Friday, May 22, 2009

I noticed that there's pretty much friends i know went Langkawi for holiday this semester break. Saw many many many pictures posted in my Facebook. But well... we been there last semester break and it was fun.

So this semester break.. we never really plan of any trip to anywhere.. but instead..we went for an outing in Bukit Cahaya! It was really madness and tiring. Seriously it was. Its fun!

Our bicycles.. mine was the blue one with my red bag at the side. And the one lying on the groud was wenhan's, the back with a basket is xinke's and the one infront with that sweaty shirt was mookhen's.

and we cycle and cycle... cycle..up hill...down hill... up again..and downn downn.... and up up upp...

It was freaking tired i tell you if you have no stamina like me. LOL!

And this was just the begining thou... took some pictures.. and i was left behind already... -__-!!

We had our first rest.. wipe my sweat away.. drank water..took a few pictures around... ate some watermelons.. yea me and wenhan bought 2 watermelons at the pasar malam the nite before.. it was cheap.. 2 for 6 bucks. =)

Oh.. and i wore slippers. I wore these during the Langkawi trip and here again i wore the same thing.. haha! Im so "smart" rite to wear slippers .. damm.. its because i dont have a sport shoe! duuh. If you notice something... i have freaking long toes. o.O!!! ok this is so random.

We cycled to this place called Rumah Iklim Sederhana Empat Musim. It's spring now! Rm3 per entrance.. where there's aircond in there.. ahhhh.. and also...

pretty pretty flowers....

more pretty pretty flowers....

Many different kind of flowers... with many beautiful names...

Maybe if you wanna see snow.. you guys can try go on December till February =) Its Winter!

The happy and tired me and xinke =)

Xinke and monkey face wenhan

Cant spot mookhen around right... guess where is he...

outside there sleeping -____-!!!!!!!!

The four of us.. resting and finishing up the watermelons before we continue our journey.

And next up we cycled to this place where there's a lake and this tall hut or pondok.. or whatever you call it.. hahaha. i only climb up till the middle thou.. As im afraid of height. What was it called already.. acrophobia?

The lake ..the view from the middle part.. should have pass my camera to someone else to take the view from up there instead.

xinke and wenhan going up to the highest..

mookhen is ready to jump into the lake... hahaha.. nah kidding.

Look what i found beside the lake.. aren't they just pretty??

The last stop was here.. the Empangan.. where there's fishes. And you could fish there too. At this point the sky are getting darker already actually. We could see some dark clouds..

Fool around a lil and off we go ... it already started to drizzle a little when we made a move. And i knew that we definitely gonna get wet. Since we got a long loooonggg way to go. Up and down again..

and not even halfway... it started to rain.. Its not so heavy at first.. we still could cycle to the next rest stop. I was so helplessly trying to cycle as fast as i could and i admit that it was fun cycle in the rain especially when its down hill... But when you're going up hill..thats it.. it kills me..U need all the muscle u had in your legs.. and push push push your way up. It is not only involving our physical but mentally as well...

So later rained cats and dogs... I was all wet.. everyone was all wet.

Another rest house opposite the Taman Rempah.

And we still got a long way to go to get back down there where we started. o.O!!!

We waited for quite sometime thou till we think we can't wait no more and the rain wasn't so bad already.. we continue our journey back....

Its still raining and the floor was slippery.. i was cold.. my clothes were wet and dirty.. my leg was kinda aching.. i was sweating.. wasn't sure if it was my sweat or the rain.. my bicycle chain got lose a lil but it was fixed by wenhan ... OH MY GOD.. but i made it to the end! ( although that there's a point where wenhan have to push my bicycle up hill for a moment..coz i was seriously tired and my pace is getting slower and slower and i feel like a tortoise.. geeezzzhh hehe)


We made it to the end! We successfully explored Bukit Cahaya! with our bicycles.. ! Without the shuttle bus or any other vehicle.. Hehe.. Three cheers for us =) Kudos.

After that we went makan and back home.. have a nice bath.. and do the laundry.. and dozing off like a pig for few hours. hahaha.. THE END =)

-13th May 2009-

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Haven't been blogging for awhile. Just not in the mood thou.. too many things ran in and out of my mind recently. Sigh. There's soooo many thoughts playing in my head till i feel like it will explode anytime.

Obviously i've finished my exams.. and it sucks to the max. I do not know whyyy. Maybe luck wasn't at my side this time. Went pretty emo or i should say worried after my SPD paper. Im not sure if i could make it this time.. as not even one question in Part A.. NOT EVEN ONEEEE.. i know how to answer.. i mean.. totally unexpected questions lo.. not even one of those i've read.. what i read the previous days all went wasted.. wtf rite.. dammit. I wish miracle will happen.. LET ME BLARDY PASS THIS PAPER!!!!! Like seriously.. only a year left for me to graduate. Gahh... *crossing my fingers*

Some might be asking... ' why cannot resit the paper meh..or no supp paper meh..'
Hah! the answer is a BIG NOPE! Blardy UTAR is being unfair to us.. we dont have any resit nor supp.. tifff!! If we wanna resit or izzit not sure.. we need to go all the way to Kampar.. and we can say goodbye to PJ already. Its sooooo unfair right?? Our seniors still get the chance to have resit and supp paper here in PJ ... but not us. WHYYY??

Oh and another thing is... my internship is starting next week.. and guess what... we still need to pay blardy RM3k fees to the uni.. WTFFFFF!! What for?? Its not like during our 3 months internship we will be around the uni to use their facilities rite.. or its not like any lecturers need to drag their asses infront to lecture us every morning rite... dammit. I'll be so damn grateful if someone could give me logical answers to my questions.. hah!

I got a new hair cut! For after so long with the same hairstyle.. i dare myself to go for a new hairstyle.. and damm.. i look pretty weird and funny. Since the day i cut my hair..which was 3 days ago.. my younger brother non stop laughing at me when he sees me....damm.. What do you think? Shit head.

I guess enough of my ranting.. next post will be about my outing with my kakis in Bukit Cahaya =) Till then.. -cheers- and please pray hard for me so that i could pass my papers.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

...caught in McD. Turn on ur speaker =)