Friday, September 30, 2005

There are 13 items hiding in the locked room, found all and get out of the
room,there are less than 4,000 people in the world can do it.

0-6 items, your IQ is very low, total idiot
6-8 items, Low IQ, u r an idiot
9-10 items, u r normal
11-12 items, your IQ is high, above the average.
13 items, Don't Talk about ya...

Crimson Room

Crimson Room:There are many rooms as following, they all are under the similar clues of
Crimson Room:

Viridian Room

The Blue Chamber

The Darkness

The House

Thou im not that genius..i dont have a high IQ what i do was..looking for clues on the net...hehe.It's just for fun anyway.But try to solve them yourself before u get help from clues....

Friday, September 23, 2005

Few hours back...i went out for a dinner with my family.But before taking our dinner at the Yong Peng Fishball restaurant..we drop by Senyum because i wanted to change my disc..Charlie And The Chocolate Factory that i bought last few days ago.I asked for VCD but i wonder why my VCD player cant play the disc..and my younger brother said that it was DVD.So i tell the guy just now that i cant play the disc because its DVD not VCD...he can just smile and said "cannot be la...this is VCD la..i test for you..See..VCD la..DVD yellow colour wan..maybe ur player got problem.."duh..he did changed a new one and when i got back home...still the same.Heck...Why is my VCD player so sensitive wan..k back to what i really need to blog..I was almost KNOCKED DOWN by a car...seriously...its definitely not my fault if i was knocked down..its that blardy blind driver's fault.I was crossing the libra crossing when the traffic light already turned to the red light and the light for the crossing path turned to green where you can see a cute lil guy in green walking in action,showing that we can cross safely now to the other side of the road.. and a car already stop to let me cross..and then out of sudden a Kancil was speeding towards me while im that time my leg was rooted to the ground and i can hear my mom's and brother's voice back there..they almost shout...damn..i was so shocked and luckily that driver (dunno she got liscense or not..or she had the lesen kopi) stop her car just in time and i can see that she break really hard ...i looked at the malay girl and she can just smile..WTF...If can i just wanna pull her out of the car and hit her with my shoes though she cant see the traffic light..i wonder if she's colour blind or totally blind.I cant remember her car number but its Johor plate number...Argghh...stupid driver.Moment ago...i was wondering what will happen if the car really knocked me down..ermm..then i wont be sitting here blogging ofcoz.Glad that i'm home people out there beware of these wacko physco drivers when you're on the road...dont think that using the libra crossing is safe.And to those drivers out there...Red means Stop your vehicle when it's RED..

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Because of you i see things in colours
Because of you a smile stays on my pale face
Because of you i know no reason to fail
Because of you i become stronger each day
Because of you i wanna live forever
Because of you my sky will never dark

Because of me your sun never set
Because of me you survive
Because of me you showered more love
Because of me you forget the reasons to cry
Because of me you dare yourself
Because of me you dont care if you're standing in a thin thread

Because of us the world is a better place
Because of us everywhere coloured with colours
Because of us we live till now
Because of us we never fail to love
Because of us the future is bright
Because of us the 'You' and 'Me' will never end

Created this crap the other day...after finishing my Science paper.Luckily it doesn't appear any microorganisma in it..i was wondering far far..far...away while looking outside the green glass window..that's where i sat during exams...far end.And what annoyed me was...the 'unfammiliar' ants 'walking' around my exam papers while i'm cracking my head for will just dance showing its 'butt' off..dont know where it came owner of the place that i sat must be too friendly with 'them'.Anyway..the ants got nothing to do with what i wrote up there.Finished my trials today.The add math papers..were too 'easy' for me..till i cant answer it....heck..

MALAYSIAN IDOL....Grand Finale between Daniel and Nita.Farah was comments.I have a strong feeling that Daniel will emerge as the next Malaysian Idol...hey he's cute and many girls go for him..he even get the highest votes.Its not a suprise if he is the next Malaysian Idol.Nita...ermm...she's good in the be fair..i wont be voting any of them!LOL...They'll get their votes if they think they are good enough to be the Idol.Frankly...last year was way much better then this year...hope that next year wouldn't be like this year.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Few weeks ago i received an email from this Nescafe Kickstart programme asking me to sign up as a member.I did. So after signing up...there's a programme that caught my the
where we can actually bid for some cool stuffs and if you are lucky and your point is higher than'll get the item.Wanna know what's the stuffs i mentioned...this...

Plus Nescafe Kickstart goodie bags and Nescafe Ice

So to get all these items..we must collect points...and i started to collect the points too and manage to collect up to thousand plus...and then the Redemption Catalogue was opened last two weeks.Apa lagi...i faster go and bid.But in order to get the iPod..the minimum point was 2000...wasted only.So i go for the Goodie Bags but the highest bidder was thousand plus which was more than my current point....left the Nescafe Ice(6pack)..and i bid for it for 690 and guess what....i actually in the successful bidders list!!!Well...i was shocked and susprised.And was not sure whether it is for real or not..

and it says there * All bidders will receive a notification email and/or SMS for information on item collection.

Apparently i received the mail and it goes like this:-

Dear Member (jennytay88),

Congratulations! You have successfully bidded for NESCAFÉ® Ice Cluster (6 per pack) at the NESCAFÉ® KICK-START™ Reward Program (Redemption session 1)


You can collect your item at :
Unit 21, 6th Floor, Block E
Plaza Mont'Kiara
2, Jalan Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 5:00PM
Hotline : 03-6411 8858 (please mention 'Reward Program')

Please print out this email and bring along together with your IC for collection before 20 October 2005. Unclaimed items will be forfeited.

Heck..i need to go all the way to KL to collect my Nescafe Ice Cluster.Weird hur...anyway..i'll think of ways to get my item collect.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Man...sitting for my trial was a totally strenuous...currently suffering from lack of sleep and brain jammed.Still left Additional Math paper on next Tuesday.If you are wondering whether i can do all the must be definitely NO...The most terrible horrible exam paper was Economy...(shipallll!!) Get tips from somewhere bout the questions and it turned up different question..i memorised all the facts of masalah asas Sistem Ekonomi Kapitalis and Sistem Ekonomi Islam and then it came out 'Perbezaan antara Sistem Ekonomi Kapitalis dengan Sistem Ekonomi CAMPURAN' bullshit...and i screwed up at the first question...the question ask for masalah ekonomi and i was too dumb or maybe too shocked or so whatever my brain jammed..i actually stated all the masalah ASAS ekonomi instead of masalah ekonomi.If you guyz are studying should know the different...How can this happened man..damn it!damn it! After that i flipped next page to see other question...and my jaw was wide opened...shit....'nyatakan peranan isi rumah...blablabla...' WTH...i just read the facts the other day and then i totally forget everything...Arrgghh..stressss
Talking bout stress...yea one of the essay question in my English paper 2 was about 'Do you think teenagers leading a stressful life?''s definitely YES man....i did on that question and many bullshitting and craps i wrote in my essay...hope the teacher wont mind.I dont even have time to read back my essays...surely have many many grammar mistakes...damn.Besides not good in numbers...i just hate too many numbers...that's why my math was so for account....first question..about document sumber,my imbangan duga was balance but most of my friends get different different numbers...and the Lembaran kerja was balanced too...again different answers from others...heck..what's wrong with the numbers????The day before sitting for my account papers..i did sms-ed my tuition account teacher,Cikgu Azmi, asking for help ( just asking about what topic will they asked in Soalan Pilihan) and I dont aspect him to call me.He did...that was suprising...he told me that the questions was easy...blablabla..not to more exercise on finding the dividen,kos berubah...blablabla...which i did at the last minute.Some of the question i managed to do but still not sure whether it was right or wrong...I just dont wanna put too much hope on this trial results..i know i wont get good results...I got to make sure that this 'history' wont repeat on my SPM days...

Malaysian Idol...Ermm...TOP 3 was Daniel,Farah and Nita..who will be voted out??Seriously i got no idea who will stay..tune in to 8tv today and see their perfomance in Sri Pentas Shah Alam today...cheh,promoting nampak...haha..what is happening to me?shipal..the 'lori sampah' just passed behind my house and it was blardy smelly..eewww'...hummppy dee doo daaa...what else that i need to update..yeah..the new Korean drama on 8tv at 8.30pm on addicted to this drama..Love Story In Harvard.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best?

Honor: You are an honorable person who is firm with his/her beliefs and treats others as you are treated. People would consider you humble at times and very respectful, and someone to definitely respect back.

What Animal Eyes Do You Have?

You have the eyes of an alligator in the water. It's hard to tell who you are and how you feel. You could be a crocodile, alligator, or just a bit lizard. You keep certain things hidden about yourself, and that's what makes people see you as mysterious. There are some who know how you really are, but those are the people you enjoy being around with and who are close to you. You enjoy alone time, but being with others is okay to you as well. People don't really pester you because they really don't know what you're capable of doing. Hmm...could be a good thing.

What Would Your Serial Killer Name Be? What Would the Public Know You As?

Hello, Jenny!The whole world would know you by your birth name. You would not have a special name, or you would not be unknown. Everything you do would be recognized. You would leave things in the open. You hate getting caught in things you do, since it may tend to happen a lot. That is why, I must say, that you would probably get caught faster and easier than usual. You may just be famous for your slaughters, and then forgotten after you're off the streets.

What Kind of Idiot Are You to Take This Quiz?

Well, you're just the person who doesn't really care much about anything. You're not too much of an idiot. You're just there. You took this because you were bored. You should snap out of it! Find something entertaining to do. This is no excuse for boredom. Remember that boredom comes from a boring mind, so go ahead and do something cool because this quiz is far from that.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Apparently this is my second entry for today.I just post the previous entry like a few hours ago and im suppose to be in my slumber land at this very moment but decided to blog on something first.According to my previous post i did mention about 'memorizing facts' right..and suprisingly a moment ago a book on the table caught my eye and the headline goes like this "FENG SHUI WORLD"..and i start to flip thru the book.After that i just kind of ignored it and went straight to the couch and watched Malaysian Idol Results Show, sux,Ash was out! he that bad?!?I bet that Faizull was even worst than him.After the show my mom called out for me and asked me to read 'something' from the Feng Shui book which i did.The title was rather interesting for me and i think its definitely interesting for all students."GET SUPER EXAM RESULTS" and blablabla..some explanation and then straight to the point..16 tried and tested tips to scholastic brillance..Ermm..that seems convincing.

1.Engage the yang chi-make notes as you study know that you know what is being asked,but you simply cannot show that you know!(That happen to me all the time...duh)

-...create a map using colours,images and symbols to unlock pockets og knowledge in your mind.Only make mind map once you have made notes in the conventional long-form format..

3.Sleep with your head pointed to receive good chi.

4.Allow time for the mind to warm up learn something really well,you must focus.

Ok...i think i'll just jump to the other facts.If you guys are interested then get yourself a copy.Mind you that I'm not promoting the book..i just wanna share it as exams are just around the corner.

10.Turning night into day?
-..when you suffer from lack of sleep,your brinwaves slow down,and your clarity of thoughts get compromised..

11.Reduce notes to single key words.

13.Get a picture mentor.
-....when you pick a mentor,select someone who has led a happy life;dont choose a genius who came to an unhappy end.(Albert Einstein is the best i guess..hehe)

So there it is...but if you dont believe in Feng Shui then its no use reading these stuffs.Sometimes i do believe in Feng Shui and who says that whoever believe in fengshui is a fool ,take Donald Trump for example...he's so success in his life and he got the 'believe in fengshui'
Heck...why on earth am i talking about fengshui?lmao...The UPSR starts tomorrow!!and all the best to my younger brother.-cheers-

The time is ticking faster than i could imagine it...suddenly for some reason...i think i need to turn back the time.Seriously...i dont even think i can make it in my SPM this year...being too worried and annoyed by all the facts that i had to memorize by hard and force myself to understand the whole thing.Well it dont seem ridiculous to some of you...but to me..its damn ludicrous.How i envy those 'smart' students.Heck...wondering whether they really understand the whole thing what they read or just memorizing them by hard and split it out when they get the papers?Or maybe somehow they get an 'early information' of what questions that are going to be asked?Ermm....I do get some tips somewhere..but it wont be 100% can either ruin your life in the end or just put on a big fake smile on your face.Some teachers just dont help us much...they just somehow say,"ok guys...i dont have to say what will come out so just study the whole thing and try to understand the questions" duh...we know dont have to remind us.Thankz for being so "helpful".

Since that my time had been wasted..i can't really guarantee that i will ground myself for weeks but at least i think i'll try to open my eyes as wide as possible when im studying.Hopefully i wont fall asleep easily and i'll definitely going to have caffeine up to my brain to keep myself awake.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

After being away with this computer for few days..kinda miss everything man.Hands were icthy...haha and by the hand is really itchy now..i think my skin skin allergy pay a visit to me again...damn.This computer is definately need to be reformat long long time ago because its been affected by unwanted and unwelcome spyware plus...viruses.And finally...its already been reformated and no more spywares..such a relieve.

Almost forget...MERDEKA~MERDEKA~MERDEKA~ "itulah laungan kemerdekaan ku untuk negara tercinta ini..Malaysia" So its been 48 years we live in a peace and harmony country.Too bad this year cant go anywhere to celebrate it and can only see the fireworks on TV...Dad went to Singapore that day.I'm kinda 'have no idea what to blog now ' dont know why.Before this i have many things in my head..and now im trying to throw out but nothing was out.I guess it might be the SPM thingy playing in my head now.Trial is on Thursday man..heck..i never really do much revision yet.Wondering how could this happen.I had tried to read my history notes..and in the end guess what happen to me..?Yea...i felt asleep...reading those notes is the best sleeping pills of all man...u can just doze off easily.I'll try and blog later i guess...