Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Been hitting the "New Post" button several times but ended up not updating anything thou. So today i made up my mind to update at least something. Not sure whether this will be a long or a short one but who cares, at least im updating rite. Neway... Its STUDY WEEK rite now... and im suppose to be studying but nah..can't remember much after reading those usual... i hate studying. Darn. Well maybe its more than I hate memorizing than studying. Sigh =/ Keep on forgetting the stuff that i read....I might be suffering from STML (Short Term Memory Lost) when im getting older i guess...LOL

Get tips from few friends... *crossing fingers* hopefully the questions come out according to the tips...if not I SO GONNA KILL anyone who get good grades.. *evil grin*

- Flashback -

April 9th
Went Redbox with da jie, yvonne, peikei, chenghui and wenhan at around 2 something after class.

Before that i had my oral test for my Chinese subject. The tutor is really nice towards us as she know we don't really know those very very deep chinese words... and asked us some simple questions. Maybe for her its kinda easy....but not for some of us la.
I kinda screw up a few questions... i dont understand a few sentences and can't answer her in chinese whereas i know the answers in english instead.
For example, " what do you call your dad's brother?" Dang!!! I answered.." jiu jiu" WRONG! " shu shu" WRONG!! then almost gave up.. i answered "UNCLE"
-___-!!! Hehe. Definitely wrong la. It's "pooa pooa" or something like that...i dunno how to spell it.
And i remembered another question that I can't answer... " Who work at the Wet Market?" Errr.. how do u say hawker in chinese?? fishmonger?? butcher maybe?? pretty sure many of us (the bananas as been called by those chinese speaker people) know how to answer those questions in english but not in chinese only ma.
Anyway.. i've been asked to read the Tong Hua lyrics and was questioned this..." do you believe in fairy tales? and why?" ok... let's not go any further in details la... What i need right now is my coursework marks... I haven't get of my marks yet for all the subjects. Arrghh!
Me and Wenhan went Redbox is like we were there just for the tibits and drinks. Hahahaha =)
No offence... but we both don't sing chinese songs lo.. well i do get to sing few english songs la.. but its Avril's... I cant sing her songs with mic wan lo...It will sound cacat...(well what im trying to say is...i cant blardy sing...=b)..besides i dont think anyone could sing her song other than she herself.. haha...salute~ to whoever that could sing like her.
Pictures time......

dajie,me,yvonne, peikei

with Cheng Hui

The sampat shark and alligator ( my roommates but sadly..they going to Kampar soon =( sigh..)

dajie,sanjie, si mei

After that, we went to a small hawker somewhere inside Petaling Street for dinner. We had Ikan Bakar(Stingray and "zhu rou yu"), Sotong and Lala...yummielicious~ but some say the sotong wasn't so fresh..and then the stingray was kinda hard thou....quite wasted..hmm.. neway photos are not available now as there's something wrong with wenhan's hp. Too bad then.

April 13th

Went to PIKOM PC Fair in KLCC with wenhan. I bought 2 4GB Immation pendrive ( one for me and one for my younger brother. 47 bucks for one pendrive...^^), cheap laptop cooler(10 bucks only weih), blank DVDs( share with wenhan), and a mouse for my home PC. And guess what... lucky draw... we get another free mouse... -____-!!

If you hate crowds.... PC Fair is not the place where you would wanna go... DAMN i hate the crowds. Those people surely wont fail to accidently step on my shoes, push me and accidently hit me. not invisible kay. Sigh.

**************End of Flashback*************** turn up to be not a very very long or short post i guess. Haha.

Anyway.. wishing Jimmy Tong a very Happy 21st Birthday. Going to attend his BBQ party 2morrow at his house and each person kena charge 10 bucks pulak... Jimmy !!! no free wan ka????? Hahahahaha.. kidding la.. u better prepare lotsa food 2morrow. =)

Why am i still not ending my post... hmm...

Oh yeay~ finally wenhan get his family members' approval for shifting to PJ starting from next semester... *happiieee* hehe...

Alrite.... -END-