Monday, August 11, 2008


Skipped E-Commerce class today as the lecturer was rather damn annoying and besides, the bar list is already out... not even one student from Advertising got barred. So i guess there will be plenty of empty seats during lecture classes for this few weeks. Hehe. A trend maybe.. ah well... studentsss. LOL.

Went to watch Dark Knight yesterday midnite and amazingly, the small hall is almost full although this movie has been out few weeks back already. But... i missed out i guess 10 minutes of the movie as i fall asleep again!! ( fall asleep during Hancock too -___-!!!) Dammit.

Before the movie starts, we went to buy our drink at this counter.. and ofcoz we do line up for our turn rite... Guess what... one farkin bitch just cut in to our line and stood infront the counter to place her damn order. MCB WTF KNN ^%&(^#$!%^(*&^$&$#!!!! When the guy ask her to queeue up... she can proudly say that " I already queeue what... My turn la now.." Wah.. damn Bahbeee betul rite. Then the guy ask her to follow the line and guess what she say again.." Yala my turn la now.. i line up what just now! " -___-!! She so 'smart' eh.. line up from the side whereby so many people lining up behind me. After that, ok fine.. let her order first since she doesn't want to 'line up' again, but she damn bitchy weih... she havent even decide what to order and took so long.. WTF. Pissed off Somemore she can make dunno only when i say excuse me. Ceh... aper punyer orang la.. and then so coincidence she entered the same hall as mine... good thing she's not sitting beside me or infront me... I might kick her chair or pull her damn hair... or maybe throw popcorn at here if i got popcorn. Gahahahaha... *evil grin*

Anyway, today we decided to cook our own lunch! Hehehe..... let the pictures do the talking.. Hahahaha =)

Black pepper soya sauce marinated pork =)

The omellete was cooked by me.. but then the meat and mushroom is prepared by wenhan. Hahaha...

The black pepper soya sauce marinated pork was prepared by Wenhan... yummy yummylicious =)

Lunch is serve ~ Now what's for dinner -__-!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's been quite awhile since i last update my blog. Was busy and lazy at the same time. My apologize. Ah well... its goin to be the end of this semester already since it was now already week 12. Damn it was fast. And this semester was rather busy with lotsa assignments. Dateline just drive everyone crazy. Sigh. Right now i still have 3 more presentation to go, Moral, Color studies and E-Commerce. Finished up 2 presentation and pass up Media Planning report all in one day on Friday. Slept at 6 something in the morning and woke up at 9 something to finish up the report and rush to photocopy shop to bind it and then rush to uni to submit it before 12 noon and then... get ready for color studies presentation. Siao eh... i know. Dark circles getting darker d. Howwww!!!??!!!

I suddenly felt like eating Orh Chien now. =/

Anyway, went to PC fair last week and i almost went broke. Bought a new digital camera, Canon IXUS 860 IS. Bought ink for my printer and a laptop sleeve. I think im not ALMOST broke... im TOTALLY broke! T______T Then paid my rental and bills... Arrrggghh... who can sponsor me some cash?? anyone..?? none?? ok... nevermind... i'll eat grass then..

Yesterday my group demonstrate 'How to make Ham Sandwich' for our public speaking group presentation. So we prepared all the stuff needed and taddddaaa... last minute preparation with no practice and it was pretty mess up thou... as the knife we brought was blunt. -__-!! heh. Din manage to take any pictures on that sandwich but we did another one when we back home... and it looks something like this....

We had lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ham and eggs. =)

Close up .......

woohooo.... looks great isn't it?teehee..

By the way... im not gonna eat grass..

Im darn hungry right now... Going to kitchen soon to hunt for instant noodles with slices of pork that sayang marinated for me before he went back Klang just now. Till then... ciaoz =)