Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ever wonder if there's really what we call Ghosts or Spirits exist?? Or somehow entering the world full of paranormal,mystical..supernatural..or whatever you wanna name it..well..i admit that when i was a kid,i was pretty timid when it comes to these kind of things.Althought i'm a lil bit timid,i still enjoy that kind of feeling..like somehow i want to test how far is my bravery and guts can go.I remember when i was a kid..my grandmother used to tell me..not only me..all her grandchildrens all kinds of true ghost stories that she herself had experianced when she was young.Thinking back now then..i wonder if its all true.Some of her stories were still fresh in my head and unforgettable.

Checking back some of my emails...i realised that i still kept some of ghostly picture forwarded email.Like this one..

I received this forward mail from a friend in 2001.Seems pretty fake aye. And past few years when the movie The Eye was released..rumours said that there's a scene where they accidently captured an image that are not supose to be captured.

Eww..creeppyyy.Heck..Starting to have goosebumps already. When i first watch this movie..i noticed that image..some of my family members didn't notice about it.But back then..i didn't know about the rumours yet until i heard from a friend in school. Blardyhell..is this for real or what..? Then i found a website with all these creepy pictures...eerie images...bloodcurdling ghost stories.If anyone interested can take a look at this website http://www.sfogs.com

But its a WARNING to those faint-hearted fella...make sure you dont pengsan and in the end i'm the one to be blame pula.Hahahhahha...

Remember Ju-On??Oh well...who will forget how Ju-On looks like right.White pale face with two big black eyes...and mushroom hairstyle. It came all the way from Japan to Malaysia and visited
Beruk Angel

What's behind you all the while....where Web cams don't lie

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I once posted about The Nescafe Kick-Start Reward Programme
in my blog. A lil' update on this.All the items now had been bidded..and damn..i still dont get any cool items yet.Only in the first bid session i get myself the 6 cans of NESCAFÉ® Ice. Now my point hardly reach 10k thou.Others already collected few thousand..and bidded for iPods and Nokia.With my point now..i cant even bid for any Goodies Bags.Pathetic sial..



Geezz....wasted man.All the successful bidders had like more than 60k...dont know where the heck they get those points.Even people in forums also try to dig out their secrets but where they will tell right..No one will tell anything also.

See what i mean..bullshit man..76850 points whereas mine was only 9850 points?? 'ade hati nak Nokia...berangan la oi...' What to do eh..wondering whether there will be anything left to be bidded in the future.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Check these out....


Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman "Quick take my hand and you wont fall.."

Here's your blardy drink Mister...

For more of these 3D illusion..here's the link.. http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's going to be the end of this year Chinese New Year soon. Just a blink and everything went pass like flies. (err...flies?ok whatever...) So..Its already the 11th day of Chinese New Year. Remember what i said about that i dont really have luck to gamble this year...well after that day onwards..surprise surprise..i've been winning back all my money..( I guess..miss-counted the losings and winnings..) A sign of relieve afterall.

Last two days...me,Ruo Bing and Ong went to Shirley's house for visiting.Had trouble finding her house and almost lost. Before that..we almost had an accident too..good thing we are not lying in the hospital now.Its not that Rou Bing is a bad driver...its that damn L Motorcyclist who quite blind i guess or maybe he didn't know where's his brek was.Geezz..3 of us in the car almost had heart-acttack..hehe.Then we reach at her house at about more than half hour later.Unfotunately..her parents weren't around. Sat there for about half an hour,had a pack of Justea..Chit-chat for awhile...and then headed to Ruo Bing's house.The same thing..his parents weren't around too. So..sat there for about 1-2 hours..had Soya Bean this time..and lotsa Chocolates.Thought of gambling but end up playing PS2 instead. Our first game was DragonBallz..( well i dont quite know how to control that thing..and just simply hit those buttons..maklumlah..budak kiasu kan..semua pun taktau.) But i did won in one of the battle..muaahaha.. Later decided to leave that DragonBallz and go for some weird Racing Cars.Man...i really admire his house..he has his own PS room..2 refrigerators..big TV Set..collections of various wines..an antique radio..and lotsa chocolates..LOL=b Ok..leave that aside. After we had enough of his PS2...we went to Ong's house. To my surprise his lil' sister was quite friendly... Sat there for awhile and then ruo bing fetched me back. So that's something what happened on that day.Everyday i was like so damn bored stiff in the house. Darn..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

..Dogs rulez this year..beware...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I guess its still never too late to wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year,Gong Xi Fa Cai,Gong Hei Fatt Choy and Selamat Tahun Baru Cina ayte..hehe.So its already the fifth day of CNY today(yea..after twelve already whut). Finish visiting all my close relatives already and get pretty much of 'angpau-s' from them.Hey its better than working in that Fun-Fair man..one hour only get RM3.50 where else now one hour i get atleast 10 bucks.Who cares working in that fun-fair right.LOL..

So now i have to list down the things that i did last few days in here so that it can help me recall in the future.

CNY eve..stayed at home for the whole day..Have to help mom do some house cleaning.Even helped her to wash her Kancil. Actually we planned to go somewhere..maybe Jonker or anywhere but too bad everyone was too exhausted and decided to just stay at home and welcome the Year of the Dog.What frightened us on eve was my mom was electrocuted with don't know how many voltage but thank god she managed to let the wire go and althought she felt the numbness on her hand..she's still okay now. Thought that she will turn into the next Albert Einstein..or maybe have some magical power like the..gosh..okay stop it..sorry..my imagination gone too far away just now.Well just feel relieve that she's fine. You know what...geez..after i'm telling this..i know some of you guys might think that im lying or what so ever..but it actually somehow seems connected.To cut this crap short..The other day..(last few weeks or days) i dreamt of my mom being electrocuted with a very high voltage in somewhere..I dont really remember that much.Weird huh.So i actually wanted to tell my mom about it when i woke up the other day but it's just a dream what right..Some dreams are rather too fake or weird.And i didn't tell her anything until that CNY eve when she was electrocuted,this dream suddenly struck me and i was like...wow,it actually happen!But in different condition and place la. After that..i told my mom about the dream i had..and she somehow looked surprised and she goes like this .."..eh..izzit??Herm..lucky nothing..if not you all tomorrow no need to New Year d..." It really freak me out man... nothing like this ever happen to me before. But sometimes when i dreamt of an unfamiliar places..later on i will be there(that unfamiliar places) in reality. And will go like this.."hey..i like been here before la.." Its like 'Deja-Vu'.

Good thing we still can hear Firecrakers everywhere..not to mention...even my younger brother lighted a few before and after Chinese New Year.Its great to hear that loud sound on Chinese New Year. So the first day of CNY...went to my father's side relatives and night went to my uncle's place for dinner.We did gambled (Blackjack) and i won only one ringgit. Before that..i woke up pretty early on the first day...went to the temple to pray and as usual it was packed with lotsa people.

The second day...afternoon went to one of my relative's openhouse for lunch.They did at Batu Berendam school and guess what..my grandfather thought that i am Kenny's (my elder brother)girlfriend.Yikes..that was just soooo amusing.At that time we sat quite far away from our granparents..so its no doubt why my grandfather says that.Besides his eyesight wasn't good thou. After lunch went to visit other relatives...and then went back home.Gamble with family..and damn...lose a few bucks.And now still losing money.. (shit man..this year Dragon really dont have luck in gambling)

Third day lunch at my auntie's house and nothing much happen on that day i guess. Fourth day..Morning,my father's friends came and then night went to that auntie's house again for steamboat.I was dead bored at there just now...Mom din went because she went out with her friends and cousins over there dont really talk much to me as most of them are small kids and some are more elderly..and the cousin that same age with me had gone to National Service. Another cousin that i used to talk too already had her boyfriend around. So left me...just sit there and 'buat bodoh only lo' ..it's sucks.

Man...kinda sleepy now.So im off now..will update later on.