Monday, June 29, 2009


I know.. its been a month or so i never update anything in my blog. Was kinda busy and tired when my intern starts which make me so out of the mood to update anything. So i guess i'll just make a short post then.

My internship started about a month already. We started on the 28th May and its gonna end on either 28th or 29th August. Oh i cant wait! First few weeks i already cannot tahan weih. So right now it's the 6th week there.. and another 8 weeks more to go. Arrghh... =/ August.. please come quickly..

Switching department here and there is not fun.. I was suppose to be in the Research department but right now i ended up at the Front Desk. -__-!! First week.. we did database entry.. 2nd week.. we need to go thru a week of training/seminar and took an exam, then 3rd week.. we know we are in which department already.. Due date for research is quite near and we need to rush to hand it on time..

Week 3 and 4 was kinda boring and hectic at the same time. Then shits happened.. someone from the front desk quits.. so they need to find a replacement a.s.a.p.. and somehow i do not know why.. they pick me and asked me to start by the next day. At first the supervisor asked me to leave aside whatever research i need to do to the others... and i was like kinda glad that i dont have to do any research anymore.. but at the same time.. i was like 'wtf' coz i so dowanna be at the front desk.

Then after that.. what's more shitty was.. the supervisor told me i still need to continue my research and also do my job at the front desk. WTF rite.. at first say no need now suddenly want me to do 2 things at the same time. Then she was like saying that " I want you to know everything.. not just focus on one thing. So I don't care.. u need to know how to manage your time. Maybe morning you can do front desk.. then after lunch u can do your research.. just divide your time. " -___-!!!! duh helloo.. front desk always need to standby wan okay.. need to pick up calls and stuff.. Sigh. I'm just a trainee so i can't say much nor complain rite.. so i just have to shaddap only la.. and do whatever they ask me to do.

Suddenly i felt that there's so much work i need to do.. and time is just not enough for me. I need to learn and remember many stuff at the front desk.. and at the same time.. rushing to complete my research which due end of this month(June). So basically .. next month(July), I dont have to do anymore research on KLCC and i'll just do my job at the front desk and some other articles research. Hopefully they wont ask me to continue my research job next month. They had given me enough headache already.

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ps: more update later on..depends on my mood. haha! -cheers-