Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gonna be 22 in awhile more. Woot~ Well actually im already 22 as in according to the chinese calendar its was last 2 daays (9th June - 4th month Day27) . Heh =)

and im now here blogging about this... hmm..
Mr BF can't be here because he got to be in Penang for his work... fml.
Anyway.. gonna have prayings for my grandpa for the 49 days 2morrow morning and having lunch at grandma's house.. =)

Let's see who actually remember my birthday ( since FB is not showing any notification on Birthday section.. ) LOL.

till then.. ciao.

LOL.. got prayings in the morning for grandpa 2morrow.. then lunch at grandma's house. Then after that no idea d.. Yea.. im getting old.. =/ but u older than me!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Guess I'm back again into the blog world. 2 months plus without updating my blog.. geez. Sometimes I just don't feel like updating anything here as blog no longer be the place where i can really spill out all hidden secrets/gossips about something. We don't really know who is actually been reading whatever we are typing here, do we? Ah well.. that's the main thing bout blogging. Its either we set it as private blog where you have no so however have the intention to generate some income through blogging and no one will ever know what u are blogging OR set it as public and blog whatever you want without getting sue for offenses and could actually generate some income through blogging ( which currently what i'm doing cause im officially GRADUATED =b and JOBLESS =/ ).

So before that.. click on the ads by Nuffnang for me please.. hehe...

Finally I have Graduate.. Goodbye to "waking up early morning attending lecture/tutor class at 8am" and Hello to " waking up in the afternoon and laze around at home ". Gotta get my resume done and start applying for jobs soon already i guess..Well... there's been kinda lotsa stuff happened in the past 2 months.. both happy and sad moments too.

Update with pictures...

Celebrated Yoke Lee's birthday @ WongKok, One Utama.

Drank 2 pint of Starker Beer for the first time and experience the 'after effect' of the beer and puke =/ (embarrassing max.. Sorry Jimmy and Mooks =/ )

After that went over to celebrate Carmen's Birthday @ Four Happy Season Restaurant.

Me and Carmen in the room with the temperature of 15 °C .

Then just about the starting on my Study week break for my final exams, I came back home for the weekend and decided to go back PJ after that to have study group with my friends but sadly and unexpectedly, the day after i was back Malacca, everyone was shocked by the utterly bad
news of that my grandpa had just pass away =/ and i haven't met him for like i think a few months. Sigh.

And so everyone was busy preparing and handling the funeral... lotsa crying going on.. lotsa story being told..grieving... and at the mean time i was kinda worry about my exam too. It's kinda hard to fully put my 100% concentration on what i was reading... and the first subject was Communication Law.. which i lagi la got no mood to study. But not to worry.. i passed the paper =)

Anyhow, May grandpa Rest in Peace and he will always be remembered by all of us.
~ 6/7/1935 - 24/4/2010 ~

Moving on... exam week begins and...

another drinking session with them after our first final paper ends ( Communication Law) @ Beer Garden, Sunway.

There's a night where it rained heavily in PJ and an ahpek with a lorry accidentally knock down my front gate. o.O and i thought he's trying to break in as im home alone that night. Geez..

After our 3rd final paper ends.. we went over to Movida, Damansara for another drinking session.

And then... 12th May was our last paper and we had steamboat party.

Had a graduation trip with AV3 to Lang Tengah on the 17th May whereby we make a move from KL on the 16th May. Tiring journey thou but definitely worth it.

Love the beach to the max ..

Happy us!
From left : Li Yuen, Lay Theng, me, Juchin, Jimmy, Xin Ke, Huwee Ping, Kelly, Junjun, Shwu Zhen.

Pictures above on the beach taken by Mooks with his DSLR.

From zhen's DSLR.. on the boat going for snorkeling. Snorkeling for the first time too. Awesome max.

On our second day in Lang Tengah.. celebrated Li Yuen's birthday.

And last day of the trip.. group photos! =)

Everyone's gonna go separate ways now... Hoping them the best and for me too as I'm still in the mood to laze around doing nothing at the moment. gaahh. =/

That's all for this post now..been pending it since yesterday.. to be continued..