Monday, December 17, 2007

Last Saturday(8th dec) went on a ride on this newly Panorama Bus whereby its a double decker bus in Malacca. A ride cost RM5 for adult and Rm2.50 for children. It goes around Malacca town...and some hot spot in Malacca. Without the jam its like about an hour ride from where you took the bus but if with the jam.. damn... you'll get bored all the way in the jam. The weather last Saturday was pretty fine... windy and cloudy. At around 4.30pm the bus arrived infront of the Melaka Sentral Bazaar and me,my younger bro and mom went up to the top of the double decker bus. Amazingly the top seats were all full by 5pm when the bus make a move. And im pretty sure all of the passenger are from Malacca. Passerby will thought that we were tourists from another state. LOL.

Up on the bus...Tesco signboard from far away

The bus is still not moving... 4.50pm =/ kinda sleepy at that time.... and very the windy weih...lucky i tied my hair..if not .. perrr... hantu pun kalah... gahahahaha!!

hmm... something something ..something that i tried to pronounce correctly during the jam except the english word la.. -_-!!!

young superman on board.... duh! Ah...thats the Stadhuys and the Queen Victoria's Fountain!

the clock tower... 5.15pm =)

our very own Windmill in Malacca...

Oh and we have a very environmentally friendly policewomen... they're on duty with their bicycles... and not motorbikes...

*yawning* Updating some other day... im off to bed...ciaoz..

oh and before that....

CONGRATS to Hady from Singapore...our very first Asian Idol =)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mushrooms... imaginary mushrooms everywhere... invisible growing my own mushrooms everywhere. Mushrooms mushrooms much room for mushroomsss...If u are thinking of that movie Shrooms had haunted my head.. You're wrong!! I haven't watch that movie yet. Gahahahaha.

Havent been updating for quite sometime rite...well im growing mushrooms! ah..there you go.. the word mushrooms keep pooping out from my head again. Gahh...shoo shoo shoo! Maybe i should watch Shrooms. -_-!!!

I have no idea what to blog about..but i'll find something..i'll dig out something...besides the mushrooms..

Went to Bahau last week...i think it should be last last week... erm.. very small town indeed.. and the weather is killing me. Super sunny. Before that, we need to wake up super early because we need to get to Bahau quite early to have the tea ceromony for the guy side relatives. Supposing we could go Bahau later but we dont know the way there so we have to follow the brides' car.

Waking up so early is not my kind of thing so i was like kinda blur and a lil bit grumpy honestly. Step on my tail once and you'll regret you were born..*evil grin* Good thing i was not my cousin's bridesmaid well at first i was supposed to be her bridesmaid but she change her plan of not having a bridesmaid and bestman. She told me that bridesmaid now not in style in weddings already. Weird.. really aahh??Wonder where she get that info.. Hahahaha... but its fine with me.. I dont have to wake up even earlier to get my make up done thou. Like waking up 4-5am in the morning... hey hellooo... i rather not sleep then.

Not necessary to have a bridesmaid and bestman huh... Disagree! Disagree! During my wedding i still wanna have my bestgirls around. Hahaha. Alrite thats another story. Dang.

So reach my cousin's place around 7 something and had breakfast there... the groom was waiting for the bride to get done...and was force to sing some kiddo song before he can get into the room to get his bride. Hahaha. I dont know what was the title.. a chinese kiddo song.. about the Lao Su song.. hmm..

After the tea ceromony in Malacca, we head off to Bahau at about 8 something almost 9am. Oh ya...and the not having bridesmaid thingy... future wedding couple... think twice...u need your bestgirl and bestman! No kidding. I need to help my cousin to hold her flowers during the tea ceremony and hold her pretty whitey long dress... but something pissed me off that morning... and so much negativity in my head. Wasn't in the mood too. In Bahau... I didn't help my cousin to hold her flowers and her whitey long dress. Geez... there you go..say me whatever you want...unhelpful,useless,selfish...I dont blardy care *pissed of* Actually can't blame me for that also the first place im not the bridesmaid...second... they didn't tell me what to do or at least ask me if i could help out on that.....thirdly... I did told them if there's a need of my help tell me!! In fact i was kinda moodless all day in Bahau and im not sure if i hide my feelings well enough for anyone to notice. Darn.

The only person actually make me laugh was my cousin youngest cousin. He's so cute but very rascal. He poke my BCG... -_-!!! And i told him he will have one too when he grow up.. He start shaking his head and said " no no... only girl got... boy dont have..." -_-!!!

Anyway, while waiting for the lunch time.. We played Blackjack.. i was winning at first and then BaMmm i lost 1 buck.

After lunch we head back to Malacca and reach home around 6 something. Me and my brothers were dozing off at the back all the way back. So thats the end of the day.... so much of my moodless day in Bahau... In those pics.. i dont look moodless rite... guess i hide it pretty well...hahaha.. im unpredictable and faking a smile kinda tiring weih. -_-!!!
ps : another update soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Im so BORED!!! Im bored!! Boring nyerrr!!! HELP needed!!

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Dang!*waking up* That was just scenes of my current situation.. -_-!!! I too lazy to even blog for the past few days. Not a word seems right to me now. Blablablabla. Wait.. is that a word? Screwed. Anyway, I'm updating right now... let's see... First of all... rewinding to 10 days before today.

Went up KL last Wednesday with my parents and lil bro to take a look at my bro's new apartment in Damansara. We stayed there till Friday thou and came back Malacca together with my bro as we had our cousin's wedding dinner the next day. That Wednesday we reached KL was like almost about our dinner time. Massive traffic jam all the way in Federal Highway and me kinda directed my dad to a wrong direction..hehe... I'm so bad at recognizing roads and ended up doing U-Turn few times. So moral of the story... dont ever ask Jenny for'll end up in some unknown Ulu places. Yea..thats me. *wink*

the Gym

I met up with Wenhan a.k.a Hanzi on Thursday as i can't make it on Wednesday. He's working and i'm with my family having dinner. So we set it on Thursday instead. Last minute plan. My parents went IKEA,The Curve and Tesco at about 4 something...and I told Hanzi that i'll be around there till maybe 8pm while waiting for my bro to fninsh his work and meet us there to have dinner. Hanzi came just in time for dinner thou. LOL. And he was drag along to have dinner with my family. I know he felt kinda awkward...sorry bout that orh Hanzi. But ok what rite... get to eat Siew Long Pau leaa... hehe. We had dinner in Dragon-i at The Curve. Not bad at all lo the food there. But for some reason i dont know why i dont really have appetite to eat for the past few days.

My family in Dragon-i,The Curve

So after dinner was like already 9 something... my parents went back to the apartment and Hanzi will fetch me back later before 12am. So at first we dont really have any idea where to go or what to do... and we just walked around The Curve and Cineleisure. Too late for a movie thou as both of us need to get back home before 12am and the cinema was packed with people lining up to get their tickets.

For like about a month we never see each other... what else.. Poke Fight!!Gahaha... Even when he was driving i poked him!!... Its not fair know... He step my shoes and mess up my hair! I want revenge!!!U watch out u.... hurh... i use my heels to step ur shoe the next time i meet u....bwahaha *evil grin*

Anyway, after walking around for like about 10 something...(whuttt... only 10 something...-_-!!!) Hanzi fetched me back to my bro's apartment... but b4 that he called up his senior to get some NZ chocs from her. But after halfway..almost reaching her house...she sms-ed saying that she cant stay awake any longer coz she's sick. So hanzi U-Turn and fetch me back. The time was around 11 something and both of us manage to get back before 12am thou.

The next day, went back Malacca around 5 something and reach home at about 9pm after having dinner. Somehow feeling a lil bit unwell.. but pretty fine the next day. So Saturday night was my dearly cousin's wedding. My very 1st cousin to get married thou. Congrats to Luan Yng(Mandy) and his husband Koon Cheng(Alec/Alex... not sure how to spell his name...) Honestly.. That nite was the first time i saw him. Dont really get to see him around when i visited her house...besides i hardly visits her house too. And my cousin Koon Peng grew really tall... VERY VERY TALL...even when im with my heels... im still below his shoulder... and he's my age *gasp*. He's the tallest among all..i mean the people that i know. And hey...its not that im short kie....well im not gonna say im tall as well.. He's tall!

Anyhow... the wedding was held at Dragon Deluxe Restaurant. The food..well...was pretty ok.. so-so.

happily married... cousin is so prettieee

the only elder and younger bro i have...well we dont really look alike

i think this pic is really cute... my lil cousin kenneth(which i think he look like Jet Li), my dad, cousin ah chien, and Encik Beng( thats what my parents called him)

So that was it.... nothing much that i can crap about already. This Saturday night will be the Bachelor nite and Sunday will be going to the guy's place to have lunch. Im hoping the weather will be cloudy... lol.

Oh and before i end this entry... I like this ad.... pretty cute la..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The new and latest tourist attraction in Malacca..

presenting.... the Malacca Eye. -_-!! I tot it will be as big as Eye on Malaysia..LOL

Went there yesterday to have a look.. its at the old bus station in Sungai Melaka( Malacca Pirate Park). I never get in the ride thou. There's this ferris wheel, trampoline bungee and Pirate Ship ....3 games/rides.. for 10 bucks. Not bad i think.

Well to my surprise, there's still many people lining up to get into the gondolas thou..even after there's once people got trapped in the gondola for more than 20 minutes because of power failure during the launching day...and then now still got people wanna get up there orh.

By the way....I havent even been to the one in Titiwangsa yet.. -_-!! Sigh.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Went to a Deepavali Openhouse for the public yesterday in Padang Nyiru... along the Malacca River.

Malacca River

For some reason..i lurve this pic so much that i set it as my wallpaper.... hehe =)

Reason i was there... My brother was in the scout and he has to do his duty there so me and my mom just hang around there until my bro has done his duty and im not there becoz of the food k... This kinda food fight is a no no for me... need to line up like forever to get the food... although there's Tosai and curry...(-_-!!). Me and mom went to the nearest shopping complex there for about an hour plus then decided to hang around at the openhouse while waiting for my bro.

No doubt the majority are mostly indians... but hey..there's chinese and malays too...and some cute angmohs.. *wink*

The big shots arrived kinda late i was taking some pics around... a guy came approached me and asked if he could borrow my camera to take a few shots as his camera batt died. And he was saying that he's from the Magnum...organizing this event...blablabla.... and i was being kind hearted (ahem~) let him use my camera and he took 2 shots. He even thought that i was a reporter from a newspaper. LOL!!

After that he return my camera to me and asked me to find him in his magnum booth at the back to pass me his name card so that i can send him these pics thru email. He even asked for my number. I decided to find him after i had my dinner thou... so me and my mom went to a coffeeshop across the road to eat Wantan Mee ...


Eventually that guy called me again and asked where am i... i told him i was across the road having dinner. He sighed and say he tot he wanna borrow my camera for the mean time first... then i say too bad not there right now.

After dinner...walk back to the openhouse and search for that guy... in the middle of somewhere he saw me and pass me his name card and he told me that he found his charger and thanked me.

me and bro in his scout uni... and his geng eating Tosai!! ( T_T)

Well while waiting for the lucky draw....

which we have no luck at all in getting any prizes... there's an old man behind us entertaining the crowd...

*dance ahpek! so you think you can dance?*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I saw this on Tz's blog and i think i might as well put it in my blog... LOL...

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Psychotic Ranting

Majoring in


Blogging Degree

Great.... -_-!!! Majoring in EMO??!?? Why so emo wan... sigh... Psychotic ranting... sounds like me i think.. hmm... hahaha..

By the way... I quit my job already.. and now im rotting at home... o.O

ps: Happy Birthday to yong xiang.. may all ur dreams and wishes come true..and good luck in stpm too. -cheers-

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oops i did it again! Quitting on the 9th November instead. Gahahahaha! This time is for real. LOL. 2 more days to go. I already gave my resign letter to the supervisor just now. Not sure what im gonna do after i quit this job thou. Well...baking muffins is in my for some clothes... tidy up ma crib...watching online dramas... hehe.


I'm wishing all Hindus a very Happy Deepavali~!!!! I wanna eat Tosai with mutton curry!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Plan changed!! Gonna continue working till 11th November instead. -_-!!! Supervisor told me its better to work till after deepavali as on that public holiday i can get double pay. So and well... I'll continue working for another week. Not bad at all la me ( cehwah..angkat bakul sendiri )... been complaining so much from the beginning....and now i notice i've been working for almost a month already.Woot~ hehe.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Oraite everyone... very the sorry for not updating ler.. Now i update.. To Jimmy.. stop threatening turtles around.. KARMA! Karma u know... KARMA~

Working life is not as fun as u think it will be when you dont enjoy the stuff you are doing and when the pay is damn freaking low. It's not fun too when you dont really click with the staff around. What's worst when u need to be working for a very very long hours!! Im quitting my job in November 6 thou after i get my pay. Eventually, the pay come out much later than others whereby end of the month they can get their pay already and I have to wait for another week to get my pay. So that is why im quitting on Nov6 and not 31st October. Sigh.

Well its not that i dont click with the staff there... besides in the shop.. there's only me, 2 malay staff and a chinese supervisor who speaks to me in bahasa(weird huh) but kinda used to it already, so i do talk to them but somehow..pardon me.. i think the staff there are kinda racist. Being the only chinese staff... its intimidating sometimes thou. No friends to crap with while working is really really one suffering shit. Waiting for the time to get my ass home is really like waiting to get my new handphone. Oh ya..talking about handphone... get to know that Nokia wont produce any of my Nokia7390 already. *cehwah...'my nokia7390'* (macam la its mine...-_-!! hehe) So it means.. its hard to get this phone and its darn expensive weih.. *crying out very loud* Time to pick a new one maybe... or maybe will still find a way to get 7390.. gone case betul. I'm still thinking by the way. Choosing a handphone is like choosing a husband know... Hahahha

If i can hit a pregnant lady today... i so wanna hit Kak Mila. She's pregnant and she's damn annoying. It's not that i wanna talk bad bout her or being a racist or what so ever. People always say to respect the elderly and pregnant lady... but what for when she dont respect the workers! Especially when im not under her!! Damn u!! Learn some respect lady!! I dont feel like talking about her...I just hope that i dont have to see her again..

Yesterday there's a chinese lady came and talked to me in Hokkien... asking me about the eye sticker thingy. As u all know...i dont freaking speaks hokkien and end up replying her in mandarin. But the funny thing is she keep on talking to me in hokkien when i clearly told her that i dont understand her. She buat bodo je and keep on talking to me in a very 'alien' language. I was like keep repeating the word " wa mem chai lea" ( "I dunno") and " mem si" ("nope") and also "beh sai la" ("cannot la" ,when she ask for discount -_-!!) as its the only few phrases that i know in hokkien language. When she's talking i was just trying to figure out what she meant... agak agak je la and buat pandai...hehe.. After that what really make me wanna bang the wall was... she freaking speaks english with her husband! Her husband came in the shop not long after and they speak ENGLISH! WTF!! I should have just speak with her english in the first place. Dang!!

By the way... my results are out last week or izit last 2 weeks.. Dang! I forget about it. I'm glad with my results thou.. good thing i din fail any of my papers.. hehe. Congrats to Hanzi who got so high in his cgpa.. 3.8 something weih... waiting for him to blanja me satay celup when he visits Malacca. LOL =b Free satay celup~~

Great...out of sudden i dont know what to blog...well well well... update later then. Working at 9.30am till 9.30pm 2morrow weih... sigh!

At last i get these lomography pics from Mook Hen and thanks to him too... Well i didn't know about this lomography thingy until he told me about it. Besides...its the 1st time i saw that kind of camera too. Unique!

if you can spot me.. im on the swing.. lol....

didn't know that it will turn out to look like this when he took this pic the other day... nice effect thou...

the last pic took with his lomo.... our legs and his shadow? I saw my shoe on his shadow! Gahahaha.... -_-!!! saje nak promote kasut aku... hehe

By the way.. all pics taken during that BBQ nite in PJ =)

Here's my lil bro doing a card trick...

another one......

so... what u guys think? LOL =b

Should give him a clap la eh... *clap clap clap* 3 cheers!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Just great.. right now i kinda having a sore throat.. just today after i had my lunch my throat starts to feel a lil bit weird. Dammit. And then i was sneezing like nobody business after i got out from the shower just now. Fish betul. Well i just hope these wont get worst im working 2morrow. Today is my off day... i lurve Monday now.... hehe. If only everyday is Monday for this month... *dang* Im talking nonsense... my crappyness is back...

Sitting alone thinking of what you've said to me
never i thought that it would meant so much to me
It scares me that it all could be just lies
I get so weak inside that i could barely stand

Living in a life full of lies
Anger easily takes over me
When the night takes over the day
I could hardly recognize you

You took my hand
You sang to me
You taught me
and now you break me
leaving me with all these questions
Questions that i could not find the answers

How could you be so mean
How could you take things for granted
How could you leave me
When i needed you the most
Dont you care anymore
Dont you even wanna know how im doing

When the rain stops
I know that everything will just end
And soon
You will see that
I can do better without you

end of my entry for now... counting down the days to quit my job... =b

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Third day of my working life... and I am sooooooo very very the tired. Seriously its tiring and boring sometimes. Please motivate me to continue my job... sigh. And thanks Hanzi for motivating me. I really need that. I tot of quitting already after the second day... but come to think of it...heck.. if i quit i dont get my pay...and i waste my preciousss i try to continue it for a month. I'll survive i guess. After i get my pay for one month...and if im not satisfy with my pay.. i QUIT! Hehe. And if i feel like continuing for the following month...which i doubt i will..then i will, so that i can buy Nokia 7390 that I've been craving for so long. Look at this. See what i meant.. sigh.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Im going to start working 2morrow. Great and sigh at the same time.. Haha. Dont really like working but if I dont work i'll be rotting at home doing nothing useful...and it will make me more lazy and dumb. So my shift 2morrow will be from 1.30pm till 10.30pm.. Dang!!! 10.30pm weihhh.... T__T

Hopefully the workers there are all friendly and nobody scolds me if i did anything wrong. Plus i dowanna get fired!!Hahahahha....*choi choi choi**touchwood* Wish me luck guys. Till then...ciaoz!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Finally i cut my hair!! Haha...for after one year...i guess more than a year d... I finally went in the saloon and get my hair cut. It's still long la by the way... I dont go for a super short hairstyle anymore. If i were to cut my hair short... I'll definitely regret later on... it always happen to me... so right now i've decided not to have short hair...

If you notice... the front hair shorter d la... last time used to be same lenght with the back hair... I met a friend just now... and he dont seems to notice my hair until i told him. Dang! I cant really remember when was the last time i met him thou...months back i guess. Neway... dont really have the mood to have a long entry today... ciaoz =)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm back!! Wwee~~ I"M BACK!! Read my lips.. BACK~~!! Ok ok... too over pulak. hehe. Basically done with all those shit exams last 2 weeks. I'm too excited till i dont blog.Gahaha. Wait..something wrong with that sentence. Well anyway... im so relieve that its all over... sad to say..kinda screw up for the last paper which was Pengajian Malaysia. Darn... the MCQ can be like so tricky...problematical...mind twisting..tough.. blablabla...geeee....all those stuff..i mean the question is seriously based on the Sejarah textbook!! Like what year this pemimpin attack there and there... what perjanjian made.. blablablablah....adui.. i seriously went on with my "Mi Nee Mi Nee Mai Nee Mo" thingy. And i dont wanna fail this paper!!!! *crossing fingers* But then ... ahh... im not gonna worry bout that least.

Erm.. lets see..after my Mass Comm paper that Friday.. me,wenhan,liyuen,shwu zhen and her friend(chicken) went down to Kelana Jaya for Steamboat. We spent like 3 hours sitting there BBQ-ing and eating non-stop. And i was kinda tired eating. Hehe. And i wasn't in the mood at all studying for Pengajian Malaysia paper on Monday. I was already in the mood for partying thou. Well that was it on Friday. Monday....after my pengajian paper,our last paper..except for wenhan as he already took that paper during his biotech year... me,Li Yuen,Kelly,Wenhan,Mook Hen,Jimmy,Lai Yoke, Shoi Kuan and Lay Theng decided to hang out in One Utama. We watched White Noise:The Light. Well.. not bad la that movie.. did scared me in certain parts. Mook Hen eventually dozed off twice. -___-!!!

After movie...head back home... and was seriously tired and sleepy. That nite i really had a good nite sleep..and i woke up at 2 something in da afternoon weihh!! Damn. Anyhow... Tuesday.. another plan ahead for dinner. Me, da jie, Yvonne and Pei Kei plan to go for Shabu Shabu in SS2. Since da jie is craving for shabu shabu for a long time... she "puasa" till shabu shabu time so that she can wallop more food. Hahahahaha. By the way... Wenhan and Jimmy tag along too. Its pretty funny thou..we had food fight with these kids...and some adults. Fight for the desserts.. yea.. the puddings and jellys...even ice-cream. Gahh.... those kids are really annoying!! They think those colorful puddings and jellys only for them meh....cehh!

That was Tuesday... Wednesday din do anything much.. was in MC the whole day... kemas all my boring boring books... collect them and placed it in the box. Let them rot in there...bwahaha *evil grin* ( ok i know..lame) Well that nite... me,Wenhan and Jimmy did a last minute BBQ plan for Thursday nite. Discussing over on Skype... like the location.. the food...drinks.. time...and WAAA LAAAH!! BBQ on Thursday nite!! We took a long time to find the location thou...and then ended up in the park nearby Ah Loong's house. We bought the stuff in the evening at Paramount Giant whereby me,wenhan and jimmy went hunting for the cheapest stuff so that we dont over budget ourselves. Hehe.. salt for 60 cents? paper cups and plates? Hahaha.. at least we manage to get all the things we need for that nite. Head down to Jimmy's house to marinate the chicken wings with sesame oil,pepper and salt whereby turn out to taste pretty good thou. Hahaha. 3 cheers to Wenhan then.After done marinating, head down to Ah Loong's house and met Mook Hen there. So there's me, Wenhan,Mook Hen, Jimmy and Ah Loong.

these guys preparing the fire

wenhan,mookhen,jimmy, ah loong

Later on Kelly joined us at around 10 something almost 11 i guess as she was with her friends lepaking in Timesquare. We had chicken wings, sotong balls, chicken balls, sausages, cuttlefish balls, Sprite,Coke, Carlsberg ^^..... hehe. Dont worry... no one get drunk. I shared mine as i cant finish the whole can thou. Well... Mook Hen came up with this game whereby the loser need to drink up ' da rojak drink' Why i call it rojak..heh.. its a mixture of coke,sprite, beer,salt, pepper and honey!!! and basically whatever that can be mix in the drink. I pitty Kelly the most...she drank a lot of those rojak drink...hahaa... and lucky me.. i only kena twice. Hehe... and well the first half cup i drank was damn salty becoz of the salt.. and the second half cup was damn sweet becoz of the honey. Hahahaha... i din taste the pepper thou. But others who kena the pepper... really feel like puking. Gahaha.... *evil grin*

The next game was the Dare game. Spin the bottle and see who's da 'lucky' one to be dared. Hahaha... and all actions will be recorded. But then too bad... not all managed to be recorded as Wenhan's N73 went a lil bit crazy that nite. The dares are crazy i tell you.... its like from poll dancing to robot dance... standing on the swing singing Negaraku -_-!!... worm dance... rabbit hopping...rolling on the grass..unloose shoe lace using your teeth.. and NOSE DIGGING!! Yea...go guess which dare i was dared that nite.. hahaha...

We hang out till like almost 4 something in the morning!!Haha...what a day. Had fun thou. After wenhan fetch me back to MC... i took a bath and then start packing my stuff as Friday im coming back Malacca.. hehe.. which where i am right now. Its good to be home. But then semester break for this whole 3 months is too long weihhh!!! too longggg.... sigh.

Looking for job in Tesco 2morrow i guess... hopefully someone wants to employ me. =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Currently listening to : What Can I Do by The Corrs

Feeling a lil bit of drowsiness and grumpiness for these past few days and I dont seems to understand myself. Weird me but hey life goes on rite... Im trying my very best in so many ways to be optimistic and im not gonna let myself down ever again. U know...there will be times that you'll feel so hopeless and you wont be bothered to even let things go its way... you'll stuck somewhere in the dark...feeling lost... feeling suckie all the way... well... aint it a blardy situation to be in? Pardon me.. but im not trying to be so negative rite now. I just dont know how long i'll be like this... sigh and sigh a million times.

Im done with 3 papers so far... English,IT and Advertising. Next to go are.. Mass Comm this Friday and Pengajian Malaysia next Monday. I cant wait to finish all this shit.. and get my ass back in Malacca. I miss ma homies. I miss the food... I miss mom's cooking... I miss lazing around on the couch watching dramas... I miss eating packet instant noodles for late nite supper...I miss ma bed and lil pillow....I miss lepaking and hunting for food in the kitchen... I miss errr... what else huh... dang! nothing d..

Been so bored here in PJ sometimes.... but.... our 'Chor Tai Di' time help us past the boring time thou. Hehe. Been wondering what's my actual plan for these coming break.. 3 months weiihh.... 3 MONTHS!!! Tot of enjoying resting for a month and start finding a partime job. Or maybe enjoy rest less than a month and start working to earn some pocket money....Hmmm... still thinking.... Hopefully someone organize a trip to somewhere or what so ever to fill in my yet to be plan semester break schedule. LOL.

Oh ya... before i forget anything again... previous post was about the Earthquake thingy rite... and i did mention that im not surprise if there were to be another shake... Well well well.... there is indeed another shake the next morning. Its around 7.50am and somehow i was awaken while my roommates were still sleeping. At first i tot it was only me feeling alil bit dizzy as i dont really have a goodnite sleep that i get up from ma bed and sat on the floor... Damn its shaking.. So i wake my roommates and opened the door. Saw a few of them running down but me and ma roommates din went down and continue sleeping thou. LOL. Too sleepy and lazy to run down the stairs from 7th floor weiih. Besides.. i dont think MC will runtuh yet. *smirk*

Looking back at my picture files... i found this...

cute lehhhhh.... gahahaha.... Damn my lil bro look so cute with his pacifier on. This pic was taken in 1994... errrmm... means that im only 6!!! elder bro back then was only 10 and my lil bro was 1 plus.

Another 2 pictures....

Taaddaaa~!! I find that this 2 pic are extremely cute... gahaha...see what has this lil brat ( ma younger bro with that pacifier in previous pic ) grown up into... and ma dad.. still look young eh... Hahaha.. pic taken 2 years back in 2005.

So till then... will update when i feel like updating.. =.="

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weird me.. I MISSES HOME so much now. Hit me and wake me up!!! I feel like running home now thou. Its Mom birthday today since its already past midnite... T_T and i cant be in Malacca. I'm stuck here in PJ....gotta sit for my exams......wu wu wu wu.DAMN U EXAMS.


I wanna wish my dearest Mummy a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Lurve ya always and wishing you good health all the time.. and thanks for everything you've done. Muaakkz and hugGieszz.


Guess what... there's another earthquake...and this time the shaking last for like kinda 5-10 minutes maybe. I remembered the time was like around 7.10pm-7.20pm and I was sitting infront of my laptop...msn-ing and facebook-ing and then i felt shaky... first thing came out from my mouth..." WOW..." Hahaha.. and then i turned to Yvonne at my back who was playing Dota and was on the phone with PeiKei... She too went like.." EEHHHH" and me went..." EHH EARTHQUAKE !!" So i tot it will be for like a few seconds only but nooo... it continue to shake... WTFish!! Then Pei Kei in da phone asked Yvonne to get out from the room and run downstairs.... so both of us take our wallets and keys....and get out... to my surprise..everyone else was rushing down the stairs too. Hahaha. Everyone look panicky and was shouting for their friends.... most was on the phone...probably calling their bf,mom,or friends... and some even had towels on their head... -_-!! Me and Yvonne quickly run down the stairs from 7th floor.... good thing there's nothing serious happen thou. I called my mom when i get down and told her about the shake. Well she said they in Malacca dont feel anything.. so i guess maybe im in the higher place thats why we in MC could feel it. I even asked afew of my friends staying in seksyen17 and ss2...but they say they dont feel anything also.

Not long after that....get the news that there's an Earthquake happening in Sumatra... killed 10 and injured kinda many people i guess.. gosh! 2nd Tsunami alert weihhhh.... scarieeee can.

Im not surprise if there's another big shake these few days thou... weather's changing. I felt kinda warm now... =/

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One paper down and 4 to go. Took the Communicative English this morning and dammit..what a freaking tough one for me. The comprehension part was about Trees of Life..some coconuts and date palms... wtf wtf.. and lotsa bombastic words.. gggrrr. And i seriously crap all the way in my essay about recycling stuff.Whats worst... i bloody forget to bring my exam slip to campus.
-_-!!! Damn blur case la me. I only notice it when i reach uni and was talking to my friends.. and i saw someone took out his exam slip from his bag and DANG!!! WTFark... mine was in the file and i left the file in my room!!!! I was like almost went totally blurrrrr for a second... i look at my watch.. another 30 minutes to exam...nervous giler la me that time. And it was raining kinda heavy outside. Jimmy asked me to call Wenhan and i did..he say he's fetching mookhen to uni..and asked me to take the letter at the office. I go to the office and ask the ask for the letter and he asked me to go upstairs and ask. I rush to level 1 and ask for the damn letter.. and that lady told me to go level 2 and ask.. DARN.. quickly run up the stairs and ask for the letter... good thing they have it...perrrr... if not i no need to sit for the paper d. Another thing was.. i remembered taking out my liquid paper from my pencil case...but then weird me while doing the paper halfway and need to use the liquid paper...I dont see the liquid paper on my table After the paper finish i went to check my pencil case again...darrnnn... i saw my liquid paper in there and i was like.." wat the hell are u doing here!!!". -__-!!! What a bad day.. i think i should start singing Bad Day by Daniel Powter d la... Sigh.

Well my next paper will be Information Technology(IT) on this Friday at 2pm. Hopefully i dont screw anything up again.

Sunday, September 09, 2007 i hate pimples!! Yesterday..i woke up and look in da mirror... WTFISHHHH!!! WHAT A BIG FUGLY PIMPLE on my right cheek...and a few small small ones on my forehead......Double WTFish!! I guess the month of "u know what" is either next week or the following week. So im having PMS now... annoys me and you'll be dead. Maybe this could be the reason why i cant seems to concentrate in whatever im reading. Sighhhhhhh. oh yea...and im craving for satay celup now....and and..i feel weak... sighhhh. =(

Monday, September 03, 2007


Haven't been updating for quite sometime ayte. Sorry for the delay... ,for some reason.. i feel kinda lazy and my brain just can't seems to put words together. Well.. first of back in Malacca... yea...i miss my home so much when i was in PJ. I never really been away from home, ALONE,since i was born and that's what make it kinda hard for me when i first went to PJ for my studies. That was like one year plus ago. Im pretty much getting used to it now and i've learned to be more independent. Still i'll miss home. =) Darn i miss the food here...

Final final final exam... Gggrrr... 8 days to go. Damn damn damn.As usual... i never like exams especially when i know that my coursework marks isn't helping me much to pass and score. It's totally suckieee can. And whats worst... i did so badly in my IT midterm test. What a screwed up. Sigh. I dont know what's my other cousework marks yet except for Mass Comm as i skip a "few" classes after i've done with all my presentations. Hehe. Call me me kaki me whatever u want. LalaLalala... im not listening..

Basically, during week 12 onwards... i've been skipping a few classes as the bar list (a list that every student are afraid of...-_-!!!) is already out. And as expected... my name is NOT on the list. Gahahaha. None of us..i mean the advertising student in my lecture class got bar. I lurve my class people... we are so damn kind and generous towards each other... we helped each other to sign when one didn't come to class and that make us the AV3 always has the full attendance....LOL. (err... hoping there's no lecturer sees this...)

Geeezz...i've been watching pretty much movies lately... Let me see... ermm.... I've watched Rush Hour 3, Disturbia, Nightmare Detective, Evan Almighty, Doreamon:Nobita's Dinasour2006, and recently Black Sheep. Erm... i guess i din miss anything. Black Sheep... My gosh... what a movie... Sheep eating human...human becoming sheep... and there's alot of blood...alot of 'geli-flying' bloody scenes....and alot of sheeeeeppppppp!!!!!

Currently im addicted to Radiohead songs....especially Creep. Gaahh....go check them out. Plain White T's - Hey there delilah stuck in my head now too. Flyleaf songs are darn good too. @_@

What else that i need to say here huh... OH YA... hahaha...almost forgot something... WISHING MALAYSIA a VERY HAPPY MERDEKA DAY @ HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! peace... and say no to racist. Gahaha..

Monday, August 20, 2007

I feel so lazy to i guess this will be a short entry. Basically, i've done with all my presentation and assignments... yiPeee! Final exam is just around the corner.. ermm...another 3 weeks to go. Sigh.


Do i Does she look like a psychotic fella on the loose??!????? Hahahahha........ Sial mia Hanzi Zhu aka Panda giler tie me her up with that tube thingy. Gaaahh!!

Anyway... will update later on la... really lazy wanna blog now. Kinda sleepy thou. So till then.. ciaoz~!

Friday, August 10, 2007

YiPee~!! Done with Advertising and IT presentation. Finally... gahahaha. Right now left English Oral Presentation next Tuesday and im done with all presentation and assignment for this semester. Pheww~ So far everything went smoothly... well...although there's a lil bit of unprepared. Who cares anyway... just get it done a.s.a.p..thats more important.
Went to Rawang last week for the TVC shooting. Reach ShinShin's house around 12 something and get ready for the shoot. I really look like a sick patient after i change my clothes and put on a pale make-up. Hahaha.

Liyuen as the nurse, wenhan as the Doctor, me as the patient.

Everything went according as plan for the tvc. Thanks Mook Hen for becoming our camera man. Hahaha.

Wanna see our TVC??? Ermm...well.. maybe i'll post it up next time. Still need to do some changes as Miss Jee said our second song boh gham...-_-!!!
After shooting...we went so crazy..or maybe its only me who went crazy..... hmmm.... Nooo... they make me go crazy... and i turned into this........




Bwahahahaha.........i'm your worst nightmare ever!!
We took some crazy pics...and even videos too.. let me upload one here.... enjoy!

So how was it?? There's more actually.... LOL.... =b Will post some other day...the internet connection in MC really sux. It took me forever to load pics.

the nurse, shin shin and the psychotic patient...

there we go again..... "ahhh....dont kill mmmeee~!!!!"

will upload more pics later on.... thats all for now... ciaoz!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Went to PIKOM PC Fair yesterday in KLCC with Ah Loong and Wenhan after skipping ah ben's 2nd class. We went to loong's house 1st before get there as he need wenhan's help to download some softwares. I was like being guarded with 2 bodyguards. Hahahhaha.... Thanks guys for bringing me there. =) I bought my printer ink already and im sure if i go during the last day of that fair i'll get a way much cheaper price. But then again... 2morrow will be a busy day shooting that secret recipe TVC i dont think i'll have time to go there again thou. Hmmm.

The night view in KLCC is just so nice....There's the Petronas Twin Tower.. Too bad I didn't bring my camera along. I put it in my bag and left it in Ah Loong's car in Asia Jaya. We took LRT to KLCC from Asia Jaya to avoid the jam. Sigh. Should have brought my camera along!! Gaaaahhh!

Well... all these pics were taken using Wenhan's N73. Its better than no pics at all right. HAhaha.

see.... so nice... dont you just like the lightings..hehe =D

That's the fountain.. we waited for quite sometime for the highest one to shoot up. LOL. -_-!! and quickly took our pics.

Thats Ah Loong and me. Still manage to get the highest fountain back there. I think he ter-close his eyes la in this pic. HAHAHa.... After that....

No more fountain d when took with Wenhan a.k.a Panda giler a.k.a Hanzi Zhu. He too 'yong sui' d thats why.. Gahahaha....*evil grin* He is so damn tall and i look so short when i stand beside him.

Both of them bought a canon printer at the pc fair. And as usual...guys... they go there to 'cuci mata' by looking at those pretty pretty sexy models... hahaha. Both of them enjoy looking at those girls while looking for their stuff... and I was searching for leng zhais... hahhaha.

Anyway...we saw few familiar faces there.Henry from AV1 was there working at the Canon booth and Lay Theng from my class was working at the NEC booth. I saw Vincent at there too.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Headache... headache... 2 presentations in one day next week. In the morning, I will be having IT presentation and then afternoon I have Advertising presentation. Sigh. But looking at the positive side.. I can finish up 2 presentation in one day and only need one formal attire. Hehe.

Will be shooting TVC in Rawang this coming Sunday. Hopefully, everything goes according to the plan and finish up shooting as soon as possible. For the TVC cast... Ermm.. lets see.. Wenhan will be the doctor, Li Yuen will be the nurse, and guess what i'll be... the patient.. half dead patient lying on the bed...craving for a slice of secret recipe cake!!! Gahhhhh!!! Im not sure if i can do my role well.. i might be laughing all the way man.. hehe. Shin Shin and Jr Chian will handle the camera.
Li Yuen is not one of our group member but we need her to be the nurse...and she's willing to help us out. Thanks Li Yuen. I'll make sure Wenhan blanja u makan k. He got a crushed on uuuuu!! Gahahahaha.... shhh... i shouldn't be telling this out...hehe.. shhhh.... *wink wink*
Went to Secret recipe twice already to snap some pictures for our print ads. Still need to photoshop those pictures. Sigh. Here's the cakes we ate...

Now you see.... Now you don't......gahahaha

The cakes are sponsored by Jr Chian. Hehe.. She so good. Thanks Jr. Oh ya..and my Ice Lemon Tea... sponsored by Panda.. thanks panda! LOL.... =D
Back in campus.... UTAR is getting weirder... " NO SKIRT ALLOWED", "NO 3 QUARTER PANTS", " MUST WEAR THE FUGLY NAME TAG ALL THE TIME", "NO SLEEVELESS SHIRT or TOP". WTFish!!!! 3 quarter pants also cannot wear. GAAAAHHHH..... one of my friend wore a skirt the other day... her skirt not say very short thou... slightly until at the knee there... but the guard ask her to write her name in the book. -_-!!!!!!!