bride. Hahaha. I dont know what was the title.. a chinese kiddo song.. about the Lao Su song.. hmm..

After the tea ceromony in Malacca, we head off to Bahau at about 8 something almost 9am. Oh ya...and the not having bridesmaid thingy... future wedding couple... think twice...u need your bestgirl and bestman! No kidding. I need to help my cousin to hold her flowers during the tea ceremony and hold her pretty whitey long dress... but something pissed me off that morning... and so much negativity in my head. Wasn't in the mood too. In Bahau... I didn't help my cousin to hold her flowers and her whitey long dress. Geez... there you go..say me whatever you want...unhelpful,useless,selfish...I dont blardy care *pissed of* Actually can't blame me for that also the first place im not the bridesmaid...second... they didn't tell me what to do or at least ask me if i could help out on that.....thirdly... I did told them if there's a need of my help tell me!! In fact i was kinda moodless all day in Bahau and im not sure if i hide my feelings well enough for anyone to notice. Darn.

The only person actually make me laugh was my cousin youngest cousin. He's so cute but very rascal. He poke my BCG... -_-!!! And i told him he will have one too when he grow up.. He start shaking his head and said " no no... only girl got... boy dont have..." -_-!!!

Anyway, while waiting for the lunch time.. We played Blackjack.. i was winning at first and then BaMmm i lost 1 buck.

After lunch we head back to Malacca and reach home around 6 something. Me and my brothers were dozing off at the back all the way back. So thats the end of the day.... so much of my moodless day in Bahau... In those pics.. i dont look moodless rite... guess i hide it pretty well...hahaha.. im unpredictable and faking a smile kinda tiring weih. -_-!!!
ps : another update soon.